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Welcome to kitten!by MstrG - 12/07/00 - 22:54:14
Our newest Orange Box resident is none other than kitten (aka Asylum_Kitten in chat). I'm sure you've seen some of her delicious posts on the forum; we thought you might enjoy a more regular dose of her here. Don't forget to comment on her column (and all the others you love or hate) in the Suppository.

And part II of last night's banner announcement: we now have banners in the forums. Support our sponsors ... there's lots more we want to bring you!

New and Improvedby MstrG - 12/06/00 - 22:57:57
It's been an eventful couple days, so we thought an update here was appropriate ...

** Banners are now up on the main site, and will shortly appear in the forums as well. As wonderaz has mentioned, we're trying to bring a variety of ads to you, and will continue getting fresh ones in the rotation. There was a question about how we derive revenue from them ... the answer is: we have many different kinds and it will vary. Some ads are pay-per-click, some require people to register or become a member on their site, and still others pay a percentage of sales.

** The Spamatorium is now open! Check the link on the left (under the main buttons), and submit your personal site with a short description. Within a day we'll have it approved and up on the page for others to visit during those forum dry spells (which seem to be less and less common of late). We do ask you provide a link to Asylum on your site, and please, no commercial sites.

** We'll change the gaming poll soon, but the results weren't exactly conclusive. We may follow up with another one using the top 3 from the last round (Chess, word game, 2+ player cards). In any case, we're working on more additions to the site along these lines - soon!

** Today's User Update is from CHiPsJr, and the AAS has provided their latest astral prognostications. Check them both out, and comment in the Suppository. Also, look for a new columnist to grace our pages starting tomorrow...

As always, let us know through Suggestions if you have a brilliant idea ... we continue to check in there, and go back through past threads when considering enhancements to the site. Thanks for making Asylum what it is...

testby Dingle - 12/05/00 - 23:42:02
If it isnt one thing MstrG - 12/04/00 - 21:47:22
Yes, the site and the forum are back up, but alas, we have a split on IRC at the moment that can't be resolved for some time. Sooooooo .... for now, connect to server And if you happen to be using the java chat and find an empty chat room, just try again. Our apologies for the down time earlier.
Ta-daby MstrG - 11/29/00 - 23:38:17
Ok - a little color on the page can't hurt, right?

Congrats to the old man - wonderaz popped the cherry on the P3K Club today. See the topic listed on the left in the Indigest.

And welcome our newest columnists: Ali Rum & Rama Dam Bubba. We hope you'll enjoy their insightful offerings.

Are you watching?by MstrG - 11/28/00 - 20:35:19
A quick update in case you haven't yet read yesterday's offering from Paint just below this:

New U2 from LeroyBinks - check it out. Coffee, tea or Leroy?

The Dinglator3000 has come through again as we introduce Asylum's Inmate Cam Portal!!! You're gonna love this ... set your own refresh rate, and check out the "Custom Cams" page! If we didn't catch you the first time around, we're now again accepting applications for a spot on the portal, or recommendations for other cams you think would be willing to link us in exchange. For those of you already listed, show us something!

Dead by Dawnby Paint CHiPs - 11/27/00 - 21:04:10
A few things of note.

1. New poll up (I wonder which admin did THAT one!).

2. Latest Redguard posted. On Roads and Prisons.

3. You may notice that the random slogans (up at the top there for now) have been tinkered with. We have added quite a few new ones, and also, they now appear on the redirect page as well (the thing that says it will take you back to the thread in 2 seconds after you post but is always lying). That way us people on dialup can have something to amuse ourselves with while cursing our ISP.

4. If you are sent an invite for User Updates, please do them. It is an integral part of the site. If you aren't going to do it, or are going to be spending some time on it (like over a week or so), please e-mail me or one of the other admins and let us know, as we have to account for such things. That would be much obliged.

5. As always, if you have any unsolicited submissions for just about anything, feel free to e-mail one of the admins with it. We are constantly looking for new material, new features, new columns, new everything. If you have any suggestions, as usual, go to the Suggestions forum.

6. And finally, we just registered our 400th member, Harlequinn. Harlequinn = cool man/handle. Welcome him/her/it to the fold and keep the word of mouth going. More members = more lively forum.

That goes for all you friggin' lurkers too!


That is all.

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