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THE 2K CLUB POPULATION HAS DOUBLED!!by wonderaz - 11/05/00 - 20:01:04
I am so PROUD to announce the addition of the newest (and only other) member of the ever so exclusive 2K Club.

THE EVER SO CLEVER... Paint CHiPs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paint, way cool having you here. You have been a major asset to the forum and we will ALL miss you if you die.

This is a day that will live in infamy in Internet history and will be something that you all can tell your grandkids or neighbors on death row in years to come.

AN UPDATE!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!!by Paint CHiPs - 11/02/00 - 23:13:17
I HAVE TAKEN OVER PAINT'S DUTIES!!!He's a lazy bastard and so are the rest of you sorry excuses for admins. So, Here's karen updating all you Asylum peeps (per Paint CHiPs's request).

-The new default for forum signatures is to INCLUDE it. So, don't be an asshole and clog up the forum with a 3,000 word long signature. -if you DO decide to be an asshole about your sig, your fun will be cut short anyhow. Allowable Sig length will soon be reduced.-If you don't want your signature to be included everytime, you need to go into your profile and either DELETE it or uncheck the box everytime you post. -The Suggestions Forum is still there. Use it. And don't say we never gave you a voice in this. If you don't post it, you can't get pissed if nothing happens.

Alrighty then. Lecture over. Class dismissed. Apple polishers will receive their earned brownosing points.~karen

!!!!GAMING FORUM!!!!by Paint CHiPs - 10/27/00 - 18:58:51
By popular demand, we have now instituted a new forum.

A gaming forum.

For computer, video, board, virtual reality, dice, or any other games you can think of.

So, go post about your Whorehouse Union in there to your heart's content.


And so do we.

That is all.

Shut the fuck up and run the tapes!by Paint CHiPs - 10/25/00 - 01:50:21
Having a few technical difficulties. Not our fault. Server is going down for a bit for maintenence at 3:00 AM EST on the 25th (now). Should be back by morning.

If it is not back by the time Forum Trivia is supposed to happen, I will have to hurt somebody.

You see...

I kick ass FOR THE LORD!!!!!!

That is all.

Paint CHiPs made me post this MstrG - 10/22/00 - 21:55:20
There are a couple threads of an administrivial bent you should check out:

This thread covers a subject near and dear to us: the vaunted Asylum point system! We need your input on improvements and such .... this one is about an upcoming event on the forum, a special edition of Trivia, hosted by ol' Paint himself. Check it out!

Congratulations Wonderaz!by Paint CHiPs - 10/10/00 - 16:24:06
Our own dear Wonderaz has reached a milestone!

He now has more posts than the Roman calender has years.

MstrG will be administering special forum birthday lashes later today, all 2000 of them, live on karen's webcam!

Expect Wonder to type standing up tonight.

That is all.

DOH!by lo-key - 10/06/00 - 15:50:04
Sorry about the outage guys. My server died last night and I just was able to fix it. There were some hardware problems.

My apologies.

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