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Smile porn: role-playing

role-play fantasy: the sleaze and the cheerleader

Stacy covered me in baby lotion and gave me a massage. She wore a bikini, at my request, with knee length boots. They looked better with the bikini than the stilettos did.

Didn’t bother with the bedroom.

As usual. I don’t like to soil the bed covers. Damage Limitation.

The living room was the selected playground. Nothing like role playing to get me started. I told her to be the total porno-actress stereo-type.
She was magnificent, chewing bubble gum with the mannerisms of an american cheerleader. She kept asking me what I wanted her to do, as part of the act.

“Have you ever tasted cock?” I said, playing the dominant sleazy casting couch director.

Chewing gum still in mouth, she started sucking my cock, over enthusiastically and with supreme exaggeration.

“Is this all I have to do to get the role in the film?” She said in-between a suck.

Brilliant. A story line developing.

“First get rid of the gum, honey and give me some more head”.

She spat out the gum and then lent over, looking down at my penis head, allowing saliva to dribble down from her mouth onto my cock. She then lent back and spat out a gob of spit on the palm of her hand and used it as a lubricant to jerk me off. She then went down on me again. Have to remember to pick up the gum. Cant let it ruin the carpet.

“Go on baby, suck that cock!”

I leaned forward, reached over and began touching her ass, fingering her hole.

I gently pulled her head away from my salivate-covered penis.

“Get on all fours!” She got on all fours. I stood up.

“Now, you want me to give you the starring role, don’t you?”


“I cant do that unless you guess the right answer. Pop-quiz, ok?”.

Man, is she hot.

“Now you tell me what orifice of yours I’m thinking about sticking my cock into. If you tell me the one I’m thinking about you get the starring role plus a special prize”.

In a moment of true comic acting genius, she replied with an ok, paused and then said:

“What’s an orifice?”

I continued with the play acting. Though deep inside I felt great respect for her. Great fucking improvisation.

“An entrance……look......what hole do I wanna fuck? Your pussy, your mouth or your ass?”

I contiuned to be the sleaze.

She pretend to be all bemused and confused. She started sucking on her index finger and then started to rub her pussy.

“Erm…My pussy? You wanna fuck my pussy?”

“Why do you say that?”

“Because it’s the hottest wettest hole on my body. Look…"

She took her bikini bottom off and used it to rub her pussy with it. She then handed it to me.

“Can you see how wet it is? Can you?”

I gave myself two minutes. Three max.

“Do I win?” She teased. “What do I win?”

I walked up close to her, kissed her neck and her lips, then sucked her tongue.

“You win a fuck. Now bend over!”

Down an all fours, I penetrated her from behind. It wasnt long before my legs shuddered as I felt a great rush to my head. Man, I love that rush! Then I felt a shudder and a rush of a different kind. I pulled out of her and sat back breathing heavily.

For a few moments all I could hear was the both of us breathing, gasping. Stacy came and sat next to me. I made it 2minutes 47seconds. Not exactly an eternity, put more like heaven compacted into just under 170 seconds.

Making love is sweet. But sometimes fucking hard is better.


'But I don't want to go among mad people,' Alice remarked.
'Oh, you can't help that,' said the Cat: 'we're all mad here'.

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Chapter One - Preparation

It's a beautiful Saturday in November and Master is taking his slave
Christmas shopping at one of the larger malls in Southern California. For
most people this is a normal and enjoyable excursion, but as a slave I
expect it will be a little different maybe embarrassing or even humiliating.
I met my Master at some friends' wedding and have spent the past year
being well trained to please him. Master feels his slave is ready for an
extended public appearance, but I am a little worried about pleasing him.
It's very easy to be submissive and obedient at home or with others that
have the same lifestyle, it's another thing entirely when you're in a public

My days begin with a one to two hour workout at the gym; Saturday's are no
exception. So shortly after rising, Master's slave is on her way to the
gym. This morning, I spend 30 minutes on the stair stepper, then 30 minutes
in an advanced aerobics class, and finish up by working my legs, thighs,
ass, and stomach. I am 23 years old, 5'9", a natural blond (Yes my bush is
blond), and my measurements are 36d, 22, and 34. My tits are real not
implanted; my ass is rounded and tight above long shapely legs. Master said
I needed to include these statistics for those of you who like to know them.

Arriving home from the gym, I pull the car in the garage, but prior to
entering the house I remove all my clothes. I quickly sponge off at the
garage sink, after putting on a leather collar and restraints for wrists and
ankles; I step into 5" black high heels and enter the house. My Master is
sitting at the kitchen counter reading the paper and drinking coffee. I
walk to within easy reach of Master and stand patiently with my hands behind
my back and legs spread wide. Master finishes the article he is reading and
reaches out to pull and stroke my sensitive nipples. As my nipples begin to
respond, he quickly snaps a clamp on each of them. He then directs his
attention to my exposed pussy lips, finding I am already wet. He turns me
around and binds my wrists together, then bends me over a stool right next
to him. I keep my legs spread very wide insuring he has maximum access to
my pussy and ass. While he continues to read the paper, his one hand is
busy exploring my lower half. Master is an expert at keeping me right on
the edge of an orgasm. By the time he is done his slave is very turned on
and I push my soaking wet pussy against his hand in an attempt to achieve
some relief. Just as I begin to feel the first impulse of an orgasm, he
stops and orders me to go shower and prepare myself for the day.

Master, releases my hands, but leaves the nipple clamps in place. I quickly
remove my restraints and head for the bathroom. In the shower, Slave shaves
her legs, underarms, pussy and around her tight asshole. Master allows a
small amount of closely trimmed triangular shaped blond hair on the front of
my pussy, but the other parts had better not have even the hint of stubble.
I fix my long blond hair and apply makeup. Except for trips to the gym,
Slave is never allowed to go out in public without a butt plug. So I
carefully insert a medium plug up my ass, making sure it is firmly seated.
My nipples are getting quit tender from the clamps, but I know better than
to touch them. I step into my black high heels and leave the bathroom.

It's time to find out what Master wants me to wear for our shopping trip; so
still naked I go to his study. He has me lie back on his desk and pull my
legs up tightly to my chest. This gives Master uninhibited access to me as
he closely inspects around my ass and pussy for any trace of stubble,
finding none he has me remain in this position. As Master strokes my pussy,
he informs me that today I will be displayed for all to see. There will be
no part of me hidden from view and that I will be pushed to the limit.
Between my training and his confidence in my absolute obedience Master is
sure I will have no problem performing as expected.

Master directs me to open a box sitting on the chair next to his desk. The
box contains a white dress that looks terribly small and a pair of 6" white
high heels. Master tells me to put on the dress and heels and then stand in
front of the mirror so he can see how it looks. The dress is extremely tight
and forms to every curve of my shapely body. My long legs are even
shapelier with the 4" white stiletto heels and believe me every inch of them
is on display. The top has spaghetti straps, a very low neckline and laces
to my waist. Even tightly laced the top is too small to close completely
and leaves a good amount of me exposed to the waist. The tightly laced top
molds to my breasts pushing them up and together leaving most of my tits
exposed, with my nipples barely covered. To top it off the dress appears
slightly see-through, my pink nipples are just barely visible, which means
my pussy and ass are probably visible also, though I can't tell in the
mirror. As Master has promised anyone looking at me will see everything.
Looking at myself in the mirror it crosses my mind that thought I am covered
I am very exposed.

Coming up behind me Master reaches around and shows how easily my tits pop
out of the top, he removes the clamp from each of my nipples. Master has me
attach gold clamping bands around each sensitive nipple. The bands are
tightened around my nipples, which will keep them swollen and extended until
removed, he has me put my tits back in my dress. He then has me put on a
gold multi stranded choker chain collar, which has a small whip hanging from
handcuffs at the front. Though small these emblems of my servitude will be
very recognizable to any one close. He has me put on a pair of gold chain
earrings and then he reaches over and attaches them to my chain collar.
These simple gold chains really inhibit the movement of my head. I can look
down, but can only slightly move my head up, side to side, or lean it
towards my shoulders without pulling on my pierced ear lobes. My hair
mostly hides them, but once again anyone near or looking closely can hardly
miss them. The last items Master gives me are two strangely shaped titanium
rings, he has me place one on each middle fingers. Master realizes I am
curious about these rings so he instructs me to turn placing my hands behind
me. He quickly pulls my hands together and gives my middle fingers a pull
and twist. My fingers are bound together, Master laughs and says; "try to
get loose?" I try twisting and pulling the rings but my fingers are bound
together, I quickly realize these are very efficient bindings.

Master has me walk across the room so he can see how I look. With each step
the bottom of my barely covered ass peeks out. As I turn and see myself in
the mirror, I am horrified to see my shaved pussy lips are exposed between
my legs. My tightly laced tits are more exposed than covered and my nipples
poke the dress out like two cherries. I have worn small bikinis to the
beach and sexy clothes in public, but never have I felt so exposed. I am
very embarrassed knowing that soon I will be walking around a public mall
dressed this way. Master tells me we are now ready to go shopping. He
leads me out the front door with my hands still bound behind me.

As we walk to the car parked out front, I am glad we live on acreage and
have no close neighbors. Master opens the car door and then reaches behind
me, another quick twist and pull free my hands. Getting in the car, I reach
down to pull my dress up; Slave is not allowed under any circumstances to
sit on a skirt or dress in public or private. This dress is so short and
tight that pulling the back up also uncovers my shaved pussy. It's November
but promises to be a beautiful warm day, so Master has removed the top on
the corvette for the trip. Every part of my life is structured, even how I
ride in a car. I assume my traveling position with by dress up around my
waist; I place one leg against the console and the other against my door.
Thus I am sitting with my legs spread wide apart, anyone looking down has a
clear view of my long legs and bared pussy. My seat is also slightly tilted
back to insure nothing interferes with the view. I also have been
instructed to keep my hands and arms positioned so they don't cover me.
Traffic is moderate on the L.A. freeways, so the trip is very pleasant.
During the trip Master keeps playing with my tits, nipples, and pussy. When
he isn't rubbing and fingering my wet horny fuckhole, he has me play with
myself. By the time we arrive at the mall, the constant stimulus and the
thought of walking around in public nearly naked has Slave scared and horny
as hell.

As always, Master parks the car some distance from the mall entrance in the
hopes no one will dent or scratch it. It also forces his slave to parade
through the parking lot in the bright sunlight. Master opens my door and I
exit the car standing straight, shoulders back and tits stuck out, my dress
is still up around my waist but I make no move to adjust it. Master doesn't
like to see women in short dresses constantly pulling and tugging at them,
so I have been taught not to touch mine without his permission. Master
gives me a signal that I may adjust my dress; I quickly pull it down over my
ass. I can't help but look around to see who might have seen me standing
there so exposed, but no one is near. Master is fully aware that while it
turns me on, my slutty exposure in public causes me great embarrassment.
Master takes my arm and begins leading me towards the mail.

About half way to the entrance two couples are exiting a car, they are
having a good time laughing and talking. They fall in behind us, suddenly
their conversation stops. Then I hear a man say; "Now that dress is really
short." The other man laughs and says; "Yeah! You can also see right
through it. I sure would like to see if her front looks as good as the
back" A woman's voice comments; "That dress requires a slip or something
under it." One of the guys' replies; "No it doesn't need a slip and there is
very definitely something under it!" The other woman replies; "You're such
a pig and she is a slut." I knew the dress was somewhat transparent, but
from their comments it may reveal more than I thought. Master has a smile
on his face as he continues leading me toward the mall entrance.

We have arrived just before 8:00 and the mall isn't open yet. There must be
a hundred people milling around the entrance, after all it's the beginning
of the Christmas shopping season. Master leads me to one side of the crowd;
keeping me in a sunny area he turns me so I face everyone. Master says;
"Hands behind you." He does his magic and I quickly find my hands bound
again. This causes my tits to strain even more against the dress that
barely contains them anyway. I also spread my legs slightly; Master insists
that sitting, lying, or standing I must never keep my legs together.

