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Asylum Dumb Fuck Tournament By Paint CHiPs - 05/04/04
Are you bummed that March Madness has come and gone? Lacking in sports betting opportunities now that the Kentucky Derby has been run? Upset that the football season is so far away? Donít give a shit about professional basketball like the rest of America? Are you a Red Sox fan?

If so, and youíre in dire need of a useless but bracketed sports event to bet on, then youíre in luck, as right now, the first Annual Asylum Dumb Fuck Tournament is well underway.

We have a points system through which we can reward each other for individual comments that are classy, humorous, nonsensical, perverted, and whatnot. But we donít have any for sheer stupidity, and even if we did, many of our forum members donít just excel at single stupid comments, but have long and well-established careers in the sport of dumb fuckery. So while points may work for some instances, when it comes to being moronic, it only seemed apt that we had a full blown 4-bracket 64 person tournament.

So mmmtravis, the Jim Brown of Dumb Fucks, has organized and is now in the process of running this grand event in The Lost Forum. The pace is fast, the excitement exciting, the competition fierce, and already, weíre nearly down to the Stupid 16.

What does it take to be the #1 Asylum Dumb Fuck? Well, our contestants have many different methods. You can stick your stupid nose in everybodyís personal business and offer page after page of unsolicited advice. You can get arrested under hilarious and humilating circumstances and then post about it. You can accuse the administration of this site of things that are obviously and verifiably false, time and time again. You can have sex with one of us (always a favorite). You can have a terrible sense of humor mostly predicated on pictures of fat naked old people. You can be English. The possibilities are seemingly endless.

But, I warn you now, this is not a competition for rookies. We count among our members some of the most moronic, some of the most slow-witted, and some of the most blazingly stupid forum posters youíre likely to meet on the entire internet unless you frequent If you follow the current tournament, youíll note that the competition is not to be taken lightly.

So check on in, register, and start posting away, exposing yourself in all your stupid, stupid glory, and maybe YOU can earn yourself a place in next yearís tournament. You donít HAVE to be stupid to post here, but it sure helps.


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