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Posted by Dude111 on 10-16-2015 05:38 AM:


A very good read!!

All this crap is just to scare people into getting control amoung a large group of people!!

Half the people in the world fall for it while the other half STAND UP trying to get the idiots to wake up so they arent affected anymore!

Posted by Trenchant_Troll on 10-16-2015 04:09 PM:

Welcome to the real world. He has a decent handle on things, but he is overlooking a few important aspects to the whole thing. At the end of the day there is a big picture that very few are able to see because they are too busy being spoon-fed bullshit that sounds good to them.


I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.

Posted by Dude111 on 10-17-2015 01:12 AM:

Exactly..... An excellent reply!!

Posted by SimpleSimon on 10-17-2015 01:34 AM:

An interesting read. Like T_T, I see it as a good first pass, but it ignores some salient points.

Posted by Large Filipino on 10-17-2015 02:29 AM:

I think the Cartel is a much worse threat than ISIS or the Taliban.
We don't hear this in the news but the Cartel has been breaking into rich neighborhoods in Texas armed and robbing us.
ISIS is halfway around the world.


I want a Trump sex doll.
I would throw it in a Orangutan enclosure
And watch the orgy.

Posted by Coincidence on 10-17-2015 09:55 AM:

TLDR version.

1. USA made enemies everwyhere
2. USA got rid of security measures.
3. This was probably done on purpose.
4. You're fucked, unless you read the next article containing instructions.


You're in the wrnght place.

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