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Posted by Dingle on 12-10-2001 07:24 AM:



Posted by Chantrea on 12-10-2001 07:24 AM:



All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.

Posted by lo-key on 12-10-2001 07:25 AM:

Sorry bout that.

I was outta state.


If your frightened of dyin' and then you hold on, you see that the devil is tearin' your life away. But, if you made your peace, then the devils are really angles that freed you from the earth.

Posted by Caffeine on 12-10-2001 07:26 AM:


Posted by Dingle on 12-10-2001 07:26 AM:

Re: Sorry bout that.

Originally posted by lo-key
I was outta state.

yes we know, at some girl-ranch just outside vegas


Posted by RiZZ on 12-10-2001 07:28 AM:



RiZZ > you.

Posted by Fiend on 12-10-2001 07:30 AM:

bugger me with my remote...

The perfect time for me to go outside and instead i read all day.



"We don't have to save the world. The world is big enough to look after itself. What we have to be concerned about is whether or not the world we live in will be capable of sustaining us in it." -Douglas Adams

Posted by A.D.H.D on 12-10-2001 07:32 AM:

It's good to be back.


gay for mugtoe

Posted by urbanjunkie on 12-10-2001 07:37 AM:

damn, that was too long of a downtime. i had to take crack to survive the wait...............

Posted by karen on 12-10-2001 07:56 AM:


Posted by Inky on 12-10-2001 08:19 AM:

it's very good to be home.

Posted by downnotout on 12-11-2001 06:03 AM:


although I am still a newbie, I am sad to report that I missed the Asylum. what does this mean? It can't mean that I need to get a life...... can it?

Posted by Dingle on 12-11-2001 06:43 AM:

of course not, none of us have lives.

Posted by Oracular_Jinx on 12-11-2001 07:45 AM:

Ooohohoh I missed it here... even if I am a n00b. Jesus... and then it worked... but I had to study... and then I didn't come online because I rented scary movies... /me slaps arm looking for vein.

it's good to be back.


Ni! Ni!

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