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Forum is down!by Dingle - 08/25/00 - 02:04:08
read the message below this for more info, please do not post on the ubb at this time!
Forum Maintenance!!by MstrG - 08/25/00 - 01:19:03
Attention: the forum will be going down at @ 1:30 EST for maintenance. When it returns, in about an hour, all threads will be gone. We will attempt to restore the old threads later this morning. Asylum profiles will be unaffected.
Ooped I fucked upped!by Dingle - 08/24/00 - 22:07:34
I accidentally deleted the asylum password file again. Fuck me. The backup is from a few days ago, if you signed up since the last backup your password wont work, email me at and ill get you a new password. Ill post a list of people this affected in a bit.
Do you want to touch me?by Dingle - 08/22/00 - 23:34:44
Go read what we have planned here.
InmateUpdateby wonderaz - 08/20/00 - 20:21:37
Well, well, changes abound. As you can see we have a new logo befitting the mental state of the vast majority of the membership. Keep checking the main page here as there will be many other additions coming about within the next few days. Now that Paint has sobered up, I may be able to get him to help install some really cool features that we have been putting together based upon your suggestions. Any donations of aspirin and menudo to help Paint get his shit together would be appreciated. Your help in keeping that reprobate AchoholSoopaFiend away from him would speed up the process also.

A few of you have been a little concerned about JEB's dog, Fred, running loose in the forum. I feel your pain, but there is little we can do about it. We recently instituted a leash law in the forum area, but apparently Fred's attorney (Fred has cost JEB a fortune in attorney fees) quoted some "Grandfather's Clause" legal mumbo jumbo so there is nothing we can do. Here is a little help for you in the meantime. #1 Those stains will come out of most colorfast materials if soaked in a prewash.#2 Just hold still until Fred is through. Struggling is futile and only gets him more excited.#3 What ever you do, don't run. Even if you did get away, Fred can track you down. His breed is virtually infallable in finding their prey/date.

Asylum Profilesby Dingle - 08/15/00 - 19:18:20
didnt get fucked up as bad as i thought. The passwords were restored from a 8/13/00 backup, so if youve changed your asylum password since then you may need to use your old one.

If you created an asylum profile since 8/13/00 its gone and you need to sign up again. Roshigoth seems to be the only one missing, but there could be more.

If you edited your profile while the server was fudged last night you need to re-add your info, but you do not need to sign up again. It appears Eliss and Rav are the only ones, but again, there could be more.

Let me know of any problems.

Last Dingle - 08/15/00 - 18:45:45
the asylum servers ran out of disk space. This caused some problems. Files that need to be rewritten couldnt be so they ended up being deleted. Anyone who tried to post in the forum while the disk was full had their forum profile deleted, I restored those from a backup from 8/13/00 at around 7:00PM, so if you've changed your forum password since then you may need to use your old password. The forum is working normally now (aside from the fetal alcohol syndrome thread that was born today.) There are some problems remaining regarding the profiles, which ill be working on starting now. If you have any problems posting in the forums let me know.

You know that bologna and cheese loaf you've seen at the supermarket all your life but never had the guts to try? Well, i tried it today and it gave me the shits.

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