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Welcome to the new and improved ASYLUM!by Dingle - 07/27/00 - 23:05:41
New? New domain, new host, new beginning.Improved? Netscape users can now enjoy the wonderful world that is THE ASYLUM!Anti? Now has Christopher Reeves syndrome. I hear he was trying to suck his own asshole and snapped his spine, sorry to hear that Anti.

Also note, while all the profiles were transferred just fine the messages were not, sorry.

Im working on gettting UBB up and running now, so leave me alone.

Messagesby Dingle - 07/06/00 - 22:53:55
The message system works, here is a quick rundown for incompetent people:
  • If you log in and click the options menu you can control who can leave you messages. Default is anyone. You can also select to be notified via email when you get a message, default is off.
  • When you log in the 'Message Center' link will be highlighted if you've recieved new messages.
  • You can only reply to messages left by logged in members.
  • If you leave someone a message they can reply even if you have messages disabled.
  • The site administrators (me and anti at this point) can leave you a message regardless of your message settings.
  • To leave someone a message go to their profile and if they are accepting messages there will be a 'Leave message' link.
Finally, and most importantly, is there an over-the-counter medication for syphilis? I'm too embarrassed to see a doctor.

me luvs bunkumby Dingle - 07/05/00 - 21:02:02
Thanks to a donation by bunkum and no thanks to the rest of you cheap fucks, I was able to scrape my last few pennies of credit together and not only secure the domain, but sign up for a new host. The whole transfer will take a few days and all your profiles will remain intact, and most importantly Netscape WILL work on the new server.

On a side note Anti tossed his own salad last night. I saw pictures, its fucking amazing.

Driving Ms. Dingleby Anti-Stile - 07/02/00 - 23:53:55
In case anyone was wondering where Dingle has disapeared to well he is with the lucky contest winner. I'm sure right about now Dingle in fellaciating and oralizing the lucky winner. By the way I think I just made up those two words. Dingle is so good with his mouth and ass that it is shocking. Here's hoping the winner is able to walk tomorrow.
Welcome Nutscrape usersby Anti-Stile - 07/01/00 - 20:32:18
Alright I just tested it and now this site works in Netscape!! No thanks to that bastard Dingle.Welcome garycoleman all because he will be in jail soon and needs our support.

Umm, quick note: Anti is a complete moron. Asylum DOES NOT work with Netscape (yet). You can join but you cannot login or edit. Sorry to interrupt, continue spewing Anti...

We are one short of 60 profiles and user number 60 will win one night of oral/anal from Dingle. You must be male to win this ladies need not apply.

To all you Netscape using Dingle - 06/30/00 - 20:26:27
I feel like a retard. I have never come across something like this I could not fix, however, I installed the scripts on 2 other servers and they worked fine in both Netscape and MSIE which leads me to believe the problem is with antis host. That makes me feel a little better. Stick in there, if it comes to it we'll just have to get a new host.

Also your complimentary Asylum lunchboxes and combination keychain/flashlights are in the mail. Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Finally, if anyone wants to chip in a few bucks on a domain name contact me. Rumor has it is free.

P.S. if anyone knows of any free gay pron sites let me know because as you all know I LOVE COCK!!!!


Email Anti-Stile - 06/29/00 - 20:28:19
If anyone is interested in a new email address under let me know and I'll set you up. This isn't web based it is accessible through Outlook or any other email program. Email me at if you wanna piece.

I also want to let you all know that I am Dingles whore, so dont let anyone tell you otherwise.

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