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The LAX three?

Okay, so I've been without TV for quite some time now (for a while I was getting MSNBC, which was pretty fuckin' cool [sorta]) so I've fallen a bit behind when it comes to current events and such, but would someone PLEASE make this make sense for me?


So that's how you cover the tracks of a problematic assassination attempt! Minutes after the July 4 attack at LAX, witnesses described the shooter as a 52 year old Caucasian, with blonde hair and a pony tail. One witness was broadcast on the Torah Bits program of Arutz Sheva in Israel, others worked at the Air Mexicana counter next to El Al. To put an end to the veracity of the eye-witness testimonies, someone called CNN an hour after the attack. As one correspondent noted, "I heard the original CNN broadcast when the whole thing about this "Artie" came up...I heard the caller LIVE on the TV when the call came in. I knew immediately that it was a hoax, because I am aware of the source of the joke. I heard the last bit before it was cut-off, you see, and the person said "Artie Lang..." then was cut-off, but not before I heard it ( and anyone who was truly listening.) It would be a good idea to finally ask this Artie Lang if he is so insensitive and cruel as to call in a hoax when two innocent victims lay dead on the floor of the LAX international terminal and seven others were painfully wounded.
But whether he did, and if so someone start the criminal proceedings already, the witnesses' testimonies preceded the hoax. And they included lots of policemen. ***,749755,00.html

Police declined to give the name or nationality of the gunman although they knew his identity but they said that they believed he was acting alone. The gunman was described as white, pony-tailed and aged 52.

The 52-year-old gunman, whose name and nationality were not released, approached the El Al ticket counter before noon, Pacific time, and began shooting, Los Angeles police spokesman Alex Baez said.,00.html : World News : July 05, 2002 :By Roland Watson and Chris Reed in Los Angeles : The Los Angeles Police Department said that the gunmen was aged 52, but there was no indication of his identity, nationality or motive.

*** Since the accused shooter Hadayet was 41 years old and a 41 year old doesn't look 52, why did officers of the LAPD insist he was 52? How did they know such a thing and let's add; Why did the LAPD initially describe this 52 year old as blonde with a pony tail? Is it because all the cops were watching CNN, heard an obvious hoax and unanimously agreed to play along with it?

And if there is a huge difference between the LAPD description of the shooter and Hadeyet's actual age, hairstyle and complexion, let us now examine problems with the shooter's choice of fashion. ***


The gunman's identity and his hometown were not immediately released, but witnesses described him as middle-aged in a business suit.

The Houston Chronicle (Houston, TX), July 5, 2002 p1

Parkus, in a telephone interview from Los Angeles, said he was standing in line at the Singapore Airlines ticket counter about 30 feet from the gunman, who was about 6 feet tall and 225 pounds and was wearing a blue blazer, slacks and a red tie.

The Parkus brothers said FBI agents interviewed them for hours after the shooting. Paul Parkus said he took photographs of the dead gunman, but the airport security staff told him to stop.

Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service

The 39-year-old Parkus ducked the gunfire, and then held the man's legs while the guards subdued him. "I wasn't really thinking," he said hours later, fatigue evident in his voice. "It was sort of surreal. I couldn't believe what was happening." Then the man, nicely dressed in a gray sport coat, slacks and a reddish polo shirt, stopped moving. Parkus knew he was either dying or dead.

On July 6th, the New York Post put the El Al ticket agent, who also 'hosted' passengers to the VIP lounge, on the front of its Metro edition, and on its website. The article by David K. Li notes that the alleged shooter, Hesham Mohammed Hedayet, "said nothing before he walked up" to the ticketing counter and shot Hen to death. Inside the Post, there is a picture of a man laying on the floor, with a bloody wound: it is difficult to make out all of the details, but he appears to be wearing blue trousers, russet-brown shoes and a light pink shirt; he does not appear to be wearing a coat in that image. How then, did he conceal a Glock .45 and a 9 mm pistol and extra clips and a large knife?

From the MNSBC website, reporting on July 5th, Hesham is described as being six feet tall and weighing 230 pounds, wearing a blue blazer and a red tie. The Post picture of July 6th shows a man without a blazer or a tie, lying dead.

Hedayet had very short hair, and was definitely not wearing a blue shirt as the picture of his dead body in the New York Post clearly shows (if, of course, that is really him).

