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Statistics cover Tuesday 10/9/2007 to Monday 11/12/2007
During this 35-day period, a total of 52 persons visited #wota.

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Big Numbers

Pianomahnn popped in and out all the time, joining #wota 92 times during this reporting period...
The most active quit message writers:
Nick                percentage Random Quote
1. TEFL 100 % (Quit: Hooptydoo!)
2. cw 100 % (Quit: Connection reset by beer)
3. MadLucas 100 % (Quit: Leaving)
4. Pinecrika 100 % (Quit: CGI:IRC)
5. fiend 93.3 % (Quit:)
RiZZ really wanted others to know what he was doing - 108 descriptions altogether.
 [11:08] * RiZZ upgrades ubuntu remotely
cw had a problem with authority and got booted out 3 times.
[03:40] * cw was kicked by MstrG (Caps abuse - 100%)
MadLucas was either being philosophical or just plain clueless - 17% of his lines contained questions.

...and the silver medal goes to torque - with a question ratio of 16%.

MAC didn't have anyone to talk to and performed 26 monoloques (writing over 5 lines in a row).

Smug Git also chatted to himself 22 times.

RiZZ forgot to turn off the CAPS-lock, writing 21 lines in CAPS.
 [11:07] <RiZZ> YAYAY
11/3/2007 6:15pm - 6:30pm was a busy time for #wota - 8 people active
Active users during this 15-minute period were (in order of appearance):
 Mordecai, MAC_stumpkiller, Madeline, Rosh, Vyper, SSimon, slaitch, Tefl
macker didn't know when to stop typing, averaging 52 letters per line.

Average line length on #wota was 37 letters.

#wota's nick flooders (still haven't found the best one, MAC...)
MAC41 Nicks         MAC_stumpkiller(7.4%), MAC-in_chat(7.3%), MACaholic(7.2%), MACliest_mac_on_earth(7.1%), MAC_walk-a-bout(6.8%), MAC_positive(6.1%), MACcentuate_the_positive(5.7%), MACigar(5.7%), MAC_unremunerated(4.9%), MAC-rittos(4.6%), MAC_housewerk(4.3%), MACeltic(3.6%), MACsome(2.6%), MAC_cow(2.5%), MAC_not-hunting(2.5%...
Vyper15 Nicks         Vyper(85%), Vyper-sorta(6.6%), Vyper-dishes(1.7%), Vyper-trance(1.3%), Vyper-sleeps(1.3%), Vyper-Gone(1.0%), Vyper-homework(0.8%), Vyper-Soapy(0.5%), Vyper-reading(0.5%), vyper-drunk(0.1%), Vyper-WhataSuckyDay(0.0%), Vyper-speels(0.0%), Vyper-YaMeFui(0.0%), Vyper-work(0.0%), Vyper-sleeping(0.0%)
tack4 Nicks         tack(98%), tack-school(1.2%), tack-out(0.6%), tack-halloween(0.2%)
RiZZ3 Nicks         RiZZ(94%), SuperJesus(3.8%), RiZZo(2.1%)
rodney3 Nicks         rodney(99%), sleepney(0.1%), workney(0.1%)

#wota's typo champs

  Nick                percentage Random Quote
1 MadLucas  1.02% 10/31 8:58pm " guys ahve heard of consumation, right?"
2 RiZZ  0.74% 11/6 9:21am "well honestly i never saw an ep of firefly so you might be right until i can verify..."
3 Pianomahnn  0.54% 11/1 9:34pm "teh"
4 macker  0.50% 10/16 2:15pm "anyway, I best head home. I had teh slow cooked lamb shoulder in the oven that..."
5 cw  0.47% 10/17 4:58am "of coarse"
6 Social Parasite  0.34% 10/16 2:28pm " -- Coulter got TEH HAXED"
7 SSimon  0.27% 11/10 11:29pm "probably elsewhere, tho i never saw them in belize or honduras"
8 cornelius  0.27% 10/17 1:29pm "good audience for 4 in teh UK"
9 jazebelle  0.25% 11/5 8:42pm "HOW'RE U DOIN?"
10 MAC  0.21% 11/5 10:27pm "I didn't know that, but now that it's been said i believe it as tho it were fact"

