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formerly Gen/illussion

Registered: Aug 2000
Location: Massachusetts
Posts: 2566
Im begining to change my thoughts...

People are hating more and more...... and I have a feeling it wont stop.....


and no... I do not agree with these.

"We should be able to refuse to live if the price of living be the torture of sentient beings." -Mahatma Gandhi

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Old Post 09-14-2001 03:21 AM
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The Cheesemeister

Registered: Aug 2000
Location: Myrtle Beach, SC
Posts: 18000

Umm.. I disagree with the second one.

The first one seems rather appropriate, if and only if, Bin Laden's responsible. I'd prefer someone snipe his ass than the US bombing Afghanistan to the ground and setting off WWIII.


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Old Post 09-14-2001 03:31 AM
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Dog Breath
Cuddly Puppy

Registered: Jan 2001
Location: California
Posts: 4252

I thought the first one was funny. It had a bit of satire in it.

The second wasn't particularly funny and just childish.

No sicker than the baby jokes we love so much.

We all grieve in different ways. Young boys tend to make light of strongly emotional issues. That is in order to apear indifferent and strong, not affected and weak.
Tell a young boy his mother is dead, he will cry (It's allowed).
Tell him someone elses mom is dead he will crack a joke over what a whore she was and it was probably AIDS. He is not allowed to cry over some one else's loss lest he appear weak.

In this case if he actually had family in the towers a young man can cry. If not he is forced to swallow his emotions and respond in anger or jest.

And you thought plucking eyebrows was painfull.

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Old Post 09-14-2001 03:37 AM
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passive stalker?

Registered: Jul 2000
Location: zanzibar
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I am more concerned with the few reports of people smashing mosques and businesses in the US in 'retaliation'.

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Old Post 09-14-2001 03:42 AM
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awsomeness incarnit

Registered: Jul 2000
Location: aggressivly happy
Posts: 9232

im with rosh-goth-bgosh on this one

RiZZ > you.

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Old Post 09-14-2001 03:43 AM
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Blarg. I'm dead.

Registered: Jan 2001
Posts: 1163

Arabs face a violent backlash across US


By Andrew Gumbel in Los Angeles

14 September 2001

The shock of Tuesday's destruction of the World Trade Centre took 24 hours to sink in, but once it did the backlash against Arab Americans, Muslims and other groups perceived to be associated with the suicide hijackers began in earnest.

A mob of several hundred teenagers gathered in Chicago on Wednesday night and started to march on the Bridgeview mosque. They were deterred only by thick lines of police blocking their path. In another part of Chicago, a man was arrested for wielding a machete at a petrol station owner he thought was an Arab.

In San Francisco, a bag of pig's blood was left outside an immigration centre catering to people from the Middle East. An anonymous phone call informed staff there was a package outside "for your brother, Osama bin Laden".

Vandals smashed the windows of a mosque in Texas, and a fight broke out in a prison in Washington state after a group of Muslim inmates were showered with insults. Across the country there were reports of death threats, attempted fire-bombings and individuals wielding guns or other weapons at people perceived to be of Middle Eastern origin. Taxi- drivers were particularly at risk, not only Arabs but Iranians, Pakistanis and Indians _ particularly Sikhs, whose turbans were mistaken by many angry passengers as an indication of Arab origin.

Maha el-Genaidi, the executive director of the Islamic Network Group in San Jose, California, said she had received more than half a dozen threatening calls and e-mails. "One of them threatened my life and the lives of all Muslims," she said. "And others were saying, 'Get the hell out of the country. You ruined the country, and you will all die'."

In Washington, the communications director for the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, Hussein Ibish, said he had been threatened during a radio broadcast he was participating in.

"It was a right-wing talk show broadcast from Florida. I had just done an introductory interview expressing my anger and my outrage and my grief at what had happened, when the first caller to get through said he would come up to Washington, track me down and exterminate me," he said.

