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Graffiti and whatnotby Dingle - 06/18/01 - 10:57:10
Congrats to the Eminem winners who will be awarded with jack squat.

1st Place - 'The Superrapper For Your Breathe' by scatmonkey2nd Place - 'Big Baby Jesus' by Paint CHiPs3rd Place - 'The power of the Dark Side' by Roshigoth

Now go forth my children and do nasty things to our great leaders.British Prime Minister Tony Blair and U.S. President George Bush

What a day!by MstrG - 06/06/01 - 23:23:08
First, it was WildChild and zoey winning t-shirts in our day-long chat events, then a rousing round of trivia hosted by the effervescent Nutrimentia ... several cool posts about our celebration including this thread from LeroyBinks .... and now:

The STORE is open!!!

That's right, now available in our squeaky clean showroom, two versions of the highly sought after AsylumNation t-shirts! Just click on the store link on the menu to the left side of this page, and you'll be transported to our new little piece of Asylum heaven.

Thanks for visiting!

One year!!by MstrG - 06/05/01 - 17:00:48
We're celebrating the anniversary of #WotA (and #wotsp), the genesis of what is now the Asylum, on Wednesday, 6/6, by giving out the first two official AsylumNation T-shirts! No, you can't see them yet (we'll unveil them Wednesday), but here's how it will work:

One t-shirt will be given away at a specific time (known by the admins). The first person to say something in chat, at the pre-selected minute, between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. EST, will win a shirt!

The second shirt will be awarded to someone between 6-8 p.m. EST who is the first to utter a certain word the admins have selected. If for some reason no one uses that word, we have a couple spares. And we may drop some hints somewhere along the way.

The winners of the shirts will be announced between 8 and 9 p.m. EST both here and in #wota, and then at 9:00, we'll run a general knowledge version of Asylum Trivia in channel #trivia (for points only.)

And maybe we'll have another surprise or two ...

ASYLUM UPS THE TOASTER ANTE!by J E B Stuart - 06/05/01 - 13:19:34
Yep. You read it right. This toaster thing has taken on a life of its own. Informed sources advise that Dingle recently recovered yet another toaster during one of his regular forays to the city dump in search of staples, etc. Since said toaster is not color-coordinated with his panties (don't ask me), Sir Dingus has kindly offered to contribute it to the growing stash of VALUABLE PRIZES to be given away during AsylumNation's first annual birthday crash 'n' crappanalia. More details to come, so stay tuned. Amen.
Free Toaster For Lucky Posterby J E B Stuart - 05/29/01 - 17:48:24
Yes, you read this right! One LUCKY poster will awarded a free Asylum toaster. When? Sometime during The Asylumnation Birthday Bash & Bacchanalia.

Truth is, it was originally Dingle's toaster, but that jackass Wonderaz pawned it and Sir Dingus no longer needs it. One-of-a-kind item here. More details will be forthcoming! Amen.

Big NEWS!!!by wonderaz - 05/25/01 - 22:51:14
The Asylum has been asked to join the Witness Relocation Program. We will be receiving a steady flow of new members who for various reasons, will be making up shit about themselves. These people are not necessarily criminals but we would ask that you do not hold that against them.There will be the occasional sudden disappearance of some of these members and it is requested that you pretend like they never existed.Now, back to your regularly scheduled programs.
Deep Thoughtsby Paint CHiPs - 05/21/01 - 19:48:19
Hi! Big news!

Say hello to our new column!

Existensial Dialetics by Spooky!!!

Look for a thoughtful excursion into grey matter every two weeks, as Spooky takes time out of his busy schedule to give you the low-down on the thoughts of smart dead guys.

As usual, please support the literary endeavors of our members by reading and then commenting on the pieces in the Suppository.


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