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ANNOUNCING:by MstrG - 02/14/01 - 01:47:24
Asylum Graffiti is a contest of sorts, where weekly, you get to display your creative and wit-laden talents ... you will be provided with a picture, usually involving something or someone current in the news, and have the opportunity to download it, change it as you see fit (within the rules of course), then return it. When the contest week closes for that image, a week of voting will commence, and finally a winner will be announced! We'll spare you all the gory details; they are provided on the page itself by clicking the logo above, or the link in the left column.

Humor is more important than artistic skills here, so don't be concerned if crayons are your speed. Each image will be available for one week, starting on Monday at 9 p.m. CST. The first week, starting now, will be shortened by one day.

Try it out! We think you'll have a ball ... and stay tuned later this week for related news ....

We Eat Ebert Aliveby JoeyCat - 02/09/01 - 22:00:39
Well in case you didn't read the news yesterday, we have a new column up and running. This one, however is a bit different.

Under the leadership of JEB Stuart, we also have on board bowmore, CAL, Wasted Potential, and one more columnist to be named later. And as for the sixth, we are still hunting down a possible permanent columnist for that slot (e-mail Paint CHiPs if interested).

In any case, we're rolling out our rolling column for your cinematic patronage.

JEB's special gift to you is his review of Hannibal, seen by him a night before the film was released to the general public. JEB managed to swing this by bribing a theater owner with a case of malt liquor and a few cigars from the Dominican Republic that he passed off as Cubans. We are sure he can elaborate on that particular scheme. Also, don't forget to check out his review of O Brother.

Go check it out people. The column is already off to a great start. *licks lips*

Oh yeah, and post your thoughts on this column and any others in the Suppository. The best way to reward a writer is to provide them feedback. Well, I guess paying them money is good too, but screw that.

*** Special Asylum Announcement ***by MstrG - 02/05/01 - 18:24:32
When we started the current incarnation of the Asylum (including the forum), you gave the admin team here a vote of confidence and a push in the direction you wanted to see it go. We hope we've lived up to many of your expectations.

As the site has grown, so have the demands on the administrative team. There are times when we barely get through an evening finishing everything we want to while still maintaining day-to-day operations. We also have future and more expansive projects on the drawing board which will stretch us even thinner. We have always strived to be more than just "web site managers"; we want to be as much of a part of the community as everyone else, but sometimes we can't with the other demands on our time.

With this in mind, we recently put our heads together (though Paint's didn't quite fit due to its odd shape), and decided it was time to do something about it. We thought long and hard, and saw it was time to recruit from the ranks for a new admin. It took all of about 11 seconds further to decide who it was we wanted.

We'd like you all to welcome and congratulate our newest admin:

*** JOEYCAT ***

Joey has already taken on some duties for the site, including handling the web ring, and we have several other things in mind for her (*evil grin*). To us, this is also about rewarding Joey's dedication and time commitment to the site and its members. No one here is more respected and loved: she's Mom! And of course, she's a fox.

Welcome Joey!!

Way to go Asylum!!by MstrG - 02/01/01 - 20:25:16
We've had steady growth since we opened, but in just six months, you've pushed us over 3,000,000 hits for the month of January!!!
Asylum admins revealed:by MstrG - 01/30/01 - 14:01:24
CAL has somehow come across a photo taken of the Asylum administrative team during their recent covert meeting in Aruba. Rather than try to conceal it, we've decided to allow its posting here, so as to dispel rumors we're just a bunch of gun-toting nazis ...
Zooooooooooooooooomby MstrG - 01/25/01 - 19:05:40
Did anyone notice the change in speed on the site? Like, you click to load a thread and it's there before you blink?? Thanks to lo-key for the upgrade!!

In case you tried to use the Spamatorium in the past week or so, we've discovered a minor bug that has since been corrected (thanks for pointing it out illussion). You may once again spam away ... I know there are several of you who haven't yet put your site in there (why does aminal keep coming up in these news items?) If you encounter any issues on the site, please let us know. Also, using asylumnation instead of asylumwhores for URLs may be helpful if you do encounter problems.

More links added today to the Leisuretime Links Library.

And trivia tonight in forum 9 at 9:00 EST!!

SITE OUTAGE 01/25/2001by MstrG - 01/24/01 - 14:00:58
lo-key will be upgrading the Asylum Web Server tomorrow morning somewhere between 2-4 CST. This will take about an hour to do, so the site will be inaccessable for that period of time.

aminal, this would be a good time for you to get your daily 1.5 hours of sleep.

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