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Quote of the Dingle - 09/15/00 - 00:45:12
brandon is my best friend in real life, and we're gonna fight tomorrow
Change happening lo-key - 09/14/00 - 16:31:28
The ASYLUM will be moved to a new server this week. We are expecting for this to happen sometime tomorrow, but do not have a definate schedule. You may experience problems during this window. It will probably begin at 4:00pm CST and will propagate through the internet over a period of a couple days.

Note: it is looking like this change will not happen to early next week. We will make an announcement in the forum before this change occurs. -Dingle

News of the Dingle - 08/31/00 - 00:10:29
Impossible! Mindboggling! Its a lie! Those are just a few things people are saying about Skapegoats story that he now has a girlfriend. Does anyone really buy it? Is it an elaborate attempt to coerce us into believing he has a social life? Stay tuned to #WOTA and TLF for more info on the matter.

As many of you know, SocialParasite is struggling for his life in his battle against Herpeghonosyphiclap. I am happy to announce that at this moment he is still breathing. The doctors said he is at a critical moment in this fight, and we can only hope his genitalia make it through the night. Your prayers and well wishes are appreciated.

It is with great pleasure that I announce a mother-to-be with us in the asylum. It seems bunkum is expecting a bouncing baby MooP. Unfortunately, the father is one of her 14 year old students and she will be going away for awhile. On the bright side though, the asylum will have a real life mascot while bunkum serves her time!

Note: please read the post below this regarding #WOTA chat

IRC lo-key - 08/30/00 - 15:30:29
I will be moving DNS for, during a short period (1 to 3 days) you may have trouble accessing IRC through For any info on how to connect during this period please goto this thread. HERE
#WOTA IS BACK UP!by Dingle - 08/30/00 - 00:52:42
the chat is better, lick my balls.

i dont know why and i dont know how, but it is. People are working on it, see this thread for more info.

Dingle is a Godby Paint CHiPs - 08/26/00 - 00:25:23
Old threads restored (last 150)

Titles and points and forums soon enough.

Bow before his awesome might!

Forum is up!by Dingle - 08/25/00 - 03:42:20
the main forum is back up, the old posts are gone but they will be back. The features such as last-poster, custom titles, points, etc are gone but they will be back. the other forums are gone but they will be back. This is also an upgraded version of ubb, so maybe the refresh bug is fixed also.
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