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Controlled Bandwidth Rapeby Dingle - 03/27/02 - 19:19:34
For all you image-hosting impaired, we now have a public image bin.

It should be pretty straight-forward. Upload your image then consider it hosted. Some things to note:

  • We will not host pornography of ANY KIND! If you upload pornography you will lose your access to the image bin. Bewbie pics are ok assuming the subject is of legal age (that's art, not pron)

  • Do not upload copyrighted images.

  • Do not upload depictions of illegal activities, or images that are considered illegal

  • Maximum image size is 100k

  • No hotlinking! These images are for display on only. This is programmatically enforced, if you try to link an image from a different server you will get a picture of a sexy brunette in a bathing suit scolding you for hotlinking.

  • You can only upload .gif, .jpg and .jpeg images

There is no limit to how many images you can upload (at this time at least). In fact, you are encouraged to use the feature in picture threads so we don't end up with a bunch of red x's when your hosting account goes kaputz.

IMAGE NAMES - When you upload an image, you will be asked to name it. This is not the filename of the pic, it is a title for the pic, what you want to refer to it as. This must be alpha-numeric, non-alpha-numeric characters will be converted to underscores (_). The name must also be unique, no two images can have the same name. You can then easily insert the image into a post using the following code: <~imagename~>
For example, if i upload an image named 'pic_of_my_ass' I can insert it into a post by typing <~pic_of_my_ass~>.

Also, anyone can view or use your images, but only you can delete your images.

That is all.


Dingle Sphitz

Here it is, what you've all been waiting Dingle - 01/23/02 - 05:26:59
Well, actually nobody is waiting for it, in fact it's never been mentioned before to my knowledge, but you're gettintg it whether you like it or not.

So I was setting some Winamp options a few days ago, and I saw the 'skins' menu which I usually ignore, but I said what the hell, let's get a new look. So I download all five 'featured' skins, and let me tell you, THEY FUCKING SUCK!!!!!!!!!! My god, how the fuck can these be 'featured'?

So anyway, I saw the 'make your own skin' button on the winamp site, and i'm all like "yeah baby!" so I click it and like 50 hours later I have a crappy half finished product that i'm giving up on. You can get it here:

So, there's alot of other shit i wanted to do with it, but I expected this to take a few hours and it's taken 10x that. Maybe, if people like, i'll finish it up.

Asylum Mirrorby Dingle - 01/16/02 - 00:33:16
I've set up an asylum mirror site at

If (and when) this server (shaggy or otaku) experiences technical difficulties you can always go there to satisfy your asylum cravings. In such an event, any discussions from there will be moved back here once the problem is sorted out.

Bookmark this site now, as you won't be able to access this news if this shaggy is down (duh).

In the event shaggy goes down you can still get into chat using for news and updates.
Philly Pissup Signup Pissoffby Dingle - 01/15/02 - 23:42:37
I was bored so i like made this signup board and stuff. k?!

click here
Asylum Stalker Atlas IIIby Dingle - 12/19/01 - 20:41:31
I've redone the stalker map. You can now add yourself to, or remove yourself from existing dots. I went through the stalker atlas threads and it should be pretty up to date, but i could have missed some people. Either way, if i missed you you can add yourself to the map.

If you need a dot added to the map, let me know by replying here and I will add it. Don't email me because it will be put off and buried forever amidst all the other crap i get.

Please note:

  • I will not add a dot for you if you live near (within 100 miles or so) of an existing dot.
  • I will not add a dot for your little shithole coal mining hick town unless you are nowhere near a decent sized city.
  • if your little shithole coal mining hick town is near (within 100 miles or so) a decent sized city or major metropolitin area i will add a dot for that city rather than your little shithole coal mining hick town.
  • if you need a dot added post the city name, state or province if applicable, and country. I will disregard anything else such as lat/long coords or '100 miles west and 30 miles north of where karen lives'.
  • Essex is part of London.
  • Please keep this accurate, don't add yourself to fishnation just to be a funny guy, retard.

The new stalker atlas is here:
It is also listed on the members menu on the front page.

To add or remove yourself from a dot click it.

happy days to you
- Dingle

Forum changeby MstrG - 12/12/01 - 20:19:53
We've removed the Suggestions forum from the site ... I'm sure you noticed it was the slowest one on the site, and many times wasn't being used for the intended purpose. All threads that resided in Suggestions have been moved to TLF, and the titles have been appended with [suggestions] in case you want to do a search for them. In the future, feel free to use TLF for suggestions, PMs to admins, or email.


Hall Of Dys is gone too. The threads have been moved to TLF but they have been marked for a hall of fame page. When I'm finished with them there will be a hall of fame page, hall of fame search option, and special icons for hall of fame threads. The threads, however, will always remain in their originating forums.
temporarily disabling pointsby Dingle - 12/12/01 - 00:46:40
i'm temporarily disabling the new points system until i figure out what's wrong with the database. I don't think that's the problem but to rule it out they will be shut off.

Sorry for the inconvenience and whatnot.

[update] I believe I found the problem... although the only way to tell for sure is to wait and hope it doesn't break again. If everything is fine and dandy tomorrow night ill turn the points back on.
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