Image spammers

  Nick                percentage Random Quote
1 macker  1.62% 11/5 9:53am ""
2 Lightbulb  1.17% 10/13 6:57pm ""
3 Social Parasite  1.03% 10/9 10:36pm ""
4 squee  0.96% 10/14 8:58am ""
5 RiZZ  0.66% 10/23 6:08pm ""
6 SLH  0.60% 10/29 8:45pm " <----looks like that without a hilt on"
7 MadLucas  0.51% 11/3 6:21pm ""
8 jazebelle  0.50% 10/12 8:58am ""
9 rodney  0.44% 10/18 2:17am ""
10 Lupin-III  0.38% 10/31 10:53am ""

Computer freaks on #wota

  Nick                percentage Random Quote
1 macker  2.37% 11/2 5:55am "I'll sell you a dual pentium pro 200, 128MB of RAM, 2x2GB SCSI drives"
2 Mordecai  1.46% 11/6 7:44pm "I'd be better off ordering some computer case fans"
3 Mokkori  1.30% 10/16 4:51pm "I'm good.. my computer is dead though. So I have to use my old one .."
4 Smug Git  1.19% 11/5 1:31pm "I think that they'll notice that, downloading gigabyte images from the mar orbiter"
5 jazebelle  0.99% 10/27 11:32pm "I've learnt more about golf by playing computer golf"
6 Lupin-III  0.75% 10/16 3:05am "I don't even have a computer with a floppy drive"
7 Trenchant Troll  0.44% 11/11 7:26pm "So? Reform schools have computers."
8 TEFL  0.37% 10/29 11:08pm "the one i have is preety serious. it allows the trains to be run remotely by computer"
9 RiZZ  0.37% 11/9 12:08pm "smug is crazy its not a computer"
10 Roshigoth  0.30% 11/2 11:35pm "to annoy the fuck out of us and confuse our computers"

Ellipse Abusers

  Nick                percentage Random Quote
1 Pinecrika  8.89% 10/27 2:46am "Well, you are cutting into smoke time but..."
2 Mokkori  7.79% 10/18 3:54am "I just dreamt I chatted to you briefly online... so no"
3 Vyper  6.41% 10/20 7:03pm "that reminds me... I need to go brush my teeth beore we leave"
4 squee  4.33% 10/13 6:22pm "For a while I was afraid I was becoming an alcoholic...well, if I am, I'm a really..."
5 Lupin-III  4.15% 10/27 11:46pm "my cat is fairly normal... except that she plays fetch, catch, stands on her back..."
6 Trenchant Troll  2.67% 11/11 7:14pm "You forget that Simon is with...shh..The Company."
7 MadLucas  2.56% 10/27 7:05pm "wellll, I did some research...."
8 Pianomahnn  1.63% 11/11 5:44pm "texas does border a large body of salt water..."
9 macker  1.62% 10/9 8:33am "hmm...I'll probably be moving around then, but we'll see"
10 MAC  1.37% 10/13 10:41pm "or maybe that was the right wingers...."

a.k.a. Sycophants

  Nick                percentage Random Quote
1 cornelius  1.07% 10/17 11:31am "sounds almost as interesting as getting paid to ask macker questions in wota"
2 Trenchant Troll  0.89% 10/26 11:47am "Is macker drunk?"
3 jazebelle  0.25% 10/9 8:28am "heys macker"
4 tack  0.17% 10/18 4:10pm "i don't remember meeting you, i dont remember any of philly except dingle asking..."
5 Smug Git  0.15% 10/16 7:03am "good to see macker raging again, however"
6 macker  0.12% 10/16 1:49pm "And LB, I'd avoid uploading anything to macker for now, I've got about 1GB free"
7 SSimon  0.09% 10/27 4:57pm "ageneration ago the flat macker pays 1400 pounds/month for would have been..."
8 RiZZ  0.07% 11/5 11:03am "so macker did you watch BSGRAZOR?"
9 MAC  0.04% 10/18 9:10pm "thank god for dingle who stuck those thousands of posts in a seperate forum"

