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Polls enabledby Paint CHiPs - 12/10/01 - 18:07:07
When we opened up the new forum software, there was much talk of the poll feature and whether or not we would enable the feature. As we had many other things to work with at the time, we promised we’d re-visit the idea once things had settled down.

Well, they have, and we did. After much deliberation among the admins, mods, and Dead Inside, we’ve decided to enable the feature.

We do have some reservations about it, however, and just to let you know we will be keeping an eye out in case it starts getting abused. We do have the ability to not allow specific members the ability to use polls if anybody in particular begins to abuse them, and if it gets too out of hand we may just disallow all polls in all forums and create a forum just for polls (or just disallow them altogether).
We don’t expect problems, but we will be watching for them.

So polls are now available to those that choose to use them. Please use them sparingly.
And then there was Dingle - 12/10/01 - 17:40:33
The last few days have been rather bumpy in these parts.

First the server decided it needed a nap this weekend, and it was due for a nap as we've been working it for over 4 months straight. As luck would have it lo-key, the only one with physical access to the server, was in Thailand porking some 9 year old virgin, so the forum junkies were SOL until Sunday night when lo-key got home to whip the bitch into shape.

Then, today you poor fools had to endure another forum outage. When the forum crashed some tables corrupted, and repairing them caused some problems. Luckily, Gravestone was on hand to offer a few pointers and lo and behold the forum has returned.

So go now my little whores, go post til your hearts content.


Dingleberry Blue
Pointwhore Delightby Dingle - 12/07/01 - 18:53:55
You can now grant points to other members.

How this works is, every time you post you will accumulate (a fraction of) a point credit. You can then use these credits to grant points to other users.
Right now, you get about .1 credit per post, however the exact number is dependant on your post count. People with more posts will recieve more credits, for instance someone with 1000 posts will recieve about .1 credit per post, someone with 5000 posts will recieve about .15 credits.

To grant someone points click the thumbs up icon next to the 'quote' button in a post.

- you cannot grant yourself points
- you cannot accumulate more than 10 credits per day
- credits dont accumulate in the test forum
- credits dont accumulate for users with less than 100 total posts
- you cant grant negative points

If you abuse this you will lose your privilege to use it. (such as spamming or making inane posts simply to gain credits)

talk to meby Dingle - 12/06/01 - 02:54:42
how's the new 'post redirect' page working?

any problems?
god damned point whoresby Dingle - 11/09/01 - 23:03:21
click here for the new improved point listing.
a timekillerby Dingle - 11/08/01 - 14:01:13
click here
New Cam Addedby Paint CHiPs - 10/16/01 - 00:49:59
Check out the lovely Miss FunkaY on cell block 4.
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