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NewsFlash!!by wonderaz - 01/13/01 - 10:42:04
Teddy Roosevelt is to receive the Medal of Honor for his charge up San Juan Hill. His great-grandson, Tweed (who the hell came up with that name and why??) Roosevelt, said that Teddy would have said, "Bully". *We let people like this run the country*
Trivia!!by MstrG - 01/10/01 - 22:34:11
The most honorable Mr. bowmore has graciously accepted an offer to host some trivia contests, and he's hot to trot with it ... we have two sessions coming up this weekend, both general trivia:

Saturday, 1/13, 6 pm EST, on TLFSunday, 1/14, 10 pm EST, on IRC, #trivia

He has some great ideas for future contests as well, so stay tuned!

Two new people who will lord over Paint CHiPs - 01/05/01 - 21:38:10
Just wanted to post briefly about three things.

1. Censorship Central has added two more people to its ranks. Welcome bowmore and JoeyCat to the fray. They will be correcting your stupid fucking spelling mistakes and making fun of your writing skills behind your back now, just as missphinx, morgana, bunkum, and billgerat have been doing all along.

2. The problems with The Lost Forum being slow-loading APPEAR to be fixed now. I am the least technical admin of any website you have ever visited, but it seems cool now.

3. But maybe while TLF was loading slower then Stileproject, you all got a chance to wander around in our other forums. Like the fucking Suppository. Yeah, you heard me. That is the place where people are supposed to comment and discuss all the brilliant writing we get up in here. People can't write very well in a vacuum, they need feedback and discussion. And the activity in the Suppository has been lackluster of late. If you have been reading the User Updates and columns and have been enjoying them, the least you can do is say so. Or to say if you DIDN'T like something. Or to begin or participate in a discussion spawned by issues raised in a piece of writing (that's the idea of the forum).

The point is, we have hoped that the Suppository would be a great way of providing interaction between the authors and the readers, something you VERY rarely get, online or in real life. So when you read something on the site and it makes you think, or happy, or cry, or whatever, you should post about it in there. That's the point.

That is all.

Server statusby Dingle - 01/05/01 - 19:50:28
TLF is running slow while the rest of the site seems fine. We still havn't figured out exactly why but rest assurred we are working on it. A new server is also in the near future which will further improve this sites performance.
Paint 3kby Paint CHiPs - 01/03/01 - 13:44:29
Our own illustrious Paint CHiPs has joined wonderaz in the 3k Club. Ph33r us.

Also, check out the cam portals. We have added quite a handful of new ones in the last few days, most recently illussion and Logan. Note to cam people: try to update with some regularity, k? I have been staring at that same damned pic of Shnakeman for far too long now.

Everybody is returning from their holidays, hope all of them went well, everything around here is picking up once again.

Want to be in pictures?by Paint CHiPs - 01/01/01 - 17:33:32
Hey there, writing this out of a cloudy haze of deceased grey matter.

Well, we're re-accepting applications to be on the cam portal, this time with no age requirements. All are welcome. That means you, MrSherman. So give one of us a ring if you would like to be on one of our illustrious cell blocks. Or post in the corresponding thread in Suggestions.

Time to get some hair of the dog. Hope you all had as happy a New Years as Dick Clark and I did.

That is all.

Patrol Statusby wonderaz - 12/30/00 - 22:31:02
I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing though. If you find me in the middle of a situation in here, do NOT make any sudden noises, back off slowly, and go find MstrG quickly. If Paint is also involved in the same situation, close this window immediately and wait for an all clear email from one of the surviving Admins.The New Year is having no affect upon me at all.
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