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Backby Paint CHiPs - 12/30/00 - 04:24:18
Hope all of you had happy holidays and all that jazz.

Wonder and I are back on 24 hour patrol.

And Dingle is back on 26.

See you in a couple days MstrG - 12/23/00 - 14:55:51
There will be intermittant, unscheduled and unexplained closures of the Wonder phase of the Asylum during the holiday weekend, so be prepared. It will have absolutely no effect upon the site, forums or chat but you should be properly braced none the less.

We sincerely hope that these disturbances in the force do not have too much of an effect upon your psyches.

Happy holidays to all!

*** IRC ***by MstrG - 12/22/00 - 09:52:15
The irish IRC server is currently unavailable. If you have connection problems, please use
Something of great potential Dingle - 12/19/00 - 02:09:55
When I pee it burns. I feel compelled to shout out "It Burns! Pins and Needles! Pins and Needles Scraping My Urethra!" I have encountered many an awkward moment after urinating while there were guests out in the lounge...

Something of great potential wonderaz - 12/15/00 - 00:20:30
There is this family of fish called Mormyrids. They are little boogers some with long snouts for rooting around in muck looking for food. They are pretty much the only animal on the planet that has the same brain to body weigh ratio as humans. I just thought you should know.
A note on User Updates (U2s)by MstrG - 12/09/00 - 20:05:51
From day one, perhaps the feature of the site that we were MOST excited about on Asylum was the User Updates. Here was the opportunity for us to put up or shut up, to make good on the promise of having a totally community-driven website. We are very proud of this feature of the website, and very proud of the responses and submissions we have received thus far.

The problem, however, lies in the submissions we have NOT received.

For whatever reason, we have a large number of User Update invites (the e-mail you get that contains your unique password that allows you to submit your own User Update) that have gone unanswered. We have tried to no avail to up the percentage of invites that get responded to, and also, let it be said that we still do get submissions from people (and are very grateful to those people who choose to participate), just not as many as we had hoped.

Why should you do one?

** They help keep the site fresh, keep the content from stagnating. We want something new and interesting and entertaining up on our mainpage EVERY DAY.

** It is a way for you to delve a bit deeper than a normal thread would allow you: to share a piece of yourself, and to gaze a bit deeper into the other posters you interact with.

The point is that the User Updates are an important, even INTEGRAL, part of the site. And when invites get ignored and not responded to, the site suffers, and that effects everybody.

And two more things to PLEASE consider:

We fully realize that some of you just may not WANT to do one. That's fine. If this is the case, then all we ask is that you please e-mail one of the admins and let us know that is the case.

Also, I cannot stress this enough, CHECK THE E-MAIL YOU ARE REGISTERED UNDER!!!!! For some of you, you may have registered under an account you set up solely to register with, for whatever reason, and have never checked these accounts. If this is the case, then:

Also, we do accept unsolicited submissions. So if you have something you are DYING for us to put up there, send it to an admin and we will do our best. And if you have any suggestions on this process, or anything in general, post them here or in Suggestions.

On a related note, please check out and post in the Suppository. Again, this is for a number of reasons. If you liked a column or Update a lot, say so. If you disagree with something, say so. We are hoping to make that an active forum, on par with all the others. I am sure that when it comes your time to post an Update, you would appreciate a lot of responses to it. Why not do the same for others?

That's all for now I think. But please read all of this and take it to heart.

The only reason we are mentioning any of this is to make the site BETTER. For everybody!

In case you missed it MstrG - 12/09/00 - 11:33:37
Since we started in #wotsp back on the DarkTree network on June 6, the combined channel stats for #wotsp and #wota, in an unofficial count, have reached 1,000,000 lines of chat!! Check out the stats page on the left for more....
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