Looking around, I find that by revealing dress and my posture is getting
quit a bit of attention. I spot the couples that were following us, the two
men are really giving me a close look. Even before becoming Master's slave,
I wore sexy revealing clothes, enjoying the attention my trim figure, big
tits and long legs got. However standing here today I have reached a new
level of public exposure. I am apparently next to naked, hiding nothing
from view. While I find it excites me, I am also embarrassed and begin
wondering what others are thinking of me.

Master is running his hand over my barely covered ass; he appears to be
ignoring the stares and comments being made by those around us. But as he
speaks, I realize this isn't true, he is very aware of what is happening.
"Slave you appear to be quit the center of attention. Did I forget to
mention that in bright light, your dress becomes somewhat more revealing
then it appeared in the mirror." He has only confirmed what I already
suspected, but somehow hearing him say it makes me suddenly want to hide my
face. About that time the mall doors open and many of the people begin to
move towards them.

Chapter 2 - The Clothing Store

Master waits until the crowd has thinned somewhat then leads me toward the
entrance. As we get closer I see my reflection in the glass doors, even
expecting it I am shocked at just how revealing my dress really is. I may
as well be naked, the dress may cover me, but it certainly hides nothing.
My firm tits and large gold ringed nipples are clearly visible. My tan
seems to make the small triangle of blond bush hair stand out. I can
clearly see my shaved pussy lips below the hem of my dress. My hands are
still bound behind me and while I make so attempt to adjust my dress, I am
very aware of how exposed slave is. You may think it's strange that someone
wearing a see-though dress in public would be worried about her pussy and
ass hanging out below her hemline, but for some reason it matters to me. The
dress at least gives the false impression of some modesty. My humiliation
grows as I noticed the group of people behind us watching my every move. It
appears I have the undivided attention of every man and most women within 50
feet. Not 5 feet behind be are a group of teenage boys; they apparently
have no problem getting close for an unhampered few of my ass. As we reach
the door the four boys quickly push around us and with big grins on their
faces they hold the doors open for us. What gentlemen they are, except for
the four sets of eyes that travel up and down checking me out. As Master and
I enter the mall, I realize it may be dark enough that my dress will again
offer some coverage. However I am very aware that by pussy and ass are
still peeking out below my dress, it takes all my will power to not pull it

Master informs me that because we will be doing Christmas shopping, I will
have some freedom to wander in and out of stores at my leisure. This is
really unexpected and I quickly give him a kiss to show my appreciation. We
enter a novelty store as Master releases my bound hands and tells me to
browse around and let him know if I find anything. The store is not real
crowded and I enjoy spending some time looking around, though Master is
allowing me some freedom, I know he expects me to remember my training. So
whenever I stop to look at something, I spread my legs slightly. As I turn
from one display, I notice a man watching me very closely. As I continue to
look, I find some ornaments on a bottom shelf and bend down to get one.
Slave has been taught not to kneel or squat down, but to bend at the waist
with her legs straight to pick up things. I do it now without thinking
until I feel the tight dress slide up my ass. As the dress rides up, my
plug filled ass and pussy are totally exposed. I know from past experience
that the base of the butt plug buried in my ass is clearly visible as it
keeps my ass cheeks spread slightly and exposes my wet open pussy lips. I
quickly stand and pull by dress down. Turning I see the strangers shock
look, but my attention is quickly drawn to my Master standing slightly
behind him. Then I realize that I have adjusted my dress without Master's
permission and he has seen me do it.

Master moves around the man towards me, I stand anchored in place. He has
spent a lot of time training me and in a moment I forgot and did what I
wanted. It is very important to me that I please my Master in every way, he
totally controls every aspect of my life and I really cannot imagine living
any other way. This life style is not for everyone, but for me it is the
only one. With these thoughts on my mind, I wait for my Master with my
hands tightly clasped behind my back; keeping my eyes locked on his I await
his command. If I thought it would help, I would get down on my knees and
beg his forgiveness, right here in the store.

Master walks up to me, reaches out and grasps one of my banded nipples. He
then tells me; "You will be punished for that later." Reaching down and he
pulls my dress up, exposing my pussy and ass. Keeping a firm hold on my one
nipple he movers around behind me. As I loose eye contact with Master, I
find myself facing the other man and behind him are the store windows. With
my pussy bared to a complete stranger and Master playing with my tit, I feel
my face begin to burn with shame. Master whispers to me and though I
hesitant, I begin to follow his instructions. Keeping my eyes locked on the
stranger's face, I slowly give him a smile; I doubt he notices, as he's eyes
are not on my face. Taking my hands from behind by back, I reach inside my
dress and grasping my nipples I pull my tits out. The tight dress displays
my naked boobs as if they are on a shelf as I begin to roll and pinch my
nipples. Master has moved his hands down to my butt; he begins to play
with the plug in my ass. I slowly run my one hand down over my belly,
through my neatly trimmed pussy hair and between my legs, burying a finger
in my extremely wet fuckhole. Master makes me stand there playing with
myself in full view of this stranger for a short time. I try to keep my
mind blank and concentrate on Master's whispered commands; I don't dare
think about what I'm doing. Eventually Master tells me to put my tits away
and pull down my dress. Being well trained I place my very wet finger in my
mouth and suck it clean, the man finally looks me in the face, my
embarrassment changes to humiliation. Master whispers in my ear; "That was
a lesson, not punishment." Then he gives me a quick swat on the butt and
tells me to continue my shopping.

The stranger is still standing about 10 feet down the isle and I must pass
him to continue on. I think he is too shocked to move or speak. As I look
past him, I see mounted to the ceiling right behind him a surveillance
camera. The red light is on and it has been pointed at me the whole time.
So now I know that not only has this gentlemen gotten an eye full, but I
quite probably am on tape somewhere. As I move past the stranger I notice
the 4 teenage boys have their faces tightly pressed against the window, they
have apparently also been witness to my public humiliation.

I spend some more time browsing and find a few items that would make nice
gifts. As Master pays, I notice the male employees behind the counter never
take their eyes off me. Although I am fully aware that I am dressed as a
slut, and the bright lights around the counter have rendered by dress
transparent again, they are barely suppressing grins. Finally I notice one
of clerks glance towards the corner and looking in that direction, I see
mounted above the counter a monitor. Two things are immediately apparent,
first the camera is definitely the one that was pointed at me, and second
anyone near the counter can clearly see what the surveillance camera is
picking up. By now, Master has finished paying; he takes me by the arm and
leads me out the door.

The four teenage boys are waiting not far away; I appear to still be the
center of their attention. They closely watch as Master leads me into the
next store. We move in and out of stores until we reach one of those
clothing stores that cater to young women. The isles are closely packed
together with clothes racks; Master points me down one following closely
behind. Suddenly he turns be toward the store windows and tells me to stop
and bend over, as I begin bending at the waist, I feel my tight dress start
to ride up my ass again. With my hands resting flat on the floor in front
of me, I cannot raise my head to look around as the collar and earring are
doing their job. Master then orders me to spread my legs wider and I feel
him grasp by pussy from behind and easily slid a couple of fingers in my
dripping wet cunt. As he slowly moves his fingers around, his thumb begins
to put pressure on my butt plug. As Master continues to finger fuck me, a
voice asks; "Can I help you?" I don't know where its coming from and try to
stand up, but Master places his other hand on my back and holds me down.
His thumb presses harder on the butt plug and his fingers never stop their
stimulation as he says; " No thank you, we are just looking." My shame and
humiliation have reached a new high.

Not even a whore would find herself bend over like I am in a store, with her
ass and pussy totally exposed. I say; "Please Master, This is very
embarrassing!" Master now has three fingers buried in my extremely hot
pussy and I feel him grasp the butt plug with his other hand. He slowly
begins to move the plug in and out of my tight asshole. Master replies;
"Slave, this is the second time you have ignored your training. Do not let
it happen again!" Shortly to my dismay, I begin to feel the start of an
orgasm. Apparently the stimulation, exposure, embarrassment, humiliation,
and public attention have left me a very horny slut. I am going to cum
right here bend over in this store as Master continues to rub my pussy and
pump the butt plug in and out of my ass. Realizing that someone can at any
moment turn down this isle or may even be watching me only makes me hotter.
I whisper; "Master may slave have permission to cum?" I feel his fingers
begin to work faster in and out of my very excited cunt and my tight rear
love hole is really being plowed with the butt plug, as he says in a normal
voice; "Excuse me, I can't hear you." I am really in trouble now, being
very close to an orgasm and knowing I don't dare have one without permission
I can only repeat my request. In what I hope is a slightly louder whisper,
I say; "Please! Master, your slave begs permission to cum!" Even to me my
voice sounds desperate.

With relief I hear him say; "Slave you may cum, but quickly!" Quickly is
not a problem, I probably couldn't have stopped my orgasm at this point if I
had wanted to. As my pussy begins clinching at his fingers and my breath
comes in shot gasps, the first waves of a powerful orgasm overcome me. I
completely lose control and just let the waves of pure pleasure roll though
me. The plug continues to pound my tender tight rear as Masters fingers rub
and pinch my swollen clit. The pleasure pain just keeps rolling through me.
The next thing I know Master is helping me to stand up, my legs are weak
and I am breathing very hard. Master is still standing behind me with his
arms around my waist pulling my ass tightly against his crotch. I feel his
stiff cock press between my ass cheeks and I know his slave has pleased him.

Master turns me so I face him and continues to hold me close, as I regain by
breath and get my thoughts in order. Then I hear a voice ask; "Sir, is the
lady okay?" Master replies, "Yes, she got a little dizzy, she will be fine
in a moment." The clerk then says, "If she needs to sit down for a minute
you can use the office or we have chairs by the counter." Master replies;
"Thank you very much, but I'm sure she will be ok in a minute!" With my
face buried in Master's chest I can't see the clerk, she could be standing
right behind me and I can only guess how I look. Finally Master tells me to
stand on my own and look him in the eyes. I really didn't want to show my
face, as the clerk may still be standing there, but I realized there is no
choice. So I stand back a step and look at my Master. He smiles and tells
me it would be a good idea if I adjusted my dress. I quickly try to find
the hem; it takes a bit of time as my dress is bunched up around my waist.
Finding the hem I pull it down over my bare ass and only then notice I have
one boob totally hanging out the top of my dress. The strap had fallen down
and with me bent over apparently my breast just popped out. I quickly push
everything back into place and can't help but turn around to see if anyone
is behind me. No one is in the isle, but standing at the window of the
store once again, are my four teenage voyeurs.

I have no idea how much they had seen, but I'm pretty sure they hadn't
missed much. All four of them have big grins on their faces. Master tells
me to look around and see if there is anything that interests me. What I
really want to do is get out of this store and away from my four hungry eyed
friends. But without hesitation, I do as Master bids and browse up and down
the isles. I notice more than a few of the female customers are giving me
funny looks and are careful to keep their distance from me. The store has
some cute clothes, but most aren't revealing or sexy enough. I have been
given very strict rules on what I can wear and sometimes it is hard to find
the right items. However I do find a black sweater and short skirt set that
might be acceptable to my Master. Showing the set to him, he looks it over
and gives me permission to try it on.

