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Posted by Sabine on 08-20-2002 07:00 PM:

69 ways to say "whore"

Abbess, or Lady Abbess: a bawd, or mistress of a brothel.

Athanasian Wench: A forward girl, ready to oblige every man that shall ask her.

Aunt: Mine aunt; a bawd or procuress; a title of eminence for the senior dells. See DELLS.

Balcum Rancum: a hop or dance, where the women are all prostitutes.

Bat: A low whore: so called from moving out like bats in the dusk of evening.

Biter: A wench whose quim is ready to bite her arse: a lascivious, rampant wench.

Blowen: A mistress or whore of a gentleman of the scamp. "The blowen kidded the swell into a snoozing ken, and shook him of his dummee and thimble." transl: the girl inveigled the gentleman into a brothel and robbed him of his pocket book and watch.

Bunter: A low dirty prostitute, half whore and half beggar.

Buttock: a whore.

Buttock Broker: A bawd, or a matchmaker.

Buttock and File: A common whore and a pickpocket.

Buttock and Twang, or Down Buttock and Sham-File: A common whore but no pickpocket.

Cat: Common Prostitute

Cattle: Whores or gypsies.

Coffee House: A necessary house. To make a coffee house of a woman's quim; to go in and out and spend nothing.

Commodity: A woman's commodity: the private parts of a modest woman, and the public parts of a prostitute.

Convenient: A Mistress.

Covent Garden Nun: A Prostitute.

Covey: a collection of whores. "What a find covey hereis, if the devil would but throw his net!"

Crack: A Whore.

Crackish: Whorish.

Crinkum Crankum: A woman's commoditiy. See SPECTATOR (Which they have failed to make an entry for. Use your imagination, kids.)

Curtizan [sic]: A Prostitute.

Custom House Goods: The stock in trade of a prostitute, because fairly entered.

Cyprian: A Prostitute.

Dells: Young buxom wenches, ripe and prone to venery, but who have not lost their virginity, which the "upright" man claims by virtue of his perogative: After which they become free for any of the fraternity. Also a common strumpet.

Demimondaine: a kept woman; a mistress.

Dishclout: A dirty, greasy woman. See WHORE.

Doxies: She-beggars, wenches, whores.

Drap: A nasty sluttish whore.

Drury Lane Vestal: A woman of the town, or a Prostitute.

Easy Virtue: An impure woman; a Prostitute.

Fen: A bawd or common prostitute.

Fusty Luggs: A beastly, sluttish woman.

Hedgewhore: An itinerent harlot who bilks the bagnios and bawdyhouses by disposing of her favours on the wayside under a hedge. A low, beggerly prostitute.

Hoyden: A romping girl. See WHORE.

Laced Mutton: See WHORE.

Madame Ran: A Whore.

Miss: A kept mistress. A Harlot.

Mob, or Mab: A Wench or a Harlot.

Monosyllable: A woman's commodity.

Moon-Eyed Hen: A squinting whore.

Mother: A bawd.

Mrs. Warren: see WHORE

Public Ledger: A prostitute, because like that paper, she is open to all parties.

Queer Mort: A diseased strumpet.

Rantipole: A rude romping boy or girl; also a gadabout, dissipated woman. To ride rantipole; the same as riding St. George. See RIDING St. GEORGE. Also see WHORE.

Receiver General: A Prostitute.

Relish: Carnal connexion with a woman.

Riding St. George: The Woman uppermost in the amourous congress, that is, the dragon upon St. George. This is said to be the way to get a bishop.

Roger: To bull or lie with a woman; from the name of Roger being frequently given to a bull.

Romp: A forward wanton girl; a tomrig. See HOYDEN.

Scab: A worthless man or woman. Also see WHORE.

Scotch Warming Pan: A Wench; also a Fart.

To Screw: To copulate. A Female Screw: A common Prostitute.

Slattern: A woman sluttishly negligent in her dress.

Slut: A lewd or dissolute woman; a Prostitute.

Strumpet: A harlot.

Tart: pie, pastry, turnover, puff, Danish Pastry, French Pastry, Patisserie; Quiche, strudel, baklava, blintz, éclaire. Also a saucy whore.

Tomboy: A romping girl, who prefers the amusements used by boys to those of her own sex.

Town: A woman of the town: a prostitute.

Trapes: A slatternly woman, a careless sluttish woman.

Trollop: An unkempt, slovenly, low whore.

Trull: A ghostly monster, boor, lout, blockhead. A prostitute or mistress.

Trumpery: An old whore; or goods of no value.

Unfortunate Women: Prostitutes: so termed by the virtuous and compassionate of their own sex.

Wasp: An infected prostitute, who like a wasp carries a sting in her tail.

Well-hung: "The blowen was nutts upon the kiddey because he is well-hung." i.e.; the girl is pleased with the youth because his genitals are large.

Whore!: like they'd actually make an entry for this one, go figure ...

Posted by Sabine on 08-20-2002 07:03 PM:

umm.. this was very obviously posted in the wrong place.

Posted by Aydin on 08-20-2002 08:32 PM:

I'm now a manwhore.


Aydin1 on Google+

Posted by Sabine on 08-21-2002 01:19 AM:

*high-fives Tak*

Posted by CRSR on 08-21-2002 03:12 AM:

Originally posted by Sabine
umm.. this was very obviously posted in the wrong place.

that would be my guess...where's rosh?

Posted by Roshigoth on 08-21-2002 04:14 AM:

Moving now.


Posted by FuhQall on 08-21-2002 09:36 AM:

Nowhere was my exs' name listed there, I contest the validity of the list in favour of leaving it at the number 69 for obvious one of the terms is not valid in addition.


Shit, Motherfucker, Fuck, Shit!

Posted by ItsJustLogan on 08-21-2002 09:40 AM:

i like the word "quim"


(now cue the ass parade of ditto-heads and commissars and pricks to drown out this faintest threat of commie faggot heretics)

Posted by Peter_Torque on 08-21-2002 10:54 AM:

Ah, a man of taste. You would certainly enjoy the Victorian name for a particularly mousy squeak emanating from under a young lady's dress during dinner: a "quim-tickler."

The Queen set off a quim-tickler during dinner. Immediately, she turned to her Butler and said; "Jeeves! Stop that!"

Jeeves replied; "Of course, your highness. Which way did it go?"

Posted by Pianomahnn on 08-23-2002 06:48 PM:


Posted by SoonerorLater on 08-23-2002 07:02 PM:

Uh, I was born in 69.

Posted by GoFuckYourselves! on 08-26-2002 01:46 AM:

I didn't see "post whore" listed!

So I looked it up in the dictionary and there was my picture!!

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