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You missed it Avondale!!by MstrG - 11/22/00 - 22:28:24
Yeah, bfd. 2000 posts.

And now, the news:

New Feral column (yesterday) ... yay!

New P/C column ... yay!

New User Update from Ats ... yay!

New poll ... yay!

Today in History now linked on the the front page ... double yay!!

No otaku or services in chat ... booooo!

In the forum: posting replies to multi-page threads now takes you to the last page ... yay!

Happy Thanksgiving ... YAY!

Administriviaby MstrG - 11/20/00 - 22:27:19
Directly above is a new User Update from kitten, and to the left, the latest from Redguard. Give them a look and comment in the Suppository if you feel so moved.

New to the site: go to the Java Chat page ... there's a link at the bottom to a contribution submitted by AlcoholSoopaFiend (yes, that's fiend to the chat-only folks). We figured he had nothing better to do when he was BANNED FROM CHAT, so we asked for some help with this.

Please check the email account you've registered under here, and keep it up to date. We've sent out a few User Update invites that have surprised us thus far by not responding.

Finally, there will be server maintenance tonight at 2 a.m. CST ... expect some slow downs.


Asylum Discombobulationby lo-key - 11/15/00 - 00:58:43
We are having major connection issues with the Asylum server, mainly due to an upstream router on our hosting network. Engineers will be installing new memory into this router Tuesday morning, as well as updating the OS. In the mean time, the website and forum will be intermittently unavailable.

To partially counteract this problem, we have removed otaku from and will keep it off until the hosting network stabilizes. Currently, galt and irish are directly connected to each other - see this thread for more info.

Edeturiul STAf and other such Paint CHiPs - 11/13/00 - 21:10:03
Wanted to delve for a moment into the inner workings of the Official Asylum Well-Oiled Machine.

Just to let you know, for all the columns and User Updates, that we have a magnificent editorial staff working night and day to clean your shit up and make sure you don't look like a complete retard.

Our editors:


We all owe them our gratitude and undying loyalty because they are so cool.

So when you submit your update, those are the people they go to.

Also, the chat stats are now on the mainpage, to the left there.

*waves at bad-ass chat stats*

Check it out. Updates every 20 minutes and is oh-so-cool of a read. Thank MstrG for that one.

Along with the polls (see below)

That is all.

Pollsby Dingle - 11/12/00 - 22:38:02
just put up a test poll.Like with most polls, if you have a dynamic (non-static) ip number you can vote everytime you dial in, and unfortunately there is not an easy way around that. All i can do at this point is ask that you only vote once per topic!

Thanks and love your brother, man.

Items of Interest MstrG - 11/09/00 - 08:02:53
Now that you've had a chance to peruse it, we want to fill you in a couple things you may have missed:

At the bottom of the first column is a link to "Hall of Fame" .. check it out if you haven't. We've also started a thread on Suggestions asking for nominations here.

Each of the columns, whether a regular columnist or a U2 (User Update), has a link at the bottom that leads to a thread where you can comment on the article. Tell them what you think!

You may also have seen the little symbol "«" next to a link ... this is used if you want to open the URL in a new window (target=blank for the geeks).

We're still accepting requests to have your cam linked. As you've seen, we're not yet using a 'portal', but will be developing this portion of the site in the coming weeks. The thread is located here.

We're also still accepting Leisure Time Links. We'll eventually develop this area into a full scale links library, with various areas of interest.

As always, we're interested in any other ideas - we check Suggestions often. Hope you're enjoying the changes to the site!

- The Admins

The new ASYLUMby Dingle - 11/05/00 - 20:56:57
Hey, a couple things you should know. The background image (which is courtesy of Anti-Stile) is set to 1024x768 by default. If you surf in 800x600 resolution just click that little link in the top left corner titled '800x600'. Clicking that will set a cookie so you'll never have to click it again.

Peace, and enjoy.

P.S. 1024x768 and 800x600 are the most commonly used resolutions. I am aware that some people use others. If you dont use either of the mentioned feel free to shoot me an email and ill put an option in for you.

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