As I head toward the fitting room a clerk asks if she can be of assistance.
I realize the voice is the same one I heard earlier. The clerk is a very
cute brunette about my age with a good figure and a lot of leg showing under
her short skirt. I tell her, I would like to try on the outfit and she
shows me into a hallway with 4 fitting rooms. It doesn't take long to
change when you have so little to remove; I quickly pull the sweater on and
then the short pleated skirt. Walking out for Master's inspection, I
noticed the clerk standing with him. Master has me turn around and model
the outfit; he then speaks to the clerk and tells me to wait in the dressing
room. Shortly the clerk returns and hands me another black sweater. She
makes no move to leave, so I quickly change tops. The new sweater is at
least two sizes smaller then the original and fits very tightly over my bare
tits and forms well around my enlarged distended nipples. The gold nipple
bands shine through the black knit sweater. The clerk follows closely as I
walk out to find my Master; I can tell by Master's smile that he likes the
outfit now. The clerk can't seem to take her eyes away from my tits and
large protruding nipples. The skirt has buttons up the front right side,
Master orders me to undo all but the top two. Master has me turn and walk
away from him with each step my right leg parts the skirt almost to my
waist. I have spent many hours being trained to walk with a sexy hip
swinging motion in high heels, even when they have tiny stiletto heels. I
know Master is watching me closely to see how the short pleated skirt looks
as my swaying ass moves away from him. After walking a ways, I turn quickly
feeling the skirt swirl up around my ass and walk back. I know that I look
sexy in this outfit; Master agrees and tells me we'll take it.

As I enter the fitting room again and turn to pull the curtains closed, I
find the clerk has followed me. She hesitates and then says; "Can I ask you
a question?" I just nod and she says; "How can you act that way in public?
The way you dress is really revealing and everyone in the store heard you
moaning earlier and you didn't sound dizzy." Trying to remain calm I ask
what she means? The clerk has started and apparently wants an answer, so
she continues with "Will I see how you dress, you aren't wearing any
underclothes and you apparently have no problem exposing yourself or even
having an orgasm in a public place." I realize the clerk knows what
happened earlier, she may even have been watching. I try to ignore her,
knowing my Master is waiting and he isn't overly patient at times. So with
her standing there I remove the sweater and skirt. Now naked the clerk
looks closely at my neatly trimmed pussy, large breasts with the gold-banded
nipples and asks; "Are you a whore?" I mumble; "No, I am a sex slave, the
man out there is my Master." I quickly pull on my white dress making sure
it's adjusted and head out of the dressing room. But apparently the clerk
still has more questions as she tries to block my exit. I say; "Please I
must not keep Master waiting, ask him if you have more questions." I find
my Master is standing just outside the changing rooms and he has apparently
heard the clerk questioning me.

There are quite a few people in the store but no one is near the dressing
rooms. Master pulls my hands behind me as once again the twin rings on my
fingers capture them. I have always found some comfort in being bound; it
takes some of the responsibility of my actions away from me. It also
immediately lets me know Master expects absolute submission. Master tells
me; "You will answer all her questions honestly and openly." He then turns
to the clerk and tells her; " You may ask any question you wish, Slave will
not hesitate to answer you." The clerk doesn't hesitate and begins with;
"What were you doing to her in that isle earlier?" Master points out that
while he has ordered me to answer any of her questions he has no intention
of doing so. The clerk quickly turns to me and asks; "What was he doing to
you?" I have a little trouble getting started, but knowing better than to
hesitate to long I reply; "Master had me bend over to expose myself and then
he played with my pussy and ass until I had a very intense orgasm." The
clerk has a puzzled look on her face and then says; "But why were you bent
over like that? You aren't wearing panties and your dress is so short he
can easily touch you." I hear Master say; "Slave, show her why." So I turn
my back to the clerk and bend over putting my hands on the floor. I hear a
gasp from behind me, but remain in position. With my legs spread, once
again my plug filled ass and very wet shaved pussy is on display to a
stranger. I hear Master say; "As you can see she is totally exposed and
available. Slave you may stand." Once again my dress has ridden up over my
hips, with legs spread and very red-faced, I wait for the clerks next

I could guess the next question and here it comes, "Why don't you pull your
dress down and why do you stand like that?" "Because Master has not given
permission for me to adjust my dress. I am also never allowed to close my
legs even when standing. This insures Master has access to me at all times
and reminds me of what I am." The clerk it appears is trying to understand
how a woman can apparently stand in a public place, with her dress up around
her waist and calmly wait for permission to cover herself. If only she
knew, I was anything but calm and was really having to work at being
obedient. Other than a few quick peeks, Master has never exposed me this
much in public before and I surely have never been made to answer someone's
questions about my life style. While waiting for the next question, I
notice customers are starting to work their way towards us, I hope Master
notices also.

He apparently hasn't because he makes no sign that I should cover up. The
clerk then asks; "What else does he make you do?" Master has ordered me to
be truthful so I reply; "He does anything he wants with me. I am his sexual
toy, to be used by him or anyone else he designates. I make no decisions
about how I dress, walk, sit, stand, or anything else, Master totally
controls all aspects of my life. I don't own a bra that covers my nipples or
a pair of panties. I rarely wear shorts or pants, as you see my dresses and
skirts are short, my tops are tight and revealing. My nipples, tits, pussy
and ass must be immediately available to Master at all times. I must obey
his every command without comment, questions or even hesitation. I spend
numerous hours a week keeping my body in shape and being trained to please
him. I also spend considerable time bound and tied for his pleasure. He
never hesitates to correct me or discipline me. I have been spanked,
whipped, and canned to correct my behavior or just for his pleasure. I work
7 days a week 24 hours a day to be the perfect slave and when I fail, I

If I thought this outburst would shock the clerk, I'm surprised. She
doesn't appear to be put off by it at all. Though she apparently isn't
finished with her questions, there are two young girls heading towards the
changing rooms. Master begins leading me towards the checkout counter my
naked swaying ass exposed to the girls. As we reach the counter he says;
"You may cover yourself." The clerk rings up our items and hands me the
bag. I pass the bag to my Master; I am not allowed to carry anything, which
may give me some coverage. As we turn to leave the clerk asks one more
questions; "Aren't you even ashamed or humiliated?" "Yes! It's very
embarrassing and humiliating. But I am also excited, scared, and very
turned on by many of the things Master makes me do. I also love him and
will continue to do anything he orders me to, for as long as he wants to own
me." Master gives the clerk a quick smile and walks me towards the door.
He apparently knows the clerk is watching us, because he hand cups my barely
covered swaying ass as we pass through the door.

Chapter 3 - The Restaurant

We spend the next couple of hours going in and out of miscellaneous stores.
I am really enjoying myself and Master is being very patient letting me find
Christmas presents for family and friends. I have even gotten use to the
wide range of looks from others, the most hostile seem to come form other
women. Women have this way of looking another women up and down and then
conveying the message without a word spoken - You are a slut! I notice
older men give me a quick glance and look away. It is cute sometimes to see
the effort they will then go to getting a better look while thinking they
are not being obvious. Younger men just blatantly stare at me. You can see
their eyes take in every detail of my undressed condition, as they undress
me further with their eyes. If one of my admires had asked, I am afraid
Master would have been more than happy to have me show them what little was
covered. Of course the four teenage boys are never far away.

It's now early afternoon and Master says we should grab something to eat.
But first he wants to take our packages out to the car. He leads me through
the mall and out the entrance. There are many more people entering the mall
now. As I walk towards people, I watch as they come to realize they can see
right through my dress. Master should have brought a video camera to record
the reactions. I am very much the center of attention, both good and bad.
Reaching the car, Master places our purchases behind the corvette's seats
and removes a small waist pack, which he places around his waist. We head
back towards the mall. Once again, I run the gauntlet of looks and stares.

He leads me to a chain restaurant found in many malls. He asks for a booth
in the bar area and we are quickly led to a table. Master indicates I am to
slide in ahead of him. I hesitate realizing that raising my dress so I
don't sit on it will expose me to everyone in the bar. I am normally quit
good at this maneuver, lifting, sitting, and sliding quickly. But today my
dress is way to short and tight to pull this off, so as quickly as possible,
I pull up my dress and sit down on the cold vinyl seat. I slid over and
Master sits next to me. Looking up, I see the waitress's look of shock.
She quickly places menus on the table, gives us the specials of the day and
says she will be back.

Besides not sitting on my dress or skirt, I of course cannot cross my legs
or hold them together. I must not make any attempt to cover myself with
napkins, tablecloths, or hands. So sitting with my dress around my waist
legs spread, I am will aware anyone coming to the table will get a good view
of my exposed pussy. There are no tablecloths but I don't believe anyone
can see under the table with Master sitting next to me. Master and I
quickly scan the menu, I decide on a Chinese chicken salad telling him of my
selection. We wait a few minutes and suddenly a young male waiter is
standing at our table. He tells us the other waitress is on break and he
will be taking care of us. He then asks for our orders, Master gives him
our order and he writes it down taking his time and repeating it to be sure
he has it right. He has done all this and his eyes have never left my
pussy, as he begins to walk away he finally looks up. I can only smile
through my embarrassment.

The waiter quickly returns with our drinks, he carefully positions himself
for a good view and once again keeps his eyes trained on my shaved pussy.
After he leaves, Master looks at me and says; "I thought he was going to
fall over the table getting a look at you. You need to give him a better
look." I look at Master and beg him with my eyes not to make me embarrass
myself in this restaurant. But Master is having non-of that, he tells me;
"Turn towards me. Now bend your leg and place your foot on the seat between
us. Slide your ass towards me and lean back against the wall, keeping your
back straight." This position is not very comfortable, but I have no doubt
it displays me exactly as Master wants. My tits are trust out tightly
against my dress. With one leg on the floor and one up on the seat and
leaning back as I am, my shaved bared pussy is wantonly displayed for anyone
coming near. Master then tells me; "Now my little slut, you are going to
turn this poor boy on to the point he has to take a break to jack off." He
then proceeds to explain exactly what I am expected to do, when he finishes
my face is once again bright red with embarrassment. I am pretty sure that
what I am about to do could get me arrested.

Even embarrassed, I know I will do exactly what he has instructed. We both
know that the more outlandish his request the more turned on I get. So
taking the first step I place two fingers deep in my love hole, even I am
surprised at how wet my cunt is. I slowly begin finger fucking myself,
while looking around to see if anyone has noticed. No one appears to be
watching as I slowly lower the spaghetti straps of my dress with the other
hand. Because the laces are so tight lowering the straps quickly bares more
of my tits. I carefully adjust the top of my dress so my banded nipples are
just peeking out. My nipples when excited are normally quit large; with the
bands tightly compressing them they are very tender and stick out like two
large grapes. My other hand is still very busy between my legs and I can
feel the pussy juices running down the crack of my ass.

Though it will do absolutely no good I continue to look for anyone who may
notice what I am doing. Thankfully my back is towards the rest of the
restaurant and the shoulder high booth provides some protection. What I do
see is our waiter with another waiter heading towards our table. Following
Master's orders, I continue to finger fuck myself, I also keep my eyes
locked on the waiters. They get about 10 feet from our table and suddenly
get their first look at me. I see them look at each other and continue to
come closer; I remove my dripping wet fingers from my pussy and put them in
my mouth. Slowly I suck them in and out a few times and then bury them back
in my fuck hole. The two waiters are now standing at our table and I very
definitely have their full attention. Their eyes jump from my fingers
buried in my crotch to my tits as I pull them free of the dress with my
other hand. Taking my dripping wet fingers I slowly massage one of my bare
nipples. When I am sure my nipple is shinny wet with my own love juices, I
once again bury them in my cunt. I am really getting turned on now, my
fingers are squishing around in my very wet love hole and my clit is hard
and exposed. Still watching the waiters, as I continue to finger myself, I
begin to use my other hand to pull and twist my nipples. My breath is
coming in short gasps and knowing I have permission to cum this can't keep
up much longer.

Neither waiter has moved since reaching the table. The only thing moving
are their eyes, which constantly move between my chest and my crotch. I
glance down and notice the prominent bulges in their jeans; these young men
have two very hard cocks. As I start to look back up, I notice two ladies
sitting at a table watching me. Though they can't see under our table, they
both have a clear view of me playing with my nipples. I am so embarrassed
that I stop playing with myself. Master whispers, "Don't stop, my little
slut. Continue immediately." Knowing I should pay them no attention, I
can't help but look at the women watching me. I can see clearly written all
over their faces both disgust and shock. It's probably best I don't know
what else they are thinking.

