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Posted by Gazin on 07-20-2001 10:22 PM:

Post Must be a Bryce day

Heres a couple of current pics..

Posted by pr0jectz on 07-21-2001 12:45 AM:


I like the top one


Posted by Roshigoth on 07-21-2001 03:23 PM:


And I suppose I'm strange in saying that I much prefer the bottom one.

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Posted by Gazin on 07-21-2001 04:42 PM:


Nah Rosh, the bottom pictures has many many hourse in it, had to create the objects, the other picture happened in side of 30 minutes..the second pic shows more skill..but I just love the colors in the first pic..

Posted by Dingle on 07-21-2001 04:43 PM:


i like the first one cuz it has bewbies

Posted by Krogoth on 07-31-2001 10:52 PM:


i like the second one

That shirt looks very becoming on you, then again if I was on you
I'd be cumming 2!

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Show all 6 posts from this thread on one page

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