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The Asylum RPGby MstrG - 03/04/01 - 00:02:14
Timeenoughforlove is organizing a combination email-IRC RPG for Asylumites, and he wants you! Check out this thread in the Gaming forum, and let him know you're interested in plotting the overthrow of the Asylum warden (that would be me).
Chess server changeby MstrG - 03/02/01 - 20:22:23
The chess server URL has changed, and the link on the Games page has been updated. If you had it bookmarked, you'll want to fix that. Ratings have also been reset due to the move.
Come Get Snogged, Good and Properby Paint CHiPs - 03/02/01 - 18:57:50
Added a new cam to the portals, da slappycam.

So have a looksee and maybe if we all join forces we can get her to clean her room.

Fat is where its atby wonderaz - 02/27/01 - 20:34:33
Wandering around as I occasionally do, I happened upon a site that kind of grabbed me. At first, I thought Fat Willie's House of Links was a site where I could order some good old pork sausage but found out I would have to settle for more Italian food. Go click on the link on the Asylum Extra list in the first column, he just might change your whole outlook on fat willies.
Graffiti Week #3by Dingle - 02/26/01 - 21:41:09
Congrats to winners of week #1:

1ST PLACE: 'WotA Fighters 2600' by WastedPotential2ND PLACE: 'Colon Society' by Dog Breath3RD PLACE: 'a Bob and his rat' by melon

New target has been posted and voting is open on last weeks Bill and Jesse submissions.


Chess Server Ratingsby MstrG - 02/26/01 - 15:27:40
Due to an unfortunate accident, the user ratings file got wiped out earlier today and is irrecoverable. Everyone is reset back to a rating of 1200, with a record of 0-0-0. Measures have been taken to make sure a backup (no older than two hours) is available if this should happen again in the future.
Cam pagesby MstrG - 02/25/01 - 15:44:29
The cams hosted on Geocities (along with any others providing us a red "X") have been removed from the Cell Blocks until you find another solution. Contact an admin to have them added again.
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Musings from behind the Iron Curtain

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11/14/02 By Paint CHiPs
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10/30/01 By Asylumnites
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07/16/01 By Nutrimentia
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