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Posted by rodney on 03-03-2006 10:02 PM:

You're all bitches.

Just so's you know.

Posted by Trenchant_Troll on 03-03-2006 10:07 PM:

Will you stab your palm with a pen and leave now?


I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

Posted by Hawley Griffin on 03-03-2006 10:11 PM:


"too many people have opinions on things they know nothting about. and the more ignorant they are, the more opinions they have."

Posted by Large Filipino on 03-05-2006 06:37 AM:

I want one.


I want a Trump sex doll.
I would throw it in a Orangutan enclosure
And watch the orgy.

Posted by missjo on 03-05-2006 07:43 AM:

That's missbitch to you!


Brussels sprouts are for throwing not for eating!!!

Posted by skalie on 03-05-2006 08:05 AM:

Always thought you were a bloke.

Posted by rodney on 03-05-2006 12:14 PM:

This thread is a failure because of all of you.

Posted by skalie on 03-05-2006 12:20 PM:

you're welcome

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Show all 8 posts from this thread on one page

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