Abominator Obsessed

  Nick                percentage Random Quote
1 Lightbulb  1.84% 11/5 7:06am "It's time to turn this Macfag server into a proper beige box then."
2 rodney  1.10% 10/16 2:44am "i'm going to bed, i don't want to hear about scifi's continued gayness"
3 macker  1.00% 10/12 7:54am "assuming the gay event is in Spain"
4 Smug Git  0.97% 10/12 8:36am "'filming at a gay event' = 'making POV gay porn'"
5 cornelius  0.80% 10/12 7:44am "a gay bouncer tried to hit on him, that's the last i heard"
6 squee  0.72% 10/14 9:07am "They should say "squee!" whenever someone makes a gay joke"
7 cw  0.70% 10/18 1:50am "good thing for you there is a gay old guy fairy"
8 RiZZ  0.59% 10/31 10:54am "fag"
9 tack  0.58% 11/10 8:20pm "i massaged some dude today, even gayer."
10 Lupin-III  0.38% 11/5 10:41pm "who hasn't mugtoe hit on?"

Top 10 smiley using guys on #wota

  Nick                percentage Random Quote
1 torque  5.08% 11/7 10:38pm "it's just more fun when it;s not forever :)"
2 cw  2.34% 10/15 10:41pm "there's enough of that at work ; }"
3 Vyper  1.00% 11/11 2:06pm "that's already worked out, but you may be able to hitch a ride with the one coming..."
4 MadLucas  0.77% 10/31 9:25pm "MAC :d"
5 tack  0.75% 10/17 4:42pm "you can give her my number Pinecrika:)"
6 jazebelle  0.74% 10/18 10:50am "can't wait :D"
7 Pianomahnn  0.54% 11/4 7:26pm ":D"
8 MAC  0.54% 11/7 9:37pm "and i won't have awoman who can't hold her own indian wrestling with me :)"
9 fiend  0.53% 11/7 11:17pm ":D"
10 squee  0.48% 10/27 4:50pm "yeah, and I'm really hoping my folks send me my heavy winter coat before then..."

Most frequently repeated words at #wota:

Count Word Last used by At
351 "really" macker 11/12 4:54am
282 "people" Smug Git 11/12 6:49am
276 "Because" Smug Git 11/12 7:52am
272 "pretty" macker 11/12 11:34am
251 "should" Lightbulb 11/12 8:38am
203 "though" Lightbulb 11/12 8:40am
202 "something" Lightbulb 11/12 6:07am
193 "probably" macker 11/12 8:03am
188 "better" Smug Git 11/12 7:56am
174 "actually" Lightbulb 11/12 8:11am

Frequently mentioned nicks:
Count Word Last used by At
160 "tack" rodney 11/11 11:13pm
142 "Vyper" SSimon 11/11 10:44pm
132 "RiZZ" SSimon 11/12 10:58am
122 "Roshigoth" SSimon 11/11 10:07pm
103 "macker" Smug Git 11/12 8:20am

These people talk in their own (strange) language...
Count Nick                Randomly selected sample(amount)
46 SSimon "seldom"(4), "sample"(3), "jazzie"(3), "shewas"(3), "maddie"(3), "peyote"(3), ...
24 MAC "abunch"(4), "emoney"(3), "safely"(3), "eworld"(3), "becaus"(3), ...
23 Vyper "nighty"(11), "essays"(5), "hhhmmm"(4), "gasket"(4), "oooooh"(3), ...
14 Smug Git "Guerin"(5), "Spades"(3), "screws"(3), "Cossey"(3), "stooge"(3), ...
9 macker "writes"(4), "Poplar"(3), "viewing"(3), "Naughty"(3), "cleaners"(3), ...
9 tack "whatup"(3), "shiatsu"(4), "cruelty"(3), "elevator"(5), "ayurveda"(3), ...
7 TEFL "clancy"(4), "starwars"(6), "shortcut"(4), "bicycles"(4), "palpitine"(4), ...
6 RiZZ "awsome"(8), "dosent"(5), "weeeee"(3), "possably"(3), "weeeeeeee"(5), ...
3 fiend "adamant"(3), "lobsters"(4), "braising"(3)
3 SLH "vegana"(3), "pinched"(3), "railbike"(6)

