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Graffitiby MstrG - 04/18/01 - 00:45:06
We're leaving this one up an additional week ... get those entries in!
OK boyz and gurls!by MstrG - 04/15/01 - 12:06:47
Over yonder in AsylumArt we likes to have theme threads. This time around the theme is:

Self Portraits

So please come forth and reveal yourself in all your art-ridden angst! Any medium, any kind (so long as it's yours).

Click here!!


Graffiti this week MstrG - 04/11/01 - 22:10:14
Last weeks voting on Bill Gates (front) and Sr Vice President of Compaq Shane Robison:

1. melon: Death by the Hair 2. Bondo: Skeletor Releases 3. Leroy: Binks MS Virus

This week's graffiti is up (no apologies though).

And don't forget to vote on last week's entries!

Asylum Stalkers Atlasby Dingle - 04/02/01 - 00:08:42
I'm throwing together a map of Asylumnite locations around the globe. The work in progress can be found here but i need all your locations. I don't need to know your address, just the city or metropoliton area, state and country you live in. Email your info to me and i'll get you on the map, or reply to this thread with your info.

btw that butterfly is ghey.k.thx.bye

Love Dingle

Graffiti and whatnotby Dingle - 03/26/01 - 22:09:14
1st: WastedPotential Fanning Packed2nd: melon Liquid Perdition3rd: Mister Buddha Old Scratch Comes Collecting

w00t and whatnot! Same ole drill, Hillary opens for voting and new week is up.


something Dingle - 03/24/01 - 22:16:13
fukwitit - isn't a game or anything, just an amusing little time killer spurred by a suggestion from karen.

Now let's get some more pics in there people!

From the AA crew (that's AsylumArt) MstrG - 03/20/01 - 22:41:48
Okay, here's the deal. Every couple of weeks or so we will come up with a theme. Anyone who wants to post any art that follows the theme can feel free to in that thread. Give us some backround info and/or technical info, so others can get an idea on how it was created...

This week's theme is... BREAK-UP ART.

This is the art inspired by a break-up. When you were at your lowest what did you create? Did it show your emotions at the time? Did it help to take away some of the pain? Show us!!



(Check it out here!

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01/08/03 By Redguard
Musings from behind the Iron Curtain

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11/14/02 By Paint CHiPs
Wall Candy

Asylum Comix
10/30/01 By Asylumnites
Contributions from our talented members.

Existensial Dialetics
08/31/01 By Sp00ky

Old Farts
08/29/01 By Wonderaz & JEB Stuart
Fred Rules

Schizophrenic Cinematic
08/24/01 By The Dirty ˝ Dozen
Bogey at 8 o'clock

08/15/01 By Feral Automaton
Asinine abominations.

Jin Rui Gaku
07/16/01 By Nutrimentia
An unenlightened sensei.

A Curious Life
01/18/01 By kitten

01/05/01 By Ali Rum & Rama Dam Bubba

12/30/00 By Pangloss and Cage