But even as I am having these thoughts, I can feel an orgasm growing between
my legs. Before the spasms take control of me, I remove my fingers and once
again rub my juices on an exposed nipple. I look over in time to see the
two ladies suddenly rise and leave the bar area. I quickly move my eyes
back to the waiters; they certainly appear to be enjoying the show. I try
to keep my eyes on the waiters as I bend by head down and take my juicy wet
nipple in my mouth. My tits are being pushed up and are large enough I can
easily suck and lick my nipple clean. I reach the last step of Master's
instructions. I slowly take both hands and grabbing the lips of my wet
slippery cunt, I lewdly spread by pussy lips wide open. This gives the
waiters a clear view of my extremely wet gaping hole and hard protruding
clit. Being shaved insures absolutely nothing is hidden from their view. I
can feel the juices running down my cunt and wetting the seat. I realize
this is the most humiliating moment of my life as a slave, but my fingers
continue to rub my clit as a very powerful orgasm washes over me.

I hear Master say; "Excuse me Gentlemen but is our order about ready?"
Neither waiter is in any condition to answer him or even realize he is
talking to them. Master has to lean forward blocking their view of me. He
then asks again if our food will be ready soon. One waiter finally responds
and moves away, but not toward the kitchen, he appears to be heading toward
the bathroom. The other one says he will check on our food.

I am still sitting next to my Master in a public restaurant with a nipple in
my mouth, my legs spread, and my pussy lips pulled widely open. I realize
that I have not got an ounce of self-respect left; I am totally a fuck toy
to be used and displayed as Master wishes. There is nothing Master can make
me do that can cause me more humiliation or embarrassment. But I also
realize that I am very excited, extremely turned on and a bit scared that I
feel this way.

Master turns to me and slowly strokes my wet gaping fuckhole; he gives my
hard clit a quick sharp pinch. Then he tells me to release my pussy lips and
nipple, and to sit as I normally do. He then allows me to cover my exposed
tits and pull the straps back up. I regain some resemblance of decency
above the table anyway. I am very aware of my sensitive nibbles, throbbing
clit from Masters pinch and a very wet seat from my love juices. As I finish
sucking my fingers clean, the waiter appears with our food, he takes his
time putting the plates down and makes sure to check out my spread legs and
bared pussy one more time.

Master and I try to enjoy our meal, discussing whom we still need to get
gifts for. Anyone watching would think we were a normal couple having a
late lunch, except we appear to have a string of waiters stopping at or
walking past our table. Each one takes a good look and apparently decides
everything looks fine. The Manager even stops at our table to tell us that
he had a complaint from two ladies that I was displaying my breasts in
public. He can see for his self, my breasts are displayed, but covered.
Apparently not having gotten a complaint about my spread legs and barred
pussy he sees no reason to say anything. He is apparently a very good
manager because he returns a couple of more time to see how things are.

We eventually finish our meal and Master signals the waiter that we are
ready to settle our bill. It seems this restaurant has a problem the
waitresses have disappeared and the waiters can remove only one plate at a
time from the table. But eventually the table is sparkling clean and our
check has been paid. I really need to pee, so I tell Master I need to
visit the ladies room. As we prepare to exit the booth, Master tells me
that I have permission to adjust my dress as I get up. I stand up with my
head held high and slowly wiggle my hips while pulling the dress down over
my ass. Everyone looking our way and most are, get a last look at
everything below my waist. Master takes my arm and leads me towards the
bathrooms. Master walks right past the ladies room and leads me straight in
the men's room.

Even if I could, I am so surprised; I don't have time to try to avoid
entering the men's room. As we walk towards the stalls, I see a man
standing at a urinal and another washing his hands. The man washing his
hands smiles at me in the mirror and turns to watch as we enter a stall.
Master indicates I am to pee, so I pull my dress up and sit down. I finish
and using toilet paper I pat and rub myself dry. As I stand with my dress
still up, Master moves in front of me. He pulls the dress up over my head
and once again by shoes are the only items of clothing left on me. He pulls
the dress back over my head, but doesn't let my arms go through the
spaghetti straps. He tucks the straps into the dress so they are hidden and
allows me to adjust the top of the dress, but leaving the bottom up around
my waist. My tits are very firm, but being braless and very large they
bounce and sway when I walk. The only thing holding the top of my dress up
and giving my tits any support were those straps. Master turns and exits
the stall with me following him. It really bothers me that the one man is
still standing at the sinks watching me. He checks me out and then
whispers; "You are one fine looking lady, I really like your short dress.
How much do you charge?" Of course my dress is still bunched up around my
waist and what should he think; I just exited a stall in a men's bathroom
nearly naked. If Master had heard him I fear he would have found out I was
free. As I walk past the stranger, Master opens the door, I truly believe
he is going to let me walk out into the restaurant with my dress still up.
But as I start out the door, I hear him say; "Cover your self slave!" I
pull my dress down and say; "Thank you Master!"

As we walk through the restaurant, I feel my tits swaying and bouncing with
each step. Because there isn't anything but my tits holding the top of the
dress up, as they bounce the dress starts to slip down. By the time we exit
the restaurant, my nipples are peeking out of my dress.

Chapter 4 - The Men's Bathroom

Upon exiting the restaurant, I see the four teenage boys that have been
following us all day. I really have to give them credit for being
persistence. Its now mid afternoon and the mall is getting very busy. We
have become part of this mass of moving people but I still draw plenty of
attention. The dress fits so tightly around my torso, that it has finally
stopped slipping down. However my proudly swaying bouncing tits are well
displayed, with most of my nipples showing. We spend another couple of
hours shopping during which Master notices I am very careful about looking
at items on lower shelves. Master is very quick to correct or exploit any
perceived weakness in my conduct. We are looking through a large bookstore
when Master requests that I get him a book located on the bottom shelf down
the isle from us. The store is very crowded with people all around us, I
slowly move down the isle. Knowing I have no choice but to bend over and
retrieve the book Master has pointed out. I quickly bend; grab the book and
stand, hoping to minimize the expose. However, it only takes an instant to
realize my tight dress has slipped up exposing a little more of my ass. I
quickly walk back towards my Master knowing the bottom of my ass cheeks are

I spend the next 5 minutes retrieving and putting back books all over the
store. Numerous people witness my exposure and humiliation. While my dress
rides up a little more every time I bend over, my tits also keep popping
out. The isle we are in has gotten very crowded with male customers. I
have gotten looks, comments, and one man even grabbed a quick feel. The
more I hesitate and slow down the longer Master waits before allowing me to
cover myself. I soon realize that Master will continue having me do this
until he is satisfied with my conduct. So after retrieving yet another
book, with by ass more exposed than covered and one tit almost fully exposed
I walk up to Master and put my arms around his neck. Fully aware this will
cause my dress to ride up even higher, I ask him; "How have I displeased you
and what is required of me to correct it?" I have found that were Master
never gives in to my wishes, he does respond when I honestly want to correct
myself. Master replies; "You have been avoiding anything that requires you
to bend over, you also spend to much time trying to see who may be watching
you. You have no need to worry about whom may see you or what they may
think of you, I am the only one you must please. You really have no need to
be shy or embarrassed anymore, everyone in the mall has seen everything you
have to offer. Lose this false sense of modesty immediately. This is your
last warning, once more and we leave." I am a bit flustered by his
remarks, because I know if we leave I will pay dearly for failing. Even
though he doesn't appear to be angry; I realize he is very unhappy with my
performance. He is right, every part of me has been on display, I have been
made to expose myself over and over again. There is no point is worrying
anymore, I will try harder to please my Master.

Suddenly from behind me I hear; "Young lady pull your dress down, your
bottom is showing." I pull by arms from around Master's neck and turn to
face the lady and show her that not only is my bottom showing but my pussy
and most of my tits are not covered either. It only takes her a second to
respond. "You really have no modestly, do you think people like seeing
that? You should be thrown out of this store." As she turns and walks away,
I can see a few men that apparently really like seeing that. I hear Master
say; "Very good slave, you may pull your dress down now and cover your
breasts." As we leave the store, I no longer try to see who may be watching
me, Master was right; most of them saw plenty of me during my visit.

We continue our shopping; I have no more problems bending down to get items
from lower shelves. I actually begin to enjoy the constant male attention
and find a few not so interesting things down low to look at. I even fight
the urge to spot people who may be watching me, but again it appears I enjoy
the humiliation of knowing others are witness to my public exposure.
Master's hands are full of bags and packages; he says it's time for another
trip to the car. As we start heading back through the mall towards the
exit, Master requests that I enter a pharmacy and purchase a box of 12
rubbers. I know they aren't for him, but know better than to ask. Upon
exiting the pharmacy, I see Master speaking to the four teenage boys who
have followed us all day.

Soon the four boys move off through the mall. Master takes my arm and
begins leading me after them. I want so desperately to know what he has
planned, but he apparently doesn't see the need to tell me. We follow the
boys into a hallway marked restrooms and Master notices a row of lockers for
packages. He quickly opens one and deposits all our bags in it, leaving me
holding the small bag with the box of rubbers. Master then leads me down
the hall and right into the men's bathroom. There are three other men plus
the four boys in the bathroom. I am taken into the end stall a large
handicapped area. Master orders me to remove my dress. My hands are
shaking and my legs are weak, I reach towards Master, but he says; "Slave,
remove your dress and hand it to me. Do not hesitate again. You will also
remain quiet until given permission to speak." He has stopped any further
resistance, so I remove the dress and hand it to him. Master then tells me;
"These boys have faithfully followed you all day, it's time you reward them.
When I bring them in here you will place a rubber on each of them and then
sexually please each of them in anyway they request. I will be right here to
watch and insure you perform in an exceptional manner."

Master had given me to other men twice and even another women once. Though
I knew they probably told him what happened, he had never watched. I had
also never done anything like this in a public place. I had spent the day
exposing myself in every manner to hundreds of people in a busy mall, but
the thought of now having sex with 4 teenage boys in a public bathroom was
horrifying. Exposed in the restaurant earlier I couldn't imagine any thing
more humiliating, but once again Master has found a way to keep me off

Master gives me a hug and tells me; "If one of them wants to use your rear
entrance, you will remove your butt plug." He also unhooks my earrings from
the necklace. I realize these would have restricted my movements while
servicing these young men. He then turns and opens the stall door, letting
the four teenage boys in. Master explains that I will put a rubber on each
of them and then they may use me in any manner they wish. He warns that
they must be somewhat quiet and he will be watching them at all times.

Not a single one of them hesitates; they quickly drop their pants, pull down
their underwear and stand facing me. Each of them sports a very erect cock.
I open the box and remove the first rubber. I pop the rubber in my mouth
and squatted in front of the first boy. I have been well trained in the art
of giving blowjobs and know that Master insists that I squat with legs
spread rather then getting down on my knees. I have also spent time
practicing the correct procedure for putting on a rubber, using my mouth,
never my hands. I grasp the hard young cock pointing at me and using my
lips and tongue I quickly roll the rubber down to the very base. I move to
the next young stud and complete the same process. Shortly I am squatting
in front of four rubber covered very hard cocks.

Having finished sheathing these young men, I wait for one of them to use me.
It appears they aren't sure what to do next or who should go first. At
Master's request, I take one by the hand and ask him; "How would you like to
use me?" He mumbles, "Suck me." I am still squatting so I immediately suck
his hard cock into my mouth. I take one hand and grasp his ball sack,
slowly and gently kneading his balls. With my other hand, I reach between
his legs and stroke and prod just behind his balls. I have been taught that
this combination is very pleasing to a male. I continue to suck his cock in
and out of my mouth, keeping a steady rhythm and making sure my tongue
constantly presses against the under side of his cock. It doesn't take very
long before I feel his cock begin to swell, I quicken my pace. Ramming my
mouth down his cock till my lips touch its base. My hands continue to
kneed, press, and rub him in all the right places. Suddenly his cock jumps
in my mouth and I know he is coming. I really regret the necessity of using
rubbers as his seed is wasted. Sucking and stroking him with my lips, he
quickly finishes up. I slowly pull back, sucking hard on his cock till if
falls from my mouth. I look up and say; "Thank you for using my oral fuck
hole to please you." Master insists I thank others for using me.

