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Posted by King Jensen on 04-06-2004 06:49 PM:

What book did you just finish reading?

I just finished reading The Talisman.

Without telling too much about the story, I can say that it's about a 12 year old boy going on an unusual fantastic journey to get to the thing that will save his mother from dying.

It was very slow during the first pages and about a third into it, but I forced myself to keep reading, and I am glad I did.

When I finally turned the last page I felt a little sad as my journey with this book was over (until the day I take it down from the shelves again).

If you get this book, please give it a chance - you won't regret it.

I'm now passing the time until Dark Tower book 6 comes out (June 8th) with Karate-Do, My way of Life by Gichin Funakoshi. He wrote this just before his death in the fifties at the age of 90.

Posted by MstrG on 04-06-2004 06:50 PM:

bumping up to the BOOK forum

Posted by King Jensen on 04-06-2004 06:53 PM:

Sorry, didn't realize there was a book forum (plus an already started thread like this)...

Posted by Melesse on 04-06-2004 09:34 PM:

Just finished another King Book, the Dark Tower Book Five. It's back, I now love that series. I always liked it, but this one was so much better.




Posted by morgana on 04-07-2004 03:08 AM:

i loved the talisman, and the sequel, "black house" is a wonderful story as well.

if you liked that story, you'd probably love king's dark tower series, as melesse already mentioned. i'm actually re-reading the series right now. halfway through "wizard and glass".


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Posted by karen on 04-07-2004 03:18 AM:

neverwhere- neil gaiman

been meaning to read this for a while.
quite good.

Posted by King Jensen on 04-07-2004 03:35 PM:

You're absolutely correct. King's OPUS (as he calls his Dark Tower series) is finally done, and the 6th book will be out on 6/8 and the 7th book will be out on 9/21. Wouldn't it be cool if Peter Jackson took on The Dark Tower and made ???-ology of movies in the same quality as Lord of the Rings?

Posted by morgana on 04-08-2004 04:29 AM:

neverwhere is awesome. gaiman is my favorite writer. king is a very close second.

jensen- i just...don't want to have someone tell me what the gunslinger should look like. i have an idear in my head, and i like it that way. besides, as much as i love the LOTR movies, they're not the books. the gunslinger series, as we're finding out, is about all stories, all tales. twould cheapen them to make a movie out of them. i hope to god king never sells the rights.


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Posted by Paint CHiPs on 04-08-2004 04:36 AM:

Originally posted by morgana
i hope to god king never sells the rights.

Worse yet, he'd be more likely to keep the rights and produce the movies himself, which he tends to do for his better work. Which is a shame, as King has a TERRIBLE eye for cinema. The ONLY time that King's work ever turns out into decent movies is when he is strictly forbidden to have anything to do with it. The second he's allowed any measure of creative control, he fucks it up immeasurably.

If I were a fan of the Talisman (I thought it was okay but not his best), I'd be hoping he DOES sell the rights.

Posted by morgana on 04-08-2004 04:48 AM:

i was referring to the tower series. but i agree- king is a fan of cinema, but his best productions are just mediocre.


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Posted by King Jensen on 04-08-2004 03:25 PM:

You're right. There have been good King movies but there certainly have also been some bad ones. As for what they look like in your head vs the director's head is one of those side effects with all movies based on books. Personally I hated the fact that they had chosen Margot Kidder (I believe her name is) as Lois Lane in the Superman movies. She's NOT my type of beautyful woman AT ALL!!!

Posted by King Jensen on 04-08-2004 03:30 PM:

BTW, one thing that I've been wondering about is how it works when two guys sits down and write a book together like King and Straub did on The Talisman and The Black House. I don't think they took turns writing because the flow seems pretty much the same, so do you think they just talked about it (maybe even over the phone) and then one guy (probably King) wrote it all?

Posted by MstrG on 04-08-2004 03:33 PM:

The former is how it happened, as I recall. They were on opposite coasts, banging out alternating chapters on their word processors (I think King said he used an Apple computer, not sure if it was a Mac), and sending them to each other. Saw King talk about this long ago in an interview.

Posted by mmmtravis on 04-08-2004 03:52 PM:

interesting anecdote.

mogana, fuck off. you don't have to go see the movies now do you? jesus, like anyone cares about your defiled innoncence. a bad movie is still a preferable as an option to waste a day than is no movie at all. the exception, ironically enough, being neverwhere. that bbc mini cheated me out of a few precious hours. i want them back. if anyone [well, at least anyone but King himself, as paint already mentioned] were to put the series onto film, it wouldnt have to be nearly as good as the book for it to be entertaining.

Posted by King Jensen on 04-08-2004 03:52 PM:

Hmm, Interesting...

The Talisman - The Movie

Posted by King Jensen on 04-08-2004 04:01 PM:

You were right MstrG:

From an interview with Straub:

Did the Internet and electronic media make the collaboration of Black House easier?

Straub: Yeah, that's right. Though we had one of the first modems in the early '80s. The modems were big machines with telephones on top of them. You had to dial the number, we didn't have hard disks then. The floppys were like 78 records. This was before Windows, so you had to punch in a certain DOS code. Then you could hear your computer make these digesting sounds. Grumble, click, growl. It went on for half an hour while it sent a hundred pages.

When I got the pages from Steve [King] I could see them come onto the empty floppy. Line by line down the page of my monitor. They scrolled by past, but you could still read them.

There were all sorts of glitches in codes. He was using a Wang and I was using an IBM. They had different codes for italics, for bold, all that kind of thing. Even for paragraphing. We had to figure out little symbols to use in place of the ordinary symbols and inform the machine that those symbols were codes: italic, indent, etc.

After I wrote the whole thing, I'd then do a global search and replace for italic, quotation marks. And Steve would do a reverse global replace.

This time around, of course, it was much, much easier. It took seconds to send 100 pages through the Internet. It is vastly more convenient.

Posted by tempt on 04-08-2004 05:06 PM:

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest--I had to read it for an english class...


so much clit, i don't need no balls!

Posted by Sabine on 04-08-2004 07:11 PM:

go away.

Posted by Goatboy on 04-08-2004 07:44 PM:

But I liked One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.


Arbeit Macht Frei

Posted by Sabine on 04-08-2004 08:07 PM:

but do you like spinning candy?

and it just had to read that for english class.

how do you still have more points? I used all mine up on you. ass.

Posted by Goatboy on 04-08-2004 08:12 PM:

I only post to garner and gift you with my little missives of Unicorn Love.


Arbeit Macht Frei

Posted by Caffeine on 04-08-2004 08:50 PM:

I enjoyed it a fair bit.

Posted by Cliffie on 04-09-2004 05:32 AM:

Consider The Oyster by MFK Fisher. I couldn't put it down!

Posted by Sabine on 04-10-2004 12:31 AM:

Thumbs up

Originally posted by Caffeine
Unbearable Lightness of Being.

Posted by Sabine on 04-10-2004 12:32 AM:

and you should post more Cliffie.

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