These pairs like to talk in their own special language
Count Nicks Randomly selected sample(amount)
29 SSimon and MAC "quiche"(7), "hooked"(6), "diesel"(5), "tartan"(4), "refuse"(4), "cattle"(4), ...
28 SSimon and TEFL "cherry"(4), "laurel"(4), "dakota"(3), "gallon"(3), "dealer"(3), "guinea"(3), ...
24 SSimon and Vyper "avocado"(8), "cousin"(4), "pelvis"(4), "munchkin"(10), "madison"(7), ...
23 Smug Git and macker "Isilon"(6), "copied"(4), "arrays"(3), "browse"(3), "deposit"(5), "gigabit"(4), ...
22 SSimon and SLH "occurs"(6), "sprung"(4), "rubber"(4), "muslim"(4), "assault"(6), "soccer"(3), ...
20 MAC and TEFL "supper"(7), "barrel"(5), "flicks"(4), "carter"(4), "chrome"(4), "robbed"(3), ...
19 MAC and Smug Git "yankee"(4), "attend"(4), "cheers"(3), "blower"(3), "celtic"(3), "steven"(3), ...
14 SSimon and tack "rupees"(5), "barber"(3), "dessert"(3), "defines"(3), "centers"(3), ...
14 SSimon and Smug Git "physics"(3), "theresa"(3), "MidWest"(3), "readers"(3), "crowded"(3), ...
12 SSimon and Roshigoth "listed"(5), "update"(4), "unable"(4), "magnet"(3), "kissed"(3), "cheesy"(3), ...

New popular words
  Word First used by At
1 "glasses"(9) Mordecai 11/3 7:23pm
2 "potato"(7) Vyper 11/2 10:45pm
3 "hitler"(8) MAC 11/1 9:45pm
4 "Bionic"(7) Lightbulb 11/2 1:02pm
5 "respond"(6) SSimon 11/4 11:28pm
6 "dialog"(5) TEFL 11/2 7:22pm
7 "ebooks"(6) SSimon 11/2 7:39pm
8 "reader"(6) TEFL 11/2 7:27pm
9 "positive"(5) TEFL 11/2 9:15pm
10 "cheddar"(5) Vyper 11/5 11:35pm

Special words by time of day
  Hours 12am-6am Hours 6am-12pm Hours 12pm-6pm Hours 6pm-12am
1"domain"(6)"software"(9) "Laurie"(6)"snakes"(21)
2"invite"(5)"estate"(6) "Bionic"(7)"bullshit"(22)
3"steaks"(5)"interview"(8) "retard"(6)"illegal"(19)
4"bleach"(3)"Firefly"(7) "binary"(4)"actual"(13)
5"snails"(6)"Romantic"(6) "floors"(3)"banned"(12)
6"frying"(6)"quicker"(3) "fighter"(3)"religion"(27)
7"lobster"(6)"deadly"(3) "hanger"(3)"animals"(14)
8"unfair"(6)"swedish"(3) "revenue"(3)"follow"(12)
9"metallic"(4)"browse"(3) "arrays"(3)"cancer"(15)
10"rivers"(3)"santana"(6) "electrons"(6)"christian"(18)

Special words by day of week
  Monday Tuesday -
Friday Saturday -
1"Gordon"(7)"lights"(8) "bowling"(27)"choose"(14)
2"growth"(5)"worship"(11) "goatee"(9)"massage"(14)
3"bathrobe"(14)"island"(7) "glasses"(9)"blacks"(6)
4"Firefly"(7)"opened"(7) "skating"(8)"fuckery"(8)
5"radius"(3)"potato"(7) "horror"(6)"kidney"(5)
6"celtic"(3)"Gossip"(12) "invite"(5)"kidneys"(4)
7"Tuesdays"(3)"boiling"(6) "wedding"(9)"Chantrea"(9)
8"latvia"(7)"Laurie"(6) "titties"(8)"bounced"(6)
9"plywood"(6)"pumpkin"(9) "defense"(6)"missing"(6)
10"DATABASE"(6)"mustard"(9) "goatboy"(6)"sorting"(6)

