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Posted by billgerat on 03-29-2003 05:18 AM:

Cuddly Saddam doll on e-Bay

"Saddam has a little secret. He is anatomically correct both in his fly-zone and no-fly-zone. The "interactive" Patriot Missile fits quite snugly up his "no-fly-zone" (if you catch our drift) and if you ram it up there hard enough, he will play "God Bless America".


"Republicans: the party that brought us 'Just Say No.' First as a drug policy, then as their entire platform." -Stephen Colbert -

Posted by SocialParasite on 03-29-2003 05:25 AM:

Aww . . . isn't it cute.



Posted by slight on 03-30-2003 11:57 AM:

Posted by splAt on 03-30-2003 04:09 PM:



A world without nuclear weapons would be less stable and more dangerous for all of us.

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