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News of the Whores... By Dingle - 08/31/00
Impossible! Mindboggling! Its a lie! Those are just a few things people are saying about Skapegoats story that he now has a girlfriend. Does anyone really buy it? Is it an elaborate attempt to coerce us into believing he has a social life? Stay tuned to #WOTA and TLF for more info on the matter.

As many of you know, SocialParasite is struggling for his life in his battle against Herpeghonosyphiclap. I am happy to announce that at this moment he is still breathing. The doctors said he is at a critical moment in this fight, and we can only hope his genitalia make it through the night. Your prayers and well wishes are appreciated.

It is with great pleasure that I announce a mother-to-be with us in the asylum. It seems bunkum is expecting a bouncing baby MooP. Unfortunately, the father is one of her 14 year old students and she will be going away for awhile. On the bright side though, the asylum will have a real life mascot while bunkum serves her time!

Note: please read the post below this regarding #WOTA chat

"News of the Whores..." by Dingle - 08/31/00 by T H E A S Y L U M - 2001-11-29 04:13:32
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"News of the Whores..." by Dingle - 08/31/00

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