The news was not all bad, however. For just about every backlash incident, there was a counter-backlash. Groups of Muslims, often joined by Jews and Christians, held vigils across the country to urge tolerance, understanding and a cooling of passions. In most big cities, police were stationed outside mosques, Jewish temples and other religious and community buildings. Where violence beckoned, law enforcement teams rushed to the scene to prevent it.

"The police have responded magnificently around the country," Mr Ibish said. "There is a battle going on in the psyche of America between the angry, enraged America which wants to lash out at anyone who might be an Arab or a Muslim, and the tolerant, multicultural America that understands that criminal actions are the responsibility of criminals, not a wider cultural group."

For the moment, he said, he was heartened by what he had seen, which was more civilised than the atmosphere during the Gulf War a decade ago, when anyone with a vaguely brown face risked being insulted in the street and accused of being an Iraqi (frequently, according to Mr Ibish, pronounced "Eye-rake-wee").

"I have to say the angels of our better nature are winning out," he commented. Some, if not all, politicians have made a point of urging tolerance _ Rudolph Giuliani, the Mayor of New York, being a notable example _ and the same message has been repeated by most television news anchors.

Peter Jennings of ABC said on Wednesday night that attacks and insults against Arab Americans were "stupid" and inhumane.

One arena for the battle over tolerance was the internet, where chatrooms buzzed with anti-Arab sentiment, countered almost immediately by calls for calm and avoidance of mindless prejudice. Similar heated exchanges took place in classrooms at schools, universities and community colleges. One Arab-American student at the University of Illinois at Chicago, 18-year-old Ehab Odeh, told a local reporter that a girl in his English class had said "she was sure 95 per cent of Arabs were terrorists".

In fact dozens, if not hundreds, of Arab Americans are believed to have been inside the World Trade Centre, working as traders and brokers on the floors of the financial exchanges, making them victims every bit as much as any other community group in America.

Some Arab Americans are bitter that they are not being allowed to grieve for their dead because of the growing atmosphere of suspicion and intolerance. "We feel violated twice," said Hatem Baziam, a Palestinian and Islamic Studies professor at the University of California at Berkeley who joined a candle-lit gathering in San Francisco. "We are not identified as part of the victims of the bombing, and in the aftermath we're immediately associated with the attack."

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Old Post 09-14-2001 01:35 PM
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caustic milk - hybrid

Registered: Apr 2001
Location: behind the irony curtain
Posts: 19151

It enrages me to no end...and I tell you what...those who make out fucking lists of the reasons Arabs have to hate Americans are not helping anyone and surely aren’t representing all Arabs. All Arabs don’t fucking hate Americans and most dont seek our destruction. And as far as Islam goes...a group of the guys who did this frequented a strip club in Florida during their stay where they were showy with their money and drank lots of liquor.. .now I know strippers are a big no no to people who think strongly about a woman's modesty but aren’t they also not allowed to drink? These people did not fucking represent Islam, the represented a group of people no different from the KKK, a small group of fanatics. And the fact that Americans are still capable of looking at skin and hating is sickening…but I knew it was going to happen…they are even more a victim of this than the rest of us. If you or I come across one of these people in our personal lives we should explain in a calm rational fashion how wrong it is, making sure not to put them on the defensive or made to feel they are not entitled to their anger, we just need to help redirect it in the proper direction...I would also imagine they would be eager to learn all Arabs or Islamic people do not systematically seek our destruction.

taste the fucking rainbow & dont touch my junk.

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Old Post 09-14-2001 01:57 PM
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wallet.dat is where it at

Registered: Jul 2000
Location: fuck you daaaaaaaaad
Posts: 24496

It seems to be the typical knee-jerk American reaction to generalize and then attack a group just because a few people do something stupid (or horrific in this case). I understand the anger that the people feel because the heat of that anger still flows strongly through my veins, but to cause harm to a group of people because in your mind the sins of one are the sins of all is just rediculous. I think any who harass the Arab Americans, Muslims, and various other Mid-East peoples/groups in the United States should be sternly kicked in the balls by a butch dyke wearing steel toed boots, followed by a rather large fine, and a stiff prison sentence.


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Old Post 09-14-2001 05:05 PM
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