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REALLY BIG BIG NEWS!!!!!!by MstrG - 01/23/01 - 15:37:02

At long last we are starting up the long promised game room.

As you remember, we ran a poll to see what you all wanted and you told us.

In keeping with our desire to accomodate your every wish, and after much careful deliberation, we decided to go with something that we didn't even offer you!! Ain't we peachy?

Our first offering to you is...

~~~~ QUAKE III ~~~~

We all owe major thanks to AMINAL for this. We have been having difficulty working out server issues on the game room and he stepped up to the plate and made this all happen. This wasn't just him making a few clicks either, he put a lot of effort into setting this up for Asylum.

aminal, we thank you very much for doing this. Check with Joey for a loner for the weekend.

Check out the rest of the details here.

Just out Phukin wonderaz - 01/22/01 - 22:59:33
Well, good ole Anti is finally recovering from his near fatal cpu meltdown. I went cruising and found the little phuker is well on his way back to explaining to all of us just how incredibly phuked up it all is. When you post in the forum, try to watch your language for the next week or so. He is giving a virtual tour to the kids from the CrackBabiesRus Online Daycare. Help him make a good impression as Anti is truly trying to turn over a new leaf.
That's why they call me Slim Paint CHiPs - 01/19/01 - 22:35:18
I'm back.

I'm back.

Funeral went fine, very nice in fact. Very hard on my grandfather and mother of course. Very glad I went, actually kinda had fun in a macabre sort of way. Travel was hell though.

So don't think you can get away with making snide comments about me in your posts anymore, as I will be seeing them once more.

The cookie has Dingle - 01/18/01 - 01:43:31
This sites domain has been changed to, rather than Why? well, mostly to please potential advertisors and sponsors, not to mention asylumwhores sounds like a pr0n site which we are not.

Never fear, for will still work as it always has so theres no need to go updating bookmarks and links. Anyways, since cookies are only accessable by the domain from which they were set, all your cookies have been lost. As for a remedy, follow this simple solution:

click preferences in the forum, set your preferences, click submit. The next time you post you'll have to type in you're username/password but it should save after that.

Pretty simple, let me know if you have probs.

$500 Million Prize!!!by wonderaz - 01/16/01 - 23:29:01
Seriously! All you have to do to win it is be there to collect the money on January 1, 2150. According to the AP, two scientists have established a trust fund to see if someone can live to be 150 years old. One of them figures that with modern technology, that this could happen. the only catch is that you have to be aware of your surroundings. That puts Spooky out of the running, I'm afraid.
Lost and Foundby wonderaz - 01/15/01 - 01:23:36
Well, I found out where Haxorblade has been hiding. He has been building up his site,, which happens to be an Asylum of sorts for a group that rescues spent killer bees. I may have that wrong but it's late, so bugger off. Ahhh, get it? bees... bugger... Damn I'm funny when I'm half asleep.

Sigh MstrG - 01/14/01 - 10:16:38
The TLF load problem is resolved now. Once again, it occurred because of a rogue thread ... twas bowmore's trivia thread that got whacked last night. PLEASE ... do not press "Submit" more than once when you post!!
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