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Profiles are temporarily goneby Dingle - 09/23/00 - 22:29:44
ill provide more info later
New Forum!by Paint CHiPs - 09/22/00 - 22:15:27
Well hey there little guy!

You wanted a pictures forum, you got a pictures forum! Feel free to post any pics, artwork, whatever right there. Any pics are welcome!

If you have any suggestions for a name for said forum, please check the appropriatly titled thread in that forum.

In any case, I hope we can count on you people not bitching about it any more. Because, as it were, any bitching at this point on this point would be pretty superfluous.

Did I mention I was drunk?

Did I also mention I hit a thousand posts too?

Sus U nwbruib U An seybj?

I thought so.

In any case, feel free to post all your crappy pics and art in the new forum.

This is the new Dingle - 09/20/00 - 15:56:15
Isnt this exciting? It seems everything is working correctly for the most part, any problems let me know.

we are Dingle - 09/19/00 - 23:32:22
technical difficulties. please stand by, and will the real bunkum please stand up, please stand up...
Forum Move!by MstrG - 09/19/00 - 20:53:32
The old Asylum Forum is closed, and is moving to the new server. Use to access the forum for now. We'll post messages there to update our status.
This Space For Rentby Paint CHiPs - 09/19/00 - 15:53:27
Eat At Joes
****** IMPORTANT -- IRC Changes ******by MstrG - 09/16/00 - 16:09:00
As of 4 p.m EST on Saturday, the IRC network has moved to the new Asylum server. Until this change is completely propagated across the internet (about 2-3 days), you will need to connect to the chat using /server By Tuesday, you should be able to connect using /server once again.

As with the move of the main Asylum site, we believe this change will put us more in control of our own future as they both continue to grow. If you have any questions, please contact any of the forum or IRC admins.

More changes coming soon!

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