*** Before we dive into the blatant differences in clothing, let us ask why we haven't seen any video clips of the attack. We have been told that LAX security cameras did not film the El Al counter. To that I say, 'What a load...' But now we know for a fact that Dr. Parkus took some still shots of the shooter's corpse. Alright already, let's see them. They may explain why in one interview Parkus has Hadayet wearing a blue blazer and in another, a gray sport coat. Another photo of the corpse appeared in the NY Post and it shows Hadayet wearing a pink shirt. Until now, in this investigation, witnesses reported that the shooter was wearing only a shirt.There was no blazer or business suit seen by anyone. The closest call was in Haaretz which reported witnesses saw the shooter wearing a blue shirt. But, and this is the most convincing evidence of all so far, Hadayet is not wearing a jacket in the NY Post photo and his shirt is pink. So who was wearing the blue shirt or blue blazer? ***

A Miami man identified only as "Mr. Park," who was on his way to Korea, described pandemonium in the area as passengers hit the deck or bolted for the exits. "I thought he was running away and the police were chasing him," Park said.

The gunman, who may have had an accomplice according to the LAPD, was killed by a security officer with El-Al.

Los Angeles, July 4 (UPI)

One man, wearing long sideburns and a blue shirt, was seen being taken away in the back of a police car. His role in the incident was not revealed.


LAPD Lieutenant Horace Franks said two people were in LAPD custody for questioning. They were likely to be turned over to the FBI as the federal agency assumed the lead on the investigation.

*** Now enough of this farce! There was someone else in the terminal and he was seen being chased by police. Then someone with a blue shirt, and if not necessarily sporting long blonde hair, at least with long sideburns, was taken away in an LAPD squad car as a suspected accomplice. And he wasn't the only one. LAPD Lieutenant Franks reported two suspects arrested, now presumably, safely in the hands of the FBI.

Let's cut to the chase; WHO WERE THEY? And; WHY HAVEN'T WE HEARD FROM THEM SINCE? With those questions in mind, maybe Mrs. Hadayet (Hala el-Awadly) told the NY Times the truth. ***

Wife Can't Explain Fatal Shootings at Airport By NEIL MacFARQUHAR CAIRO, July 8 - The wife of an Egyptian immigrant who fatally shot two people on the Fourth of July at Los Angeles International Airport said today that she could find no reason for the shooting. "There is no motive that would make him do such a thing," the woman, Hala el-Awadly, said in a telephone interview. "He is a quiet person who lived his life in peace. He carried no hatred for anyone, and he was never aggressive nor violent, never." American law enforcement officials have said her husband, Hesham Mohamed Hadayet, 41, went to the counter of El Al, the Israeli airline, with the intention to kill people. Carrying two guns and a hunting knife, he killed two people and wounded several others before a guard shot him dead. Mrs. Awadly, visiting her family here, said none of the American officials' potential explanations fit her husband of more than 12 years.

Business at his limousine service had been slow since Sept. 11, she said, but the family had savings to tide them over. She also described a marital dispute that sent the police to their house seven years ago as a minor quarrel for which she was to blame for blowing out of proportion. She rejected contentions by one of the Syrians who worked briefly for her husband that her husband hated Jews. The man told reporters that Mr. Hadayet once told him that Israel was destroying Egypt through exporting prostitutes with AIDS. She also dismissed statements by other neighbors that her husband had been upset that a neighbor flew American and Marine flags from his balcony after Sept. 11.

"Everyone in the U.S. hangs flags," she said. "We never complained to anyone." Mrs. Awadly said that in the immediate aftermath of Sept. 11 all Arabs and Muslims became suspects widely reviled in the United States. But she noted that nobody had brought any accusations against her husband. "After Sept. 11, they arrested more people than you could imagine, but he wasn't even questioned," she said. "Why didn't the neighbors file a complaint then?" "The day of the accident, he talked to us, his voice was quiet as usual," Mrs. Awadly said. "He asked about the kids and said please make them study so that they do not forget their English when they return."

***This investigation required an enormous amount of evidence gathering by my readers. They all did a spectacular job, especially Yitzhak Dorfman and Linda Pepperdine. However, let us recognize David Miller's impressive tracking of Shimon Peres' granddaughter. A revealing picture of the intended victim is found at:

Numerous correspondents noted that Peres apparently got the message and initiated meetings with the PLO's new finance minister, the aim of which is to unfreeze $3.5 billion in back taxes the PLO claims Israel owes their enterprise. *** Foreign Minister Shimon Peres has resumed his diplomatic talks with PA leaders. Although Prime Minister Sharon would not let him meet with top officials considered close to Arafat, Peres will meet with Abdel Razek Yichye and Salem Fiad, responsible for Interior and Finance, in the coming day. So reports Itim News Agency in the name of a PA official. Peres said yesterday that it was a mistake not to have allowed the formation of a Palestinian state at the beginning of the Oslo process.



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Huh is right. This has been a rather interesting tale, has it not?

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it has, but i can't think of any way to comment.
oh, wait, i got it...


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