Topic tracking

30 latest topics from #wota

At Topic Nick               
11/11 6:23pmWelcome to #wota!MstrG
4:08pmWelcome to #wotaMstrG
2:17amWelcome to #wota: Merry Paintmas to allSocial Parasite
11/6 11:44pmWelcome to #WotA: 104 days is enough uptime. Especially for...Mordecai
11:43pmWelcome to #WotA: 104 days is enough uptime.Social Parasite
11/5 5:58pmWelcome to #wota: Remember, Remember the fifth of november.....tack
11/3 3:26pmWelcome to #wota: Mordecai showered today.Mordecai
11/2 6:03pmWelcome to #wota: We still can't pronounce "pairobuddhaMordecai
12:24amWelcome to #wota: We still can't pronounce "bacaruda.Social Parasite
12:24amWelcome to #wota: We still can't pronounce "bacarruda.Social Parasite
10/31 8:40pmWelcome to #wota: The Whores of The Asylum Welcome Stupid...Mordecai
7:47pmWelcome to #wota: The Whores of The Asylum Welcome Sinners...RiZZ
4:28pmWelcome to #WotA: * tack is currently listening to the gentle slapping...Smug Git
8:11amWelcome to #WotA: Happy Halloween - $5 Happy Ending Special...macker
8:03amWelcome to #WotA: Happy Halloweentack
10/29 6:05pmWelcome to #WotA: rated PG-13 for strong language and partial...SLH
10/28 3:01pmWelcome to #WotA: wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube...Lupin-III
2:59pmWelcome to #WotA: wacky waving inflatable arm tube man!tack
10/25 7:33amWelcome to #WotA: Dumbledore takes it up the chuff. | RIP Oinky...-
10/24 3:22pmWelcome to #WotA: Dumbledore takes it up the chuff. | RIP OinkyLightbulb
10/20 3:48pmWelcome to #WotA: Dumbledore takes it up the chuff: http://news...Smug Git
7:09amWelcome to #WotA: Marvel as Lightbulb and Bellagirl forget that...Smug Git
10/17 3:14pmWelcome to #WotA: <rodney> Gnomes are letting me down...rodney
11:27amWelcome to #WotA: You just made out with garbage fake titties....macker
4:13amWelcome to #WotA: <rodney> nothing but regret and a stretched...rodney
10/16 4:21amWelcome to #WotA: EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE! EXTERMINATE!Social Parasite
10/12 5:03pmWelcome to #WotA: Parasite
1:08amButtfuck. Cocksuck. Ribeye. Refrain. Bad fubar...very bad fubar.jazbelle
10/10 8:02pmButtfuck. Cocksuck. RIbeye. Refrain.fubar
8:02pmButtfuck. Cocksuck. Ribeye. Refrain.fubar