The next boy doesn't even hesitate, he tells me to lie down on my back. The
tile floor in not supper clean and very cold but I quickly comply. In a
moment the young stud is between my legs and pushing his hard cock at my
cunt. I grab his stiff blood engorged penis and guide him to my wet and
ready fuck hole. He wastes no time and immediately starts pumping in and
out of me. While his technical needs some work, he makes up for it by madly
slamming his cock in and out of me. As the young man continues to plow my
fuck hole, I begin squeeze his cock with my pussy muscles. Master has not
given me permission to orgasm, he expects me to pleasure these young men,
not myself. Being on my back, I turn my head enough to look under the stall
partitions and see feet enter and exit the bathroom. If anyone were to bend
down they would see me lying on my back being fucked by this young stud. I
wonder how many of them can hear what is happening in the rear stall. The
boys are talking about fucking and using me none to quietly. Even in the
somewhat noisy restroom there is no way to hide all the sounds as they echo
off the walls. As I watch it seems more feet are moving towards the back of
the bathroom. I look over the young mans shoulder to see Master holding the
stall door open. The doorway is packed with men watching me being fucked on
the floor of this public bathroom.

I close my eyes and know that I have lost the last tiny bit of my
self-respect, Master has shown me that he can and will do anything he wants
with me. I know that I want and need to be treated exactly this way. As
Master said earlier, "No more false modesty." The young man between my legs
is still plowing away with abandon. I concentrate on gripping his cock
with my pussy, hoping to get him off quickly. He has his hands on either
side of my head and is fucking me even harder and faster then before. Then
he moves his hands to my tits, he painfully grabs my nipples and begins
pulling them in time to his madly bucking torso. As his orgasm starts, he
puts his weight on his hands and squashes my breasts against my chest. He
quickly finishes and stands up. It takes me a minute to get my breath back,
then looking up with my legs spread wide and everyone looking at me, I say;
"Thank you, for using my pussy for your pleasure."

The third boy wants me down on my hands and knees so he can use me doggy
style. He pokes at me once or twice before his hard tool finds the right
spot and easily slides in. Doggy style is my favorite position, for me it
is very submissive position. By lowering my belly slightly and pushing out
my pubis, I can get just the right friction. I know this isn't the time to
do anything that will increase my feelings. This boy soon has me gasping
and using all the controls I can to keep from having an orgasm. I think of
all the men watching as one young man after another uses me, but that only
turns me on more. I bite my tongue and cheeks, I think of the harsh
punishment Master will administer if I cum, but I am fast losing the battle.
I guess its lucky he cums very quickly, I was really starting to enjoy the
feeling. After he pulls his cock out of my well-used fuckhole, I can still
feel it pulsating and know that I was seconds away from losing control. I
hope the last boy wants to use another hole. With my ass stuck in the air,
I look back over my shoulder and thank the young man for using me for his

I remain on my knees, with my head resting on my arms for the last one to
decide how he will use me. I am lewdly bared to everyone looking at me; I
make no attempt to move or cover myself there really is no point. I hear
him say; "What is that thing in her ass?" Master answers;" That is a butt
plug, but she can quickly remove it if you wish to use her that way." Quit
loudly I hear, "No way! That's gross." The last young man finally gets down
behind me and buries his cock in my pussy. This young man has apparently
had experience as he smoothly and slowly begins to fuck me from behind. He
bends over my back, reaches around and begins playing with my nipples. I
was very close to an orgasm before and am sure if this continues I won't be
able to hold it back. Forgetting his order of silence, I ask; "Master does
slave have permission to cum?" He replies from behind me; "Absolutely not!
You are a fuck toy only good to pleasure others not yourself." Oh my god
what am I going to do now. Master fully expects me to energetically fuck
this young man and maintain control at the same time. I feel my tits being
pulled as the young man forces me to rise up. I soon find my back arched
with my hands off the floor, my ass is pushed back against him as he
continues to squeeze and pinch my very sensitive nipples. He is now
getting maximum penetration and I am getting maximum friction in exactly the
right place.

I am trying everything to take my mind off my quickly arriving orgasm. I
simply can no longer use my pussy muscles to stroke the hard cock moving in
and out of my engorged love hole, it would intensify my feeling way to much.
I throw my head back and begin moaning, not from pleasure, but from the
intense strain of holding back my orgasm. I feel the source of my agonizing
pleasure speed up thrusting harder and faster as the young man nears his
orgasm. Over my moans, you can hear the slapping of our bodies coming
together as they echo off the tiled walls. Finally the young man's seed is
pumped into the rubber as he climaxes. He releases my tits and I fall
forward, every muscle in my body is straining to hold back the feeling that
wants to wash over me. Between gasps, I am barely able to say; "Thank you,
I hope using this slut has pleased you."

I remain on the floor; head resting on my arms, legs spread wide and ass
sticking up. Even if Master ordered me to rise, it would be extremely hard
at this moment. I hear Master talking, but really don't comprehend what he
is saying. As I slowly try to get control of my feelings, I feel someone
grasp my hips and ram his cock deep into my waiting pussy. Looking over my
shoulder I see not one of the boys, but another stranger fucking me from
behind. Another man is moving around me with his rubber encased prick
bouncing in front of him. He says, "I want this whore to suck my dick." He
sits on the toilet, grabs my hair and pulls me to him. I now have a cock
buried in my mouth and another in my pussy. We soon reach a rhythm the
thrust from behind driving my mouth down over the cock in front. I am
concentrating with all my might to stop the orgasm that wants to wash over
me. I am losing the ability to concentrate though as the two men use me for
their pleasure. I hear the one behind me grunting as his strokes intensify,
he give one final very hard thrust and remains still. The man in front
grabs me by the head and starts pulling my head back and forth on this
engorged fuck tool. He is really burying himself deep in my throat and I
realize my training is all that keeps me from choking.

The man behind me pulls out, and I feel the butt plug being pulled out of my
rear passage. Another hard cock quickly replaces it. As I feel this new
intruder bury himself deep in my rear fuck hole, all I can think of is at
least the stimulation of my pussy has stopped. The man with his dick in my
mouth is really enjoying himself. I hear him saying; "That's right whore
suck that cock. I am going to fuck your mouth until you cum." He doesn't
have a clue, most women don't cum when giving a blowjob and beside I don't
have permission. The loud mouth finally fills his rubber with cum and he
releases my head. As he stands up, I realize with my mouth full of his
cock, I hadn't thanked the one man for using me. It strikes me as funny
that with multiple men fucking me in a public place, I should worry about
being polite. But I say; "Thank you sir! For pleasuring yourself with my
mouth and the other Gentleman for using my pussy."

The stranger using my rear entrance has me by the hips and is pulling me
back against him. Though not as intense I still feel the stirring of that
orgasm. Another man is sitting in front of me, I suck him down my throat
and once again am servicing two men. My rear lover doesn't take long to
finish up and with a plop he pulls out of my rear fuck hole. I once again
am unable to thank him and wait for the next hard cock to trust against one
of my openings. It all becomes a blur, as it seems every man in the mall
has his turn with me. I no longer count or care how many thrust themselves
into my every opening. I concentrate on not having an orgasm and eventually
I find no one is using me any more. I hear Master say; "Alright Gentlemen,
though my slave really likes to fuck and suck, I believe we need to get
going." I once again hear men talking and laughing; some of their comments
and jokes should embarrass me. But how can words embarrass someone who has
just done what I have. I feel Master take my arm and help me up, he turns
me around to face the stall door and says; "Look at your admirers." As I
slowly look up, I find the stall and doorway is packed with men there must
me twenty of them all leering at my nakedness. As I look into my Master's
eyes, I spread my legs to shoulder width and calmly wait for his
instructions. He hands me my dress and says; "You have performed well for
these men. Thank them and then you may re-insert your butt plug and put your
dress on." I say; "Thank you for allowing Master's slut to pleasure you."
I look down and see the butt plug lying on the floor, squatting I pick it up
and push it back in my rear passage. I stand pull the dress over my head
and once again wait for Master's command.

Master takes my hand, as he leads me through the crowd of men they part, but
many of them grab a last feel. As they squeeze my tits, and rub or slap my
ass, I hear one comment; "She is really beautiful, why in the hell did she
let this happen to her?" I didn't let this happen, but it wasn't entirely
because Master made me either. I realize I want, need and enjoy this

Chapter 5 - The Clerk

Standing in the hallway with my back against the lockers as Master retrieves
our packages; I wonder which of the men walking by used me. Some ignore me
and others smile but not one of them speaks to me. Master shows me two
empty rubber boxes though I had only bought one. Master says; "One of your
young admirers was more than happy to purchase another box, when we ran
low." I had apparently fucked and sucked 24 men while in that stall.

The bathroom hallway is very busy as Master removes a silver vibrating egg
from his waist belt with no thought as to who may be watching he reaches
down and pushes it in my wet fuckhole. The vibrator is remote controlled so
there are no wires to worry about. With the vibrator gently stimulating my
cunt, Master leads be through the mall and out to the car. Our packages are
once again stored behind the seat, but Master takes one of our earlier
purchases with us.

The Christmas shopping is done as we once again head back to the mall.
Master takes me through the mall and into a shoe store. I pull my dress up
and sit down opening my legs as Master shows the very attentive male clerk
the item he wants me to try on. It is a pair of knee high black leather
boots, that lace up the front with very high heels. The clerk quickly
retrieves a box from the back room, when he kneels down his eyes are level
with my bared crotch. The vibrators speed increases as the stunned clerk
stares at my wet pussy as I place one foot up on his little stool. He
removes my heels and begins to put on the leather boots taking his time to
lace them tightly around my slim calves. By the time both boots are on and
laced the seat under me is slippery with my juices. Master has me stand,
pull my dress down and walk around so he can see how I look. Apparently
satisfied we move towards the counter; the clerk is obviously holding the
boot box to hide his bulging crotch. As we exit the store, Master has me
blow the clerk a parting kiss.

Master leads me back to the first clothing store as we enter, he quickly
finds the same clerk and asks her if we can use the dressing room. She
readily gives permission and Master leads me into one of the rooms. Pulling
the curtains closed, I am handed the bag Master had retrieved from the car.
It of course contains the purchases made earlier from this store. I quickly
remove the white dress, putting on the tight black sweater and short pleated
skirt. The black sweater though not see-through, is not tightly knitted
either so plenty of skin shows. The sweater moulds itself to my breasts
leaving nothing to the imagination. Once again I can clearly see the gold
bands around my nipples, if they weren't so enlarged they would poke through
the knit sweater. The skirt flares out from my hips and may be
microscopically longer than the white one. Though it is not tight and will
not tend to ride up as I walk, with the buttons open it will surely flip and
bounce as I walk around with swaying hips. The knee high black leather
boots really finish off the slut outfit. Master apparently likes what he
sees also.

I watch in the mirror as Master reaches around taking my tits in his hands;
he cups them feeling their firmness as he tweaks my nipples. I lean back
against him as he moves one hand down and begins stroking my vibrating and
very aroused pussy. Master whispers in my ear, "You are very sexy looking
and may now have an orgasm." With that he reaches up in me and extracts the
vibrating egg then pushes me forward having me place my hands on the bench
in front of me. I hear his zipper and then his cock slides without
hesitation into my more then ready cunt. Grabbing my hips he begins slowly
to fuck me from behind. I have been on the edge for so long that it seems
to take only moments before I begin to cum. Master drives his cock deeply
into me as by cunt muscles squeeze and spasm around his hardness. Just as
one orgasm finishes another builds and washes over me. Master normally has
very good control over his ejaculations, but soon I feel his seed being
pumped into my pussy. As his trusts slow and then stop, the washing waves of
orgasms finally subside in by well-fucked cunt.

