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From the AA crew (thats AsylumArt) MstrG - 03/20/01 - 22:41:48
Okay, here's the deal. Every couple of weeks or so we will come up with a theme. Anyone who wants to post any art that follows the theme can feel free to in that thread. Give us some backround info and/or technical info, so others can get an idea on how it was created...

This week's theme is... BREAK-UP ART.

This is the art inspired by a break-up. When you were at your lowest what did you create? Did it show your emotions at the time? Did it help to take away some of the pain? Show us!!



(Check it out here!)

melon fans rejoiceby Dingle - 03/20/01 - 12:35:09
Graffiti week 5 results1st - Zounds! by melon2nd - Dead Man Walking by Dog Breath3rd - Puffy by aminal

and for the record Wasted P got jacked!


Purity Testby Paint CHiPs - 03/18/01 - 22:31:00
Hey there little guy, look over there:


A new feature, purely a bells and whistles sort of thing, the Asylum Purity Test.

So come find out how much of a whore you really are.

Wasted no moreby MstrG - 03/16/01 - 19:16:52
You heard it here first ... no longer WastedPotential, it's now EDITOR WastedPotential! Welcome aboard WP. Step right this way ... Paint has a good practice piece for you: Jyates life story!! Your new keys to the Censorship and Conspiracy forums have been forged....
Week #4 of graffiti Dingle - 03/12/01 - 22:13:30
THE WINNERS#1 Absolut Treason by Bondo#2 Dainty Bif Chicken by melon#3 Experiment Gone Bad by yours truly

thank you, thank you *bows*, i feel so honored yet cheated at the same time.

Voting opens on 'Puffy' starting now, and it could be a tough decision as i think these are some of the best submissions yet.

So go on my children, VOTE and DISFIGURE.


IRC Announcementby MstrG - 03/12/01 - 01:30:29
Beginning Monday, March 12 at 8 p.m. CST, the AsylumNation IRC network will be located on new servers. otaku is returning to the network at, and galt will be moving to a new server at

We expect the name servers to be updated later tomorrow reflecting this, but it's possible some of you will get diverted to the new network before it's live. If that's the case, and you end up in an empty #wota, type /server to get back to the current chat on galt.

Once the name server changes are entirely in place, you will be able to use the following names to connect to IRC:

A decision on the return of IRC Services has not yet been made. We'll keep you informed ...

Graffiti Week #4by Dingle - 03/05/01 - 22:29:05
Congrats to last weeks winners:1ST - 'Mission Humidor' by Dog Breath2ND - 'Honest!' by brimstone3RD - 'Bill and Jessie Hatt-baby!' by Bondo

Now go vote on last weeks submissions and download the new target.


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