30 random topics
At Topic Nick               
10/10 3:23amWelcome to #WotA: macker arrested for intercourse with moose...rodney
10/2 6:19pminsert topic here.fubar
9/17 2:07pmlol is now a memefubar
9/13 10:57pmWelcome to #Wota, nevermind SP, he needs a hooker. hence...fiend
8/18 4:01amWelcome to #WotA: Call me morbid or absurd, but to me, coming...Social Parasite
8/17 11:53pmWelcome to #wota,where putrid monkey meat and spittle beer...Trenchant Troll
8/14 12:07amWelcome to #wota: Why are there now bird showers? Really.Trenchant Troll
7/17 1:43amWelcome to #WOTA: I am a fly killing super ninja!rodney
6/12 8:14amWelcome to #WotA: The Asylum is currently experiencing a pime...Lightbulb
6/11 8:50pmWelcome to #WotA: The Asylum is currently experiencing a time...Social Parasite
6/8 7:39amWelcome To FILTHY DIRTY UNCENSORED WotA - Home of the...Lightbulb
6/4 11:52amWelcome to #WotA: Nearly seven years later rodney still looks...RiZZ
6/1 9:44amWelcome to #wota: Our Heaven has a Stripper Factory and a...RiZZ
5/27 6:46amWelcome to #WotA: The very very long bus stop.missema
5/23 12:23pmWelcome to #WotA: Macker will bore your wife like the sysadmin...Smug Git
5/14 7:46pmWelcome to #wota Topic violation will result in anal violationSLH
5/9 3:49pm#wota doesn not suck, it slurps.dogcow
5/4 11:56amWelcome To #WotA: A great day to show us your tits.RiZZ
4/22 10:42amWelcome to #wota: So long, and thanks for all the fish.RiZZ
4/6 3:32amWelcome to #WotA: Asylum Dumbfuck 07 announced. Four weeks...Social Parasite
4/3 11:13pmWelcome to #WotA: Asylum Dumbfuck 07 is underway. Vote early...Social Parasite
3/26 6:17amIn other news, Smug kills the Pakistani cricket captain. 'I dun...Lightbulb
3/23 8:33pmWelcome to #WotA: When a man steals your wife, there is no...Lupin-III
3/23 4:30pmWota: Meet Dildo Fingerhats. Hear Anal Play in C.Ignatz
3/23 4:19pmwota: pooptasticIgnatz
3/19 4:17pmWelcome to #WotA: cornelius: and the flies stay out of your assholeSocial Parasite
3/12 2:08pmTopic Olympics: SSimon - not welcome in Sweden anymore.Mokkori
3/12 2:04pmWota, white flags since five minutes ago.Ignatz
12/18/2006 10:14amWelcome to #WotA: Santa is an anagram for Satan.Social Parasite
12/17/2006 11:28amWelcome to #wotaMstrG

386 topic changes since 12/12/2006

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20 latest URLs from #wota

At URL Nick               
11/12 10:36am
11/11 11:11pm
 First mentioned by SLH on 3/8/2005.
 First mentioned by Vyper on 4/24/2005.
7:09pm Troll
6:56pm Troll
 First mentioned by Lightbulb on 10/1 4:19am.
11/10 10:44pm

Most popular URLs
  URL Count First used by 41Mordecai3/1/2004 11:27pm 33fiend3/2/2004 10:59pm 29RiZZ3/15/2004 1:55am 27RiZZ3/2/2004 9:54pm 26Smug Git5/11/2004 5:14pm
6 26RiZZ3/26/2004 12:10am 26Hawley3/6/2004 5:57pm 22Smug Git3/19/2004 5:59pm
9 19Trenchant Troll12/2/2004 7:30pm 18macker12/5/2006 11:32am

50 random URLs
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10/25 2:08pm
8/6 1:37pm
4/17 8:08pm
3/15 1:49pm
3/12 7:46pm
2/15 10:30pm
2/1 8:00am
1/29 10:30pmurl=
1/24 4:24am
1/19 6:30pm
1/18 12:58am
1/6 1:07am
1/1 1:39am
12/30/2006 4:55am
7/25/2006 9:26pm
12/1/2005 8:07pmstockroom.comSmug Git
11/22/2005 7:05pm
11/17/2005 2:08am
11/4/2005 2:51pm Git
11/1/2005 6:10am
10/29/2005 11:55am
10/21/2005 12:21am
9/24/2005 12:24am
 Used 2 times.
7/13/2005 6:57pm
5/23/2005 11:07pm
5/7/2005 9:40am
4/20/2005 11:27pm
4/17/2005 9:58am
2/16/2005 10:52pm
1/29/2005 3:41pm
1/8/2005 7:43pmwww.dominos.comSmug Git
1/1/2005 11:48pm
10/12/2004 3:55pm
10/12/2004 1:28pm
9/10/2004 5:27pm,4057,10723091%...Gen
8/27/2004 2:08am
7/5/2004 2:50am
6/19/2004 10:04pm
6/9/2004 9:46pm
 Used 2 times.
5/25/2004 12:05am
 Used 17 times.
5/15/2004 4:00am
5/14/2004 11:47pm
5/3/2004 12:54am
5/3/2004 12:27am
 Used 2 times.
5/2/2004 11:39pm
4/4/2004 11:31am
3/25/2004 7:25pm
3/22/2004 5:48am
3/15/2004 5:13am

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