When Master pulls his wet tool from me, I quickly squat in from of him and
thoroughly suck and lick him clean. Finishing, I put his still semi-hard
cock back in his pants and zip them up. Standing with legs spread, he once
again inserts the still vibrating egg deeply into my pussy. I have to
clinch my pussy muscles tightly to keep the vibrating egg and Master's cream
from sliding out of my well-lubricated fuck hole. He opens the curtains and
we move back into the store.

Just outside the clerk is waiting with a big smile on her face. The clerk
confirms my own thoughts when she says; "You look extremely sexy and
sluttish!" She then asks Master if she can speak to him privately for a
moment. The clerk and Master move though a door; leaving me standing by the
dressing room entrance, hands bound behind me, legs spread, pussy vibrating
and nipples trying to poke through the sweater. Customers enter and exit
the dressing rooms with many different reactions; some pay me no attention,
some give me a wide berth as if I may be contagious, and others closely
check out their competition. Who knows I may have fucked one of their
husbands or boyfriends in the bathroom earlier?

Upon their return, Master informs me that the clerks name is Carol and she
has asked him to spend some time with us. He has given his tentative
approval at least until he can talk to her more. She will be off soon and
will meet us at a coffee house just down from the store.

As we walk towards the coffee shop, I feel Masters cum running down the
inside of my thighs. My well-trained pussy muscles hold the vibrator in,
but his juices are escaping. Arriving at the coffee house we take two
chairs at a tiny table. With my back to the wall I face the shop, of course
I follow my training to the letter, even with my hands bound. Unlike the
very tight white dress, this skirt can be quickly pulled up as I take a
seat. Even with my legs open it covers my pussy; Master notices and pulls
my skirt up so it just covers my shaved pussy. I'm covered, but anyone
looking under the table will see between my cream-smeared thighs. As we
wait, Master tells me that Carol thinks she wants to try being submissive.
He really doesn't need another submissive to train, but also wants to make
sure if Carol is serious that she gets the right start. I know he is not
looking for my consent or agreement, he is only explaining what is
happening. When Carol enters the coffee house, she heads towards us slowing
her pace as she sees me. She finally takes a seat across from us and
whispers to me; "Do you always sit in public so exposed and open?" I reply;
"Yes, Master wants me spread, exposed and on display at all times."

Master asks what she would like to drink and heads towards the counter. He
would normally have me do this, but apparently wants the two of us alone.
Carol says she is very nervous and really doesn't know if she can do this,
but after talking to me earlier she has thought about nothing else all day.
She wants to know what it's like to be a sexual slave. I explain to her
that being submissive and being a slave in my experience are totally
different. As a submissive you may follow someone's orders or be bound and
punished, but you have some measure of control and can stop the process.
Where I as a slave have given total control to my Master. I have no safe
words, make no decisions and can only rely on his good sense to keep things
under control. My wishes, wants, and needs are of no concern any longer.

Master returns to the table and passes Carol's drink to her. He asks Carol;
"Is my slave answering your questions?" Carol replies; "Oh yes! She is
certainly being honest and open." Master then starts asking Carol a series
of questions about her sexual preferences and experience. His last question
is; "What makes you think you want or can do the things my slave does?"
Carol sits looking at me for a moment and then replies; "When I first saw
her bend over in the store, I felt an over powering sense of shame for her,
but I also thought it was the most erotic thing I'd ever seen. As I saw how
you treated her, exposed her, and used her with apparently no concern for
what others thought, I was very turned on. I also saw how others looked at
her, I think women are envious or hate her and men want her. I think she is
the sexiest woman I have ever seen. I really don't know if I can do what
she does especially seeing her sitting in a busy restaurant so open and
exposed. But I really would like to further explore my feelings."

As Master and Carol talk, my thoughts drift back over the day. I begin to
realize I have been drastically changed today. I no longer find it
necessary to search for whom may be watching me, after all my exposure
guarantees anyone still breathing is going to look at me. I can do nothing
to stop them from looking so why let it concern me. I have done everything
Master ordered me to, no matter how outlandish. I am actually quit content
sitting here with my legs spread for everyone's pleasure or shock. I am
even willing to have Carol become part of our lives if Master decides that
is best.

Master finally says to Carol; "I have decided you can spend some time with
us. But you must agree to certain conditions first." Carol replies
instantly, "Ok! What are they?" Master says; "First, you must go home and
give this some very serious thought. Here is a phone number to call if you
still feel the same way tomorrow. Second, you will be submissive to my
slave. She will be responsible for your initial training, obedience, and
discipline. I will discipline her not you for any of your miss-deeds or
failures. Lastly, there will be no negotiations of these terms, I want you
to get up and walk out of this shop. If you agree to these terms, go remove
your pantyhose, panties and bra. Bring them back and present them to my

Carol starts to say something, but Master quickly quiets her with; "I said
no negotiations young lady." So Carol gets up and walks out of the
restaurant. I ask; "Master! Do you think she will be back?" "OH! She will
be back and she will call us tomorrow also"; he replies.

As we wait to see if Carol returns, I can't help but think about the
responsibility of training someone to be obedient and submissive enough to
meet Master's approval. About that time Carol comes through the door, I can
see she is no longer wearing a bra. Her tits sway and bounce freely as she
walks up to me with her underclothes tightly clinched in her hand. She
quickly hands me a pair of panty hose, very lacy thong panties and a brief
lacy bra. Master tells her "Stand next to slave with your back against the
wall; he tells me to verify she has no panties on." I slide my hand up the
back of Carol's leg feeling her naked ass and I quickly slide a finger
between her legs. I tell Master, "She is bare under that short skirt and
quite wet Master."

With no emotion or pity, Master says; "Go home, when you arrive remove your
clothes and remain naked until you call my slave tomorrow. Under no
circumstances are you to touch yourself or have an orgasm." Master is
speaking quietly, but the tables are so close together that all those
sitting near have to be able to hear him. Carol's face is bright red as she
walks out the door. Master says; "She will do exactly as I have instructed.
When she calls tomorrow you will also waste no time starting her training,
you have one month to teach her the basics."

Master tells us it is time to leave. As I stand the black skirt falls back
into place covering me once again. I notice a small glob of cum on the
chair where I had been sitting. My thighs are sticky with and my mouth
tastes of Master's cream as we leave the coffee shop. We slowly work our
way back through the packed mall to the store where Carol works. There are
so many people its like the freeway, stop and go. It seems I am constantly
being poked, prodded and felt up, I don't know which are accidents or which
are attempts to get a good feel. Even being a natural blond, I have a
pretty good idea when a hand reaches under my skirt and rubs my ass that
it's intentional. I never realized how many men take advantage of crowded
areas to accidentally rub against a woman. I have no chance to fend off
anything with my hands bound behind me.

It has cooled off some, but still riding home with the top off won't be too
uncomfortable. Master holds the door for me, I lift my skirt, but before I
can sit down, Master indicates I am to kneel on the seat facing towards the
drivers side, he releases my hands and the door is closed behind me. Master
walks around, enters the car and moves his seat all the way back and tilts
the wheel up. He grabs my hair and pulls my head into his lap. I quickly
unzip his pants and take his rigid cock deep in my mouth. Anyone who has
ever ridden in a new corvette will know the awkward position I am in. My
face is buried in master's lap, my torso is across the console and my legs
are tucked under me. This leaves my ass sticking up above the side of the
car and clearly visible to anyone.

Master starts the car, and tells me; "You are to remain in that position all
the way home. You may however play with yourself and have as many orgasms
as you can." I suddenly feel the vibrator still buried deep in my fuck hole
really begin to buzz. As we drive throw the parking lot, I am already
nearing my first orgasm. I keep Master's cock buried down my throat,
sucking air through my nose, grunting and groaning as I cum. I don't know
how many times, I have bucked and moaned through another orgasm. By the
time we pull in the garage, I have sucked Master to another orgasm and I am
a very happy and satisfied slave.

Though we're home, my day isn't finished. With Master's cock still buried
deep in my throat he gives me my instructions. I remove his penis from my
mouth and put it away, zipping his pants back up. I exit the car and
quickly remove my sweater and skirt, at Masters request the boots remain on.
I remove the gold collar and earrings, but Master has informed me the
rings on my fingers should never be removed, so of course they remain on.
I once again put on my collar, wrist, ankle, and thigh cuffs ensuring they
are firmly locked in place. The butt plug and vibrator are removed and
thoroughly washed at the garage sink.

Master has carried the packages in and I know it will be tomorrow before I
get to them. I enter the house and immediately head out the back door.
It's unusual for a house in Southern California to have a basement; so
Master had a building put up that serves as an above ground dungeon. Behind
the soundproof steel door is a well-stocked dungeon. I enter and squat
facing the doorway head down, legs wide spread and hands behind me. I wait
for my Master to administer my punishment for pulling my dress down in the
store early that morning. I also tried to beg him not to use me in the
clothing store; I was hesitant and slow to respond to some of his commands.
He found fault with my constantly looking around to see who was watching or
looking at me. I avoided bending over, as if I had some say who gets to see
my ass and pussy. I will also find out what other areas need improvement or
correction. All in all, I had a very busy day and look forward with
anticipations and some fear to a long evening of corrective training.

I wait some time before Master enters the dungeon.

The End

I only want your happiness, knowing I can never be yours to share it.

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Dog Breath
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Does she do parties?

Damn she sounds fun!


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Originally posted by Dog Breath:
Does she do parties?

Damn she sounds fun!

Well if she does, I'm booking her for all upcoming weekends for at least the next 2 years


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i bet the bitch charges WAY too much

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"A natural 20! Simultaneous orgasm!"

A closed mouth gathers no feet.

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Originally posted by Avondale:
i bet the bitch charges WAY too much

Actually, it's pretty rare to find submissive whores, it's mostly the Doms that charge.

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I got 200 dollars

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Originally posted by MstrG:
Actually, it's pretty rare to find submissive whores, it's mostly the Doms that charge.

Well in THAT case!
*whips out his wallet*

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Originally posted by MstrG:
Actually, it's pretty rare to find submissive whores, it's mostly the Doms that charge.

true... although you get the girls that are open to being top or bottom, but they generally dont tend to be any good


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Hat jemand eine Ahnung, wie schwierig es ist, ein vernünftiges Studium abzuliefern, wenn im Hintergrund ein Vater steht, der bei jeder Gelegenheit anklingen lässt, dass er stolz auf seine Tochter ist, aber sein Betrieb doch eigentlich viel mehr Zukunft hätte als das seltsame Zeug auf der Uni?

Bis ich vor drei Jahren anfing, mein berufliches Heil in Marktforschung und Unternehmensanalysen zu suchen, hoffte mein alter Herr noch immer, dass ich mich für ein Studium der Holztechnik entscheiden würde...

Eigentlich hätte ich also schon misstrauisch werden sollen, als mein Dad kurz vor den Semesterferien plötzlich von Arbeit schier überrannt wurde und unbedingt meine Hilfe brauchte. OK, als liebende Tochter kenne ich meine Pflichten und statt meiner Freundin in Starnberg einen ausgedehnten Besuch abzustatten, nehme ich meine Klamotten und ziehe wieder für ein paar Wochen zuhause ein.

Als ich mit meinem ganzen Stolz, einem ungefähr 10 Jahre alten, schrottigen dunkelblauem Golf-Cabrio (Blaubeerkörbchen, lästert meine beste Freundin...) auf den Firmenparkplatz meiner Eltern fahre, fühle ich mich sofort wieder in die Vergangenheit versetzt. Dieser Geruch der Hölzer, die in der Halle hinter der Schreinerei meines Vaters lagern, hat für mich etwas ganz Besonderes. Auch wenn ich meinen Dad zur Verzweiflung gebracht habe, wenn ich als Kind zwischen den Maschinen rumgelaufen bin, fand ich das immer total klasse. Natürlich habe ich die üblichen Unfälle gebaut und verursacht: Vom Holzstapel gefallen, ein schon perfekt zugeschnittenes Stück Edelholz zu Kleinholz verarbeitet, die Leute von der Arbeit abgehalten, usw.

Mit fliegenden Fahnen kommen zwei Deerhounds um die Ecke gestürmt und rennen mich fast um. Die beiden großen silbergrauen Hunde sind lammfromm, aber im freudigen Doppelpack eine echte Überdosis... jedes Mal dasselbe witzige Theater!

Mein Dad kommt strahlend hinterher und belegt mich sofort mit Beschlag: „Schön, dass du da bist, mir ist da eben mein Rechner abgestürzt, als ich ins Internet wollte..." Kurz und schmerzlos, wie immer.

Am nächsten Tag hat sich schon wieder alles eingespielt, ich stolpere ständig über einen der zwei Hunde und pendele zwischen Schreinerei und Büro. Ausnahmsweise hat mein alter Herr auch nicht übertrieben: Es gibt tierisch viel zu tun - die Hälfte der Leute ist ständig unterwegs auf Montage - die Hektik ist alles außer langweilig.

Abends tigere ich meistens mit den beiden grauen Riesen durch die Halle, genieße den Duft der Hölzer und schließe ab. Verrückt oder? Manchmal nehme ich mir sogar ein Buch mit und verziehe mich auf einen der Holzstapel... Tja, unsere Familie war wohl schon immer etwas seltsam.

Als ich um kurz vor acht abends die Halle abschließen will, stürmen plötzlich die beiden Deers an mir vorbei und veranstalten einen Riesenradau am Tor. Als ich die zwei wieder unter Kontrolle habe, wird das Tor vorsichtig von außen einen spaltbreit geöffnet und ein hellbrauner Lockenkopf erscheint im Spalt. Einigermassen überrascht schauen mich zwei haselnussbraune Augen an und registrieren belustigt meine Bemühungen, die grauen Riesen bei mir zu halten. Die einzige Methode, die beiden ruhig zu stellen ist, sie mit ihrem Objekt der Begierde anbändeln zu lassen - schlagartig verschwindet das (dumme!) Grinsen und der Lockenkopf bemüht sich um Haltung unter dem Ansturm der Hunde...

Eine halbe Stunde später sind die Fronten geklärt - er hat sich als neuer Meister für die „Feinarbeiten" vorgestellt und er kennt meine „Springerfunktion" im Betrieb. Die Hunde haben sich inzwischen beruhigt; er kann sich aber trotzdem nicht so recht mit den beiden Riesen abfinden. Obwohl die ihn offensichtlich anbeten... „Seit 4 Monaten kriege ich jeden Morgen einen halben Herzinfarkt, wenn die beiden auf mich zugerast kommen!" Oops, so lange war ich schon nicht mehr zuhause?? Schade, ist mir ja glatt was entgangen. Gut sieht er aus. Nicht im herkömmlichen Sinn - er hat einige Ecken und Kanten. Zum Beispiel eine einfach nur riesig zu nennende, knochige Nase. Und eine Narbe über dem linken Augenlid. Aber wirklich schöne Augen. Ein schrankbreites Kreuz und riesige Hände. Seine Haare sind witzig - ich schätze schulterlang, hellbraun und ein bisschen lockig.

Wir unterhalten uns noch kurz über die Hektik im Betrieb, dann muss ich mit den zwei Quälgeistern eine Runde Hunde-Sight-Seeing einlegen.

In den folgenden Tagen laufen wir uns mehr oder weniger häufig über den Weg. Als ich das nächste Mal abends mit Buch und ausnahmsweise einer Flasche australischem Rotwein bewaffnet auf dem Holz sitze (auch wieder so ein Unding, ich bin nicht schwindelfrei, aber auf dem 4 m hohen Stapel merke ich davon nix...), fühle ich mich plötzlich beobachtet. Da steht er ganz ruhig auf dem Gang unten, an den gegenüberliegenden Holzstapel gelehnt und schaut zu mir nach oben. „Ich glaube, ich Hab' noch nie eine seltsamere Lesecouch gesehen, als Deine hier...!" Langsam geht er zur Leiter und klettert zu mir nach oben. „Welche Literatur muss man denn im Holzlager lesen?" Ich halte ihm mein Buch unter die Nase - „Paradies" von Toni Morrison. „Worum geht's?" Hat er nichts besseres zu tun, als sich hier nach Feierabend über die schwarz-amerikanische Literatur des ausgehenden 20. Jahrhunderts zu unterhalten? Ok, ich gebe ihm einen groben Abriss der Handlung.

Zwei Minuten später sitzen wir nebeneinander und diskutieren unsere Einstellung dazu.

Ja, ich gebe ja zu, dass ich ihm gegenüber Vorurteile in dieser Hinsicht gehabt hätte - wenn er mir die Zeit gegeben hätte, welche zu entwickeln!

Nach anderthalb Stunden und der ganzen Flasche Wein sagt er plötzlich „Du hast recht - so unbequem ist es hier eigentlich gar nicht!" „Sag ich ja - aber Sitzfleisch hab ich jetzt trotzdem keins mehr. Außerdem muss ich noch eine Sight-Seeing-Tour machen..." „Eine was?" „Die Hunde rauslassen!"

Am nächsten Abend bin ich wieder an meinem Stammplatz. Und wieder steht er unten und beobachtet mich eine Zeitlang schweigend. Ich tue so, als bemerke ich ihn nicht - halte aber nicht sonderlich lange durch. Diesmal hat er eine Flasche Wein unterm Arm. „Literaturkritik zweiter Teil unter Alkoholeinfluss oder was soll das werden?" „Vielleicht..." lacht er zurück. Sein Lächeln macht mich langsam kribbelig. Wir sind beide in T-Shirt und Latzhose unterwegs - sein Arm streift meinen, als er sich neben mir niederlässt. Sofort kriege ich eine Gänsehaut und zucke zusammen. Sein Grinsen wird noch breiter, als er es mitbekommt.

Eine Zeitlang sitzen wir schweigend nebeneinander - trinken Wein und vermeiden es, uns direkt anzuschauen. Plötzlich bewegt sich seine linke Hand zu mir herüber und streicht vorsichtig über meinen Unterarm nach oben.

Chapter 2

„Was tust du eigentlich hier? Ich weiß, du hast fundiertes Wissen in Sachen Fertigung und Verwaltung, aber das ist doch nicht wirklich das, was Du willst, oder?" Was soll das denn jetzt werden? Muss ich hier eine Lebensbeichte ablegen oder wie? Langsam dämmert es mir: Er hat die Verbindung zwischen mir und meinem Vater nicht gezogen. Seltsam - ich könnte schwören, ich hätte es ihm erzählt... Und wenn man an den Teufel denkt, kommt er prompt um die Ecke! Bevor ich dazu komme zu antworten, stürmt mein Dad den Gang runter und stutzt erstaunt, als er unsere holde Zweisamkeit hoch oben auf'm Holz entdeckt. „Gibt's da oben was umsonst oder wieso sitzt ihr da rum?? Komm, Kind, hilf mir mal lieber, ich glaube, unser Netzwerk oder wie man den Mist auch immer nennt, gibt den Geist auf. Ich such' Dich schon überall!!" „Hey Chef, so spät sollte hier aber keiner mehr Überstunden machen müssen! Und schon gar nicht am Freitag!" plustert sich der Literaturkritiker in spe neben mir auf. Und erntet nicht mehr als einen belustigten Blick meines Vaters. „Also, meine Tochter hat noch immer selbst gesagt, was sie dachte - oder? Also kommst du jetzt runter oder muss ich diesen unfähigen Servicetechniker herbeizitieren?"

Mein Vater ist zwar ein Genie wenn es ums Holz geht, aber im Bereich der Netzwerktechnik liegt ganz klar nicht seine Kernkompetenz. Na ja, meine auch nicht, aber ich mache mir wenigstens Gedanken über die eventuellen Auswirkungen, bevor ich das Netzwerkkabel aus dem Server rupfe....

Eine Stunde später bin ich wieder auf dem Weg zu meinem Holzstapel - ich habe natürlich mein Buch oben vergessen. Auf halber Höhe der Leiter stehend, sehe ich ihn. Lang ausgestreckt auf einer Decke (wo hat er die denn hergezaubert??) liegt er da, mein Buch in der Hand und lächelt mich an. „Da habe ich ja wohl auf einer ziemlich dicken Leitung gestanden, oder?" grinst er. „Komm her, du hattest recht mit Deinem Kommentar zum Rassismus unter den einzelnen Gruppen im siebten Kapitel... außerdem lässt es sich hier mit einer Decke echt aushalten!"

Wir sitzen eine Zeitlang schweigend nebeneinander. Hmmm, er riecht gut! Eine Mischung aus Holz und Casran von Chopard. Guter Geschmack, denke ich so bei mir, da spüre ich plötzlich seine Hand an meiner: Er zeichnet unsichtbare Linien auf meinem Handrücken, gleitet über das Gelenk weiter in Richtung Ellenbogen. Prompt habe ich eine Gänsehaut den ganzen Rücken herunter. Mein Blick hängt wie gebannt an seinen Fingern, die jetzt meinen Oberarm hinaufgleiten, kurz auf meiner Schulter liegen und dann in meinen Nacken wandern. Vorsichtig hebt er mein Kinn an. Er hat hellbraune Augen. Seltsame Farbe. So leuchtend. David beugt sein Gesicht näher zu mir und fragt leise „Darf ich Dich küssen oder hetzt Du dann die beiden Riesen auf mich?" „Kommt ganz darauf an" stammle ich - ganz vertieft in den Anblick seiner Lippen. Er stutzt - „Auf was?" Seine Augen sind zum versinken wie geschaffen, denke ich noch kurz, dann berühren sich unsere Lippen. Wow - und erst sein Mund! Es ist ein wundervoller, vorsichtiger Kuss. Meine Hände machen sich selbständig - gleiten jetzt an seinen Armen nach oben - seine himmlisch breiten Schultern sind angespannt. Mein ganzer Körper kribbelt - es fühlt sich an, als würde eine Horde Ameisen meinen Rücken runterspazieren. „Wow...ich hätte nie gedacht, dass der Chef so interessanten Nachwuchs produziert könnte!" flüstert er zwischen zwei Küssen. Mehr als ein verwuscheltes „Hmmm..." kriege ich nicht raus.

Unser Kuss ist endlos, intensiv und herrlich. Dieses Gefühl, das jeden Gedanken auslöscht und im Hirn einfach nur noch eine Mischung aus romantischer Watte und heißer Erregung zurücklässt... Man verliert den Boden unter den Füssen, schaut aus 15 Metern Höhe nach unten und denkt einfach nur „Höher! Weiter! Mehr!"!

Er hält mich an seinen Brustkorb gepresst und lässt seine riesigen Hände meinen Rücken hinunterwandern. Langsam sinkt er nach hinten, zieht mich mit sich und schließlich liegen wir langgestreckt auf seiner Decke. Besser gesagt, ich liege auf ihm. „Solche Überstunden könnte ich mir täglich gefallen lassen..." murmelt mein Supermann und knabbert an meiner Unterlippe. Ich zupfe seinen Zopf auseinander und lasse meine Hände durch seine Haare gleiten. Weich. Knisternd. Und sein Körper fühlt sich sooo gut an...

Er greift sich meinen (zugegebenermaßen nicht kleinen) Po und drückt mich an seine Hüften. Ich fühle seine Erektion an meiner Bauchdecke... Ein Bein zwischen seinen Schenkeln, lasse ich eine Hand an seiner Seite hinuntergleiten. Hm, er hat so herrlich kräftige Oberschenkel!

Faszinierend, keiner von uns macht den Anfang, den anderen auszuziehen, obwohl der Sex wirklich nur einen Atemzug entfernt scheint. Trotzdem kann ich nicht wiederstehen und reibe mein Becken an seinem Schoss - sein ersticktes Stöhnen, seine Zunge tief in meinem Mund - jagt mir Schauer durch den Körper. Vorsichtig rollt er sich herum, legt sich auf mich, nimmt meine Beine und schlingt sie um seine Hüften... Jetzt bin ich es, die am liebsten vor Lust schreien möchte: Er reibt seinen Ständer direkt über den magischen Punkt! Mit kurzen, gezielten Bewegungen bringt er mich fast zum abheben. Er hört nicht auf, steigert seinen Rhythmus sogar und saugt sich dabei an einer meiner empfindlichsten Stellen, direkt unter meinem rechten Ohr fest... Mit einem Knall explodiert ein Orgasmus zwischen meinen Beinen und rast mein Rückgrat nach oben ins Gehirn! „!"

Seine Augen über mir sind riesig - hellbraun und - ziemlich erschrocken. Er schaut sich um - und fängt an zu lachen. Ich komme mir etwas seltsam vor; da erlebt man gerade einen himmlischen Höhepunkt und er findet es urkomisch?? Was ist das denn für ein Kerl??

Bis ich merke, dass er auf den Boden, ein paar Meter unter uns schaut. Oops, der „Knall" war wohl nicht nur in mir zu hören: Irgendwie haben wir es geschafft, mein Buch so auf die Kante des Holzstapels zu manövrieren, das es im Eifer des Gefechts runtergefallen sein muss. Das flaue Gefühl, das sich in mir breit macht als ich feststelle, wie nahe wir der Kante tatsächlich gekommen sind, macht das gerade erlebte nur noch prickelnder...

„Vielleicht sollten wir lieber aufhören, bevor wir auch noch da unten landen?" fragt David und zieht sich von mir zurück. Seine Augen haben einen etwas seltsamen Ausdruck angenommen - irgendwie in sich gekehrt - und ich frage mich, ob ich jetzt einen riesigen Fehler gemacht habe...

Chapter 3

Oh, ich hasse es! Hat mir meine Mutter vererbt: Immer frage ich mich sofort, was ich falsch gemacht habe... Ich komme immer zu spät auf die Idee, das andere Menschen auch Fehler machen - nicht nur ich!

David ist auf jeden Fall im Rückzug begriffen. Seltsam - warum ist er jetzt so komisch? Ich entscheide mich für den Frontalangriff und halte ihn zurück, als er die Leiter runterklettern will. „Moment - ich verstehe das nicht so ganz - was ist passiert?" „Na ja, ich überfalle dich hier so...." Ich glaube es nicht: Er hat ein schlechtes Gewissen! Gerade so, als hätte er mich zu irgend etwas gezwungen. Bis ich ihm klargemacht habe, das er mir keine Gewalt angetan hat (wie kommt er bloß auf das schmale Brett??) und das ich mehr als nur ein bisschen Spaß dabei gehabt habe, vergehen einige Minuten. Seine Reaktion passt so gar nicht in das Bild, das ich bisher von ihm hatte...

Wir sitzen noch eine Zeitlang eng aneinandergekuschelt auf dem Holz und schmusen. Witzig - das ist das einzige Wort, das wirklich passt. Wir genießen die Nähe des anderen, küssen und streicheln uns, ignorieren aber beide das spürbare, tiefe sexuelle Prickeln. Wieso eigentlich? Nach diesem „Schrecken" sind wir beide wohl nicht so schnell bereit für mehr.


Ich habe ihn seit fünf Tagen nicht gesehen. Nachdem wir uns mit einem ewig langen Kuss am Tor der Halle verabschiedet haben, ist er mir nicht mehr begegnet. Mein Dad legte in der Zwischenzeit ein perfektes Timing an den Tag und hat mich derart mit Beschlag belegt, dass ich keine Chance hatte, auf dem Holzstapel nach ihm zu suchen.

Mittwoch abend. Endlich ist es kurz nach sieben, die zwei Riesen sind mit meinem Vater unterwegs und ich kann in Ruhe meine Internetrecherche fertig machen. Konzentration ist trotzdem Mangelware. Meine Gedanken wandern immer wieder über den Hof, durch die Halle, auf den Holzstapel...

Mein Blick fällt durchs Fenster, auf das Tor gegenüber. Im schmalen Lichtkegel der Hofbeleuchtung sehe ich eine Silhouette - ruhig und gelassen lehnt er an der Wand und schaut zu mir herüber.

Eine Bewegung auf meinem Bildschirm lenkt mich ab, ich schließe das Programm, schaue wieder hoch und - weg ist er! Grinsend denke ich bei mir: „Na klasse, wird das jetzt die geheimnisvolle Masche??" Aber jetzt lässt mich der Gedanke an ihn nicht mehr in Ruhe. Ich fahre den Rechner runter, aktiviere die Datensicherung und schließe das Büro ab.

Mit den sprichwörtlichen Schmetterlingen im Bauch gehe ich hinüber zur Halle. Drinnen ist es fast dunkel - ein Teil der Deckenbeleuchtung lässt ein wenig Licht durch die Gänge zwischen den Hölzern fallen. ER ist nirgends zu sehen. „Ein bisschen seltsam ist das Ganze schon..." denke ich gerade, als ich ihn plötzlich langsam auf mich zukommen sehe. „Du hast mir ganz schön zugesetzt... Wie kann sich jemand bloß so in meinem Kopf festsetzen?" fragt er, als er dicht vor mir stehen bleibt. Ich würde ihm ja gerne antworten, dass ich auch nicht den leisesten Schimmer habe, aber meine Zunge klebt an meinem Gaumen und lässt mich gnadenlos im Stich.

Sein Zeigefinger gleitet vorsichtig über meinen Nasenrücken, seine Augen schauen in mich hinein. Es fühlt sich an, als ginge er auf dem Grund meiner Seele spazieren, während er mit einer Hand leicht über die Wände meiner Nerven streicht. Innere Elektrizität. Anspannung. Wärme. Wohlige Betäubung... Meine Phantasie geht mit mir durch. Und ich schwöre, dass er jeden meiner Gedanken sehen kann!

Eine Hand liegt auf meiner Schulter, gleitet an meinem Arm abwärts, über meine Hüfte. Langsam wandert sie nach hinten, fasst meinen Oberschenkel und zieht mich an sich. Noch immer verursachen seine Augen einen Höllenaufstand in meinem Hirn - seine Hände auf meinem Körper haben den gleichen Effekt in meinem Bauch...

Ich stehe mit dem Rücken gegen die Wand (oder Holz? Keine Ahnung...), er hebt mein Bein an, zieht meinen Schenkel zu seiner Hüfte und presst seinen Unterleib in meinen Schoss. Hmmmm - falls ich noch irgendwelche Zweifel an seinen Gefühlen hatte - die Härte seiner Erektion an meinem Schambein belehrt mich auf jeden Fall eines Besseren!

Noch immer diese Augen - als wir uns endlich küssen, ist es fast eine Erlösung.

Er lässt mich los, nimmt meine Hände und zieht mich lächelnd mit sich. Vor der an „meinem" Holzstoss angelehnten Leiter bleibt er stehen. Wir wissen beide, dass es dieses Mal keinen Weg zurück gibt. Hört sich fatalistisch an, war aber so. Die Location, unser Erlebnis ein paar Tage vorher, alles ging in einander über und ließ irgendwie nur einen Weg offen: Nach oben, auf das Holz....

Chapter 4

Lässig an die Leiter gelehnt bleibt er stehen, dreht sich zu mir um und zieht mich wieder langsam an sich. Nicht dass ich ausweichen wollte... Seine Hände liegen in meinem Nacken, seine Daumen unter meinem Kinn.

Er kommt mir riesig vor. Trotzdem fühle ich mich nicht klein - was normalerweise ein gern auftauchender Effekt ist, leider. Es gibt Menschen, die leben von der Energie anderer - saugen den Elan und die Kraft aus ihrem Gegenüber heraus und lassen nur eine unsichere, in die Defensive gedrängte Person zurück. Damit meine ich noch nicht einmal so sehr mich selbst - obwohl ich die leidige Erfahrung auch schon mal gemacht habe. Bei David habe ich das Gefühl, größer und kraftvoller zu werden, als ich in Wirklichkeit bin. Fühlt sich gut an...sicher.

Oft finde ich an einem Menschen der mir nahe kommt sofort irgend etwas negatives. In etwa so: „Oh Gott, diese Füsse sind ja riesig. Und hässlich!" Oder „furchtbar, ein unmusikalischer Mensch, der trotzdem glaubt, er könnte tanzen!" Bei IHM habe ich gar keine Zeit darüber nachzudenken, was an ihm verkehrt sein könnte oder was er vielleicht in Zukunft alles falsch macht. Mein Blick fokussiert sich in seinen Augen, ich fühle mich richtig geladen vor Energie, mein Körper kribbelt und fast ärgert mich seine Ruhe jetzt doch ein bisschen.

Gerade will ich luftholen und irgend etwas - mehr oder weniger - intelligentes sagen, da kommt er mir zuvor: Dreht mich herum, so dass mein Rücken wieder an das Holz gedrückt ist. Wieder hebt er mein Bein an und legt es um seine Hüfte. Diesmal presst er aber eine Hand in meinen Schoss, drückt die Naht meiner Jeans mit dem Daumen in meine Scham, unterstützt von den kurzen, drängenden Bewegungen seines Beckens. Ich stelle mir vor, wie wir für einen Beobachter aussehen - ich mit großen Augen an seinem Blick hängend, er zwischen meinen Beinen, sein offenes, helles Jeanshemd wirft herrliche Falten auf seinem Rücken, die sich bei jeder Bewegung seiner Hüften verändern....

Cats hate water about as much as you hate getting your face torn to shreds by frantic cat claws. - PittyKitty

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You can't beat German porn!

A closed mouth gathers no feet.

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Originally posted by Goatboy
You can't beat German porn!
You are obviously unfamiliar with Eskimo pron, Limey.


" Future years will never know the seething hell and the black infernal background of countless minor scenes and interiors, (not the official surface courteousness of the Generals, not the few great battles) of the Secession war; and it is best they should not�the real war will never get in the books." ~ Walt Whitman

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I've seen those Eskimo pron videos... they rubbed their noses into every orifice you could think of.

One video I saw was really hot. They were really going at it. In fact, it got so hot that the igloo melted.

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Herk? Why not send your Eskimo prom collection to Goatboy? I’ll help pay the shipping, since it’ll be a lot more than your allowance for several months.


" Future years will never know the seething hell and the black infernal background of countless minor scenes and interiors, (not the official surface courteousness of the Generals, not the few great battles) of the Secession war; and it is best they should not�the real war will never get in the books." ~ Walt Whitman

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Do you have Goatboy's address?

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I think it’s;

Goatboy D. Chav
69 Spotted Dick Lane
Limeyland, U. K.


" Future years will never know the seething hell and the black infernal background of countless minor scenes and interiors, (not the official surface courteousness of the Generals, not the few great battles) of the Secession war; and it is best they should not�the real war will never get in the books." ~ Walt Whitman

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I need a zip code.

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You’ll have to get it from Goatboy.

My work is done.


" Future years will never know the seething hell and the black infernal background of countless minor scenes and interiors, (not the official surface courteousness of the Generals, not the few great battles) of the Secession war; and it is best they should not�the real war will never get in the books." ~ Walt Whitman

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Here ya goat:


" Future years will never know the seething hell and the black infernal background of countless minor scenes and interiors, (not the official surface courteousness of the Generals, not the few great battles) of the Secession war; and it is best they should not�the real war will never get in the books." ~ Walt Whitman

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I think that's a goat of another color.

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Which color?


" Future years will never know the seething hell and the black infernal background of countless minor scenes and interiors, (not the official surface courteousness of the Generals, not the few great battles) of the Secession war; and it is best they should not�the real war will never get in the books." ~ Walt Whitman

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The one that covers your house.

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Silly Herk. It’s a resthome.


" Future years will never know the seething hell and the black infernal background of countless minor scenes and interiors, (not the official surface courteousness of the Generals, not the few great battles) of the Secession war; and it is best they should not�the real war will never get in the books." ~ Walt Whitman

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