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Post of the Dayby Paint CHiPs - 10/04/00 - 21:35:20
ItsJustLogan: *makes Dingle some chicken soup*

hoorah for Dingle, without him we'd all die.

FORUM announcements MstrG - 10/03/00 - 19:45:16
Check here for news about the forums and moderators.

We are now accepting donations for Alcoholfiend's bail fund ... contact CAL with any questions.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT FROM TACK:by Dingle - 09/27/00 - 22:43:20
i jerked off for the first time eever today and i think that should be on the mainpage
More RE: profilesby Dingle - 09/25/00 - 13:28:37
just fixed a password bug that prevented some people from logging into their profiles. If you are wondering why i made these changes click here.
Profile Changesby Dingle - 09/25/00 - 00:04:24
I was able to save most of the profiles. Theres a list of the ones that were not converted in this thread.

If your profile info is gone i can restore it, just ask.

Your profile password is now the same as your forum password, so if you had a different password for your profile before, make sure you use your forum password now.

Also, the message center is gone. I dont think many people used it as it was anyways. i am going to make some changes to it so it will interact more with the forum (ie: 'leave message' icons in posts, notifying you when you post that you have messages, etc)

again, let me know if you have any problems (regarding the profiles, any personal problems take to the problems forums)

also, clicking on the profile icon in a thread will open that persons profile.

New Images of Desanctity Moderators!by MstrG - 09/24/00 - 13:49:10
Seems to be the week for mods, huh? First top completes the coup on the main forum, then Paint CHiPs is installed to teach the bitheads a thing or two, and now ...

aminal and Mister Buddha have graciously accepted positions in the picture forum! Welcome them, and keep them busy.

On a side note, CAL has decided to take some time off to accumulate funds for a visit to the Asylum Commune - East Branch. Word has it there's plenty of shit to be found, and he's considering a urine fetish as well with Fiend on the way. Check HERE for more details ...

New WIT moderator!by Paint CHiPs - 09/23/00 - 22:50:38
Well, after much debate, the powers that be (or PTB for those in the "in") have decided that Pangloss needed some help moderating the Whores Institute of Technology. They needed somebody who knew it all. Somebody more elite than the great Dingle himself.

So they picked me

So here I am, the most elite of the elite, ready to take your puter questions.

Admittedly, I am pretty much gone until Monday, but FEAR NOT HOPELESS LAMERS!

I shall return Monday to catch up on all your questions. And even though they will all most likely be FAR below my techie skillZ, I will try and sink to your neanderthal level and help you turn your box on.

So don't be a stranger. Ask away. No question is too dumb. Although some posters are.

That is all.

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