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slight Dingle - 08/15/00 - 06:37:13
if you are having any problems technical problems with the forum or profile listing, or if you just want to laugh at my misfortune, read this

Im still gay and Anti-Stile - 08/08/00 - 18:10:54
I just wanted to post again to make sure everyone knows that I'm an ass master and I also have a sense of humor, unlike others, you can call me anything you want. I can take it. People posting under my name rules. Dingle and I haven't been around much this week because we are filming a felching/scat video of ourselves. We will post it when its done.

-Dammit anti, you know i didnt want to come out yet, you knew i wanted to wait till the right time. What if my parents are reading this? DAMN YOU! -Dingle

Hmm someones being really honest today!by Anti-Stile - 08/07/00 - 06:22:37
I would just like to take a moment to publicly announce my homosexuality. Please dont mock or ridicule me because im a butt pumper.
Dingle gives good headby Anti-Stile - 08/04/00 - 23:54:53
Self at 10.
FYIby Dingle - 08/03/00 - 22:15:05
I have recieved a couple emails from people complaining that they cant post on the forum because their name was not found. That is because the asylum and the forum use seperate registration, you must sign up for the forum seperately. I am in the process of changing that right now, but until then you must register twice.

To register for the forum simply click the forum button to the left, then click the register link at the top right of your screen.

I love bleu cheese.

java chat clientby Dingle - 07/29/00 - 01:42:58
click the chat button and check it maaain.

The Forum Is Up!by Dingle - 07/28/00 - 00:48:19
Full UBB, you need to sign up for the forum seperately. Happy postings.
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