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Posted by Spaceboy on 08-17-2000 11:42 AM:

Post antidepressants, etc

has anyone ever taken them?
im sick of losing my mind on a regular basis, and would like to know what to expect from such drugs.
(save the "happy pills are bad pills" bullshit, please)
oh, yeah...i was kind of wondering if they would destroy my imagination too...

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Posted by Princess_Chelle on 08-17-2000 02:01 PM:


i know allot about antidepressants. if you are truly depressed, and have tried other things to get through the tough times, i reccommend them. the key is finding a good dr who will work with you to find the right meds, and the right dose. i doubt it will effect your imagination. if you have other questions, id be glad to try and help you. just let me know.

Posted by shyloh on 08-18-2000 01:07 AM:


Just don't go on causes all sorts of shit. i'm already too used to it, my body probably couldn't handle going off the paxil, or else i would change to something else......

my heart is broke, but i have some glue

Posted by Spaceboy on 08-18-2000 06:30 AM:


thanx, all.

Posted by kurt on 08-21-2000 04:09 AM:


im on prozac, and it keeps me calm and cool, as well as stopping me from getting violent, which is a huge, huge plus. it just generally makes me a nicer person. and as far as the debate on mood-altering drugs: if it werent for mood-altering drugs, there'd be a lot more dead people right now. especially where i live. also, what's wrong with altering moods? im sure as hell for giving a woman on her period some midol just as im for giving a mean person their prozac.
it gives me weird-ass dreams, though.

Posted by Spaceboy on 08-21-2000 09:20 AM:


wow...i could go for some weird ass dreams...
another plus for prozac.

Posted by brimstone on 08-22-2000 06:21 AM:


i did the paxil and welbutrin thing two years ago

then i yelled at the psych i was seeing and lost my pill privelages when i quit seeing her

I'm fine now... yes


Posted by Spaceboy on 08-22-2000 09:55 AM:


welbutrin! i bet thats what i'll get put on. antidepressant + smoking cigarettes stopper

Posted by Feral Automaton on 08-23-2000 09:37 AM:


Mr. Spaceboy…

I used to inhale prozac. It was a stipulation for my living with my folks (I am a youth).

Don’t do anything chemical to right your chemical “imbalance” until you attempt many methods and forms of personal expression. Emote upon everything. Fuck anyone’s standards or vernacular forms, just pound your minute self into the oblique beauty of your past.

Mass-produce your fears, anxieties, loves, hates, ills, etc. unto everything and everyone through your most comfy and familiar artistic mediums. If you feel down, it is because you are uninspired by your present surroundings. There is nothing wrong with you. It is your surrounding shit mundane nothing that is fucking your cancer ass.

The men are back. Got to go.

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