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Posted by philjit on 06-17-2004 11:24 AM:

Plan of Attack by Bob Woodward

I bought this book to read whilst I am away (although I have started it early). I don't know what people think of Woodward, I remeber reading All the Presidents Men and loving his style. Anyways, I will prolly add a few titbits in here as and when I read them. Just read an interesting bit about an alleged argument between Rumsfeld and Powell.

Rumsfeld was very concerned back in March 2001 about the dual use stuff that Saddam was buying. i.e. stuff that looked innocent but could be used to aid weapons programmes. The exert from the book goes as follows:


Look what they are buying, Rumsfeld complained to Powell at one point, They are buying dumptrucks. They can take off the hydraulic cylinder that pushes the truck bed up and they can use it for a launcher for a rocket. You want to sell them the means to erect rockets to shoot at us or Israel?

For Christ's sake, Powell said, if somebody wants a cylinder to erect a rocket, they don't have to buy a $200,000 dumptruck to get one!

Fair point by Powell (assuming it's true)

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