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Asylum Birthdayby Paint CHiPs - 05/21/01 - 19:17:09
Coming Soon....
Putting The Nipple To Work!!!by Paint CHiPs - 05/20/01 - 21:07:19
We've been streamlining the Asylum Well-Oiled Machine a bit, and have added another editor to read and mock your User Updates behind your backs.

Please welcome INKY, our newest addition to Censorship Central!

We'd like to graciously thank Inky for being a part of this website, and for helping us keep things going.

Also, thank you's go to Morgana as well for being steadfast in her help to the site. She rocks. But you all know that already.

So welcome Inky, thank Morgana, and if anybody wants to add a piece of literary genius to our User Updates, feel free to e-mail an admin.

Graffiti and other Dingle - 05/08/01 - 01:46:56
FIRST PLACE: Zesty by yours TrulySECOND PLACE: Wrong way Wang Wei by euphorbiaTHIRD PLACE: The Oriental Kindled by melon

now get off yer asses and vote on eminem and have fun with McVeigh.Graffiti

also check out Gay Robots III - gay robot mates with jesus

human automatons are tough bitchesby Dingle - 05/04/01 - 02:12:04
Gay Robots II - the gay robots go home
Graffitiby Dingle - 05/04/01 - 02:05:26
eminem is going an extra week


Announcing Gay Robot Dual-Fortnightby Dingle - 05/01/01 - 12:37:25
May is gay robot month here at the Asylum. Every couple days check the comics column and follow Dr. Feral and Blennidae the rabid squirrel on their adventures in metal-alloy homo-erotica.

Installment I - gay robots on the rampage

Graffiti and whatnotby Dingle - 04/23/01 - 23:48:57
Last weeks winners:

1ST PLACE: The Price of Victory by WastedPotential

2ND PLACE: Leader of KISS Army crowdsurfs by DevilMoon

3RD PLACE: Monica just won't quit! by Leroy Binks

New week posted, now go vote on last weeks and get to work on this weeks!Graffiti

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01/08/03 By Redguard
Musings from behind the Iron Curtain

Flakes of Reality
11/14/02 By Paint CHiPs
Wall Candy

Asylum Comix
10/30/01 By Asylumnites
Contributions from our talented members.

Existensial Dialetics
08/31/01 By Sp00ky

Old Farts
08/29/01 By Wonderaz & JEB Stuart
Fred Rules

Schizophrenic Cinematic
08/24/01 By The Dirty ˝ Dozen
Bogey at 8 o'clock

08/15/01 By Feral Automaton
Asinine abominations.

Jin Rui Gaku
07/16/01 By Nutrimentia
An unenlightened sensei.

A Curious Life
01/18/01 By kitten

01/05/01 By Ali Rum & Rama Dam Bubba

12/30/00